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Preaching to the choir.

The Real Issue With Self-Driving Cars The car is on a two-lane road with a hard and fixed barrier on the right side, and on-coming traffic on the other side.  A child runs out in front of the vehicle inside of … Continue reading

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War of the AI

Your smartphone ‘s motion sensors might be revealing things about you. That’s the word from a new security study from researchers at the UK’s Newcastle University. In a report released this week, the researchers found that hackers can analyze your … Continue reading

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This! Impresses me.

Encoding a Classic Film, Computer Operating System in DNA NEW YORK GENOME CENTERYaniv Erlich and colleagues encoded large media files in DNA, copied the DNA multiple times, and still managed to retrieve the files without any errors, they reported in … Continue reading

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One day this could save your life.

A Possible Antidote for Carbon Monoxide Poisoning This winter, as sure as death and taxes, you will read more than one story of people or entire families perishing from malfunctioning or misused heating equipment.  Carbon Monoxide will be the culprit.  … Continue reading

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Is the World’s Biggest Surveillance Camera Maker Sending Footage to China? Spreading The Word Edward Long, a former employee of a video surveillance equipment company in Florida, recently petitioned the U.S. government with a letter warning that Hikvision cameras are … Continue reading

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Do you have one of these?

In an emergency many people will be relying on canned food to survive after the power goes out and everything in the refrigerator goes bad. You do realize that without power the electric can opener doesn’t work?

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Windows 10, X marks the spot.

Consumers erupt on Windows 10: ‘Insidious,’ ‘malware,’ ‘new low’ Web aflame with negative reaction to Microsoft’s new tricks to download software Consumers are venting their anger  at Microsoft for its new method of getting them to download Windows 10, calling … Continue reading

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Now THIS is interesting.

Some may note the decreased output on my part on this blog.  True.   I’ve heard the same thing too many times, I’ve said (or wrote) the same thing on the same subjects too many times and for all that repetition … Continue reading

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Zombie Hogs, nothing new.

Zombie Servers: They’re Here and Doing Nothing but Burning Energy By one estimate, 10 million zombie servers world-wide use up power roughly equal in total to eight large power plants (paywall alert!) There are zombies lurking in data centers around … Continue reading

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Windows 10. Not worth the price at Free. I have an Update! (Feb 26th)

For those who will not read to the end of the ongoing post I’ve been updating since I allowed the notebook to “UPDATE” to Windows 10 last week.   My suggestion at this time? Don’t do it! (After rereading these … Continue reading

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