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Another nail in the coffin for the Bay State.

Rachael Rollins was confirmed today as the next U.S. Attorney for Massachusetts. Rachael Rollins, the Suffolk County District Attorney who’s made headlines at home and across the nation will become the top federal prosecutor in Massachusetts after winning approval from a … Continue reading

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Despotism (1946)

It was 1946 and this lost educational film on despotism was required curriculum at every high school in America. The associated test, 11 pages quizzed students on the concepts. By 1967, this film was removed from all libraries. The term … Continue reading

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Tucker Carlson

The Columbia Bugle  Tucker Carlson Reading @martyrmade ‘s Viral Thread On Why So Many Trump Supporters Have Questions About The 2020 Election & Their Distrust Of The Mainstream Media You can continue reading it on Twitter or read the complete thread below: … Continue reading

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Too good not to share.

Impeachment, it’s not just for sitting Presidents any more! Great news!  Now that the ice is broken with the unsuccessful Impeachment of Donald J. Trump; lets try it with someone that is actually guilty.  Of course we’ll have to wait … Continue reading

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Never thought this day would come.

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Cancer in the DA offices.

LA’s New Soros Prosecutor is the OG Soros DA — the Guy Who Pitched Soros the Idea of Destroying the United States Through a Communist Corps of DAs —Ace Vanguard. Over the last year or two, the plague of “Soros … Continue reading

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Quote of the Day from 2012

Someday us old folks will look back and remember a time when mail got delivered twice a day, a high school education could get you through life, factories in the USA made the products we used, and our health care … Continue reading

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First in Nashville, where a business went to the trouble to manufacture and install this on their front door. Then, in good ol’ Stockton, CA., the state, seeking to oppress a small business in that town, found out to their … Continue reading

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The President should fire Fauci.

Fauci says he altered public scientific estimates based on opinion polls Admission he lowballed estimated herd immunity threshold follows earlier acknowledgement he misled on efficacy of masks. When pressed in June on why he had initially argued against masks, Fauci said … Continue reading

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