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People Who Think Themselves Unattractive More Likely To Keep Wearing Masks, Study Says

A report comprised of three studies showed that people who thought they were less attractive were more likely to wear masks.

The report was derived from three studies conducted by the Department of Psychology and Center for Happiness Studies at Seoul National University in South Korea. The first two studies found that people who thought they were good-looking were less willing to wear a mask; they were less likely to believe that mask-wearing made them look better. The third study found that their belief was stronger in situations where they needed to deliver a favorable impression.

“Research shows that individuals who perceive themselves as more (vs. less) attractive possess more socially desirable attributes … have higher self-esteem … and enjoy better mental and physical health,” the study stated.

The study claims that “as essential cues that signal (un) attractiveness (e.g., facial symmetry) … can be censored with a mask, mask-wearing might critically influence how one’s attractiveness is perceived. … relatively unattractive individuals are deemed more attractive with masks … previous findings suggest that mask-wearing enhances perceived attractiveness among unattractive individuals, while the opposite is true for attractive individuals.”

The MEME just write themselves.

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Repost from 2020: US Death Rate soaring…

The study, published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, finds March and April deaths unrelated to COVID-19 rose sharply in the five states with the most COVID-19 fatalities. Those states include Massachusetts, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania.

Compared to January and February averages, diabetes deaths rose by 96 percent in those states. Deaths tied to heart disease (89%), Alzheimer’s disease (64%), and stroke (35%) also saw disturbing jumps. The study adds deaths in New York City due to heart disease and diabetes both rose by over 350 percent during that time.

Researchers believe fear of getting infected with COVID-19 is keeping many people from seeking proper medical care. The study adds patients in the hardest hit areas may not be getting enough care because local hospitals are overwhelmed with coronavirus cases.

“We can’t forget about mental health,” says Woolf. “A number of people struggling with depression, addiction and very difficult economic conditions caused by lockdowns may have become increasingly desperate, and some may have died by suicide.”

In 2023, and they are still holding onto their talisman.

But now we have the curious phenomena of “Died Suddenly” and huge statistical upticks in the death rate from cancer, heart attacks, strokes … etc.
But only in those countries that had wide spread vaccination rates of the mRNA “so called” vaccine. Such as; USA, EU, Australia, Israel.
Not in places with very low vaccination rates, e.g. Africa.

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Found an interesting site, “Badass of the week”.

Badass of the Week

This week, Ursula Graham Bower.

This is the story of Ursula Graham Bower, the Naga Queen.

Spoiler, there’s a happy ending.

Gurkha Wedding.

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Baby hears Pavarotti.

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Never going to be a “Barn Queen”.

Firefighters use 6K gallons of water to extinguish Tesla that ‘spontaneously’ caught fire

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Tucker Carlson on the Pfizer video

Dr. Robert Malone on Tucker Carlson…

Pfizer is doing ‘Gain of Function’ research within the United States.

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Gerard Vanderleun: December 26, 1945 – January 27, 2023

Gerard died peacefully in the small hours of the morning.

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Veritas secretly mutate the COVID virus?

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While we send old Soviet weapons to Ukraine.

 Putin Wants to Buy U.S. Weapons Biden Left in Afghanistan — But There’s Even More.


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That didn’t take long.

Nolte: Brits Pay More to Charge Electric Car than to Gas Up

Per mile traveled, our British friends are now paying more to charge their electric cars than to gas them up.

Do stories come any more feel-good than this?

No, no, they do not:

Rapid charge points used by motorists topping up on long drives are now nearly £10 more expensive than filling up a car with petrol, the RAC revealed last week.

But research from the AA published on Monday finds that recharging an electric car even using a slow public charger at peak times can be more expensive, per mile driven afterwards, than for refuelling a comparable petrol car.

Jack Cousens, the AA’s head of roads policy and recharging, said: “While pump prices are falling, electricity prices are going in the other direction, but we are hopeful prices could tail off later this year.”

I’ll say it again, lithium batteries are the wrong technology for their EV ‘Revolution’!

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