Who did it?

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I find this a little disturbing.

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American sabotage? American gas prices increase, definitely!


Well, honestly no big impact on the climate. Since the pipelines were not active the gas coming up from the ocean floor is the pressurized gas in the pipeline to maintain the pipelines integrity, that outpouring will soon cease.
More gas is vented to the atmosphere from natural sources and the unburned remnants from wells that regularly burn off excess gas when there isn’t enough storage or pipeline capacity to use it.

However, that gas will be, is being, replaced with seawater at pressure. Since this is, to my knowledge, an totally new type of disaster the long term damage to the pipeline is unknown. But I’ll bet that even if the War ended today, those pipelines won’t be supplying Natural Gas to Europe any time this coming winter.  Speaking of winter, bearing down on us as we watch,  very soon the weather in the North Sea will preclude any work on repairing those pipelines.

Natural Gas is a commodity, if the price skyrockets worldwide then the price paid here this winter will also increase.  More of those LNG tankers will be heading to Europe and leave many areas especially in the Northeast begging.

Now do you care about this criminal act?

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Via Italia!


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Repost.Jobs: Hitting the glass ceiling of liberalized education.

I originally posted this in 2018.  Seems appropriate today.

410,000 people dropped out of the workforce

(2018) We have a few storm clouds on the horizon.

First, this was an OK-not-Great jobs report. I suspect some of the weakness is due to the fact that there are still plenty of openings, but skills-wise businesses are hitting the bottom of the barrel. We’ve heard complaints for years that many Americans aren’t trained up to the levels required by a 21st Century economy — and nothing has been done on the education front to fix that. And our federal- and state-level jobs training programs are an incomprehensible, spaghetti-like mess.

Here’s a funny fact; watching “An Inconvenient Truth” twenty times during your public education years doesn’t qualify you for anything…anything at all.

The story suggests that training might be done by the companies that need to hire workers.  But we have already been there and done that.

Fifty years ago the Bell System started me on the path to a long and profitable career. From classes in how to use and maintain hand tools (ever sharpened a slot screwdriver?) to installing exterior and interior phone cables and drops. Later on multi week courses in power and grounding (always useful to this day), work flow for project management (didn’t cover going nose to nose with dickheads) and many other topics.

The suggestion from the linked post  (original story is now deleted) that new employees would assume a debt with the company for that training is based on the observable fact that younger workers don’t want to work for the same company for twenty years or more.  Many would take the training and immediately apply for a job with another company; and the companies that didn’t go to the expense of running training programs would have lower costs and be able to pay higher starting wages.
When you have been with the same company for over twenty years then billing the employee for the training you need to send them to is unnecessary.  There is proven loyalty between the employee and the company.  A ridiculous idea today. Sadly.

Maybe a new 21st Century paradigm is needed.   One of the many (soon to go bust) State Colleges could scrap the flower arranging and the ‘Angry Womens Studies’ courses and offer to teach vigorous job training disciplines. But (of necessity) combined with remedial math, writing and reading  courses to bring the benighted students of today’s funk factories the bare necessaries of modern life.  Then the debt assumed by the student would be ‘banked’ by a holding company (perhaps with Federal support).  After graduation the student would be expected to have a certain ‘grace’ period where they would only pay interest on the debt.  If hired by a company and that company was willing to begin paying off the principal at a fixed rate per year,  after a full year of employment with that company.  The student/worker could quit and go back to paying the interest only if they chose but I think any worthwhile person would want to stick it out.  Assuming a reasonable ten years for full payback of the principle; at the end of that period you would have a citizen with hire-able skills and ten years of job history in their pocket.  (Or five year payback and only five years of job history…after the politicians get done with it.)

There are worse ideas out there.   Such as a “$15 minimum wage” or the GBS (Guaranteed Basic Stipend);  paying people to breath and to vote (of course).



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They fired the one honest man at the FBI.

Miranda Divine: FBI Hero Punished For Protesting the Brutal Tactics Being Used Against People for the Crime of Being Conservative


Obviously, when an employee comes to you telling you that he has seen illegalities, you’re not supposed to say “Shut up or you’ll be fired and lose your pension.”

But that’s exactly what happened to Steve Friend.

And now he’s out of work.

Among Friend’s allegations:

The Washington, DC, field office is “manipulating” FBI case management protocol and farming out J6 cases to field offices across the country to create the false impression that right-wing domestic violence is a widespread national problem that goes far beyond the “black swan” event of Jan. 6, 2021.

As a result, he was listed as lead agent in cases he had not investigated and which his supervisor had not signed off on, in violation of FBI policy.

FBI domestic terrorism cases are being opened on innocent American citizens who were nowhere near the Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021, based on anonymous tips to an FBI hotline or from Facebook spying on their messages. These tips are turned into investigative tools called “guardians,” after the FBI software that collates them.

The FBI has post-facto designated a grassy area outside the Capitol as a restricted zone, when it was not restricted on Jan. 6, 2021, in order to widen the net of prosecutions.

The FBI intends to prosecute everyone even peripherally associated with J6 and another wave of J6 subjects are about to be referred to the FBI’s Daytona Beach resident agency “for investigation and arrest.”

Follow the link and read the whole story, it’s a little long but worth the time.

This agent when told to ‘suit up’ for a SWAT raid on January 6 protesters at their homes,  instead suggested that they simply call them on the phone and ask them to come in for questioning.  For that he was reprimanded.

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Local Color.


No MassHoles were harmed during the filming of this video.

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Hello Fall.

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Stomach turning Evil.

I’m going to provide the link but I’m not going to put the video of Tucker Carlson’s segment on Transgender surgeries on minor children here.

You may go to it if you wish.  But it’s shocking, disturbing and will shake your faith in the medical ethics and morality of America’s most famous hospitals.

Tucker Carlson opening statement…

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The third Friday of every September is National POW/MIA Recognition Day.

Established by Congress with the passage of the 1998 Defense Authorization Act, it is a day to ensure America remembers and shows that it stands behind those who serve and, as a country, will do what it can to account for those who have not returned.

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