Timely and well written, read it.

6 Reasons Your Right-Wing Friend Isn’t Coming To Your (the Liberal) Side On Gun Control

I’m going to print this one and pass it around, I recommend you do the same.

Best points…

I don’t want legislation that’s been emotionally manipulated into existence, I want legislation that is shown to actually do what it is intended to do.

But when we go down the laundry list of policy proposals after a tragedy it’s hard to consider them effective at preventing another tragedy when they wouldn’t have prevented the one that inspired them.

Evil acts don’t cancel out a law-abiding citizen’s rights.

After another senseless attack with it’s loss of innocent life, those of us on the right don’t feel less anguish for the dead or mutilated victims.  We feel it just as much at least.  But it has become more and more common for the media and even the people you know to hurl accusations at us; that we’re callous, blind to the suffering (caused by guns) or just plain stupid.

Dead children followed by posturing liberal politicians on every channel whose message isn’t really about the real problems or the true causes of the latest attack.

They really don’t want to talk about how the changes in how mental illness is treated or controlled is putting dangerous people out on the street.  They definitely don’t want to talk about reversing the worst mistakes made in the interest of “protecting the rights of the mentally ill”;  ‘confidentiality’ rules that prevent doctors from reporting dangerous minds,  replacing walls and locked doors with psychoactive drugs and sending them home with the ‘hope’ that they take them.

Joe Biden was the ‘Father’ of the “Gun-Free Zone”.  Need we say more?

Those politicians whose rant always has the same spiel, “Ban this” or “Ban that”.   Item by item, piece by piece, or bullet by bullet.  So that by now we know that whatever the current crisis is, their goal never changes.  The complete ban of firearms in the hands of the citizen.    So no.  We don’t listen to them.

The final word is in the last sentence of the article…

…try reading up on firearms, dumping anti-NRA talking points, and assume he or she (gun owner) is equally committed to preventing these evil acts.

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