Eric Peters Cars: EV’s cost jobs.

Electric Cars Cost More Than Too Much – EP autos – Libertarian Car Talk


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Electric cars are costing us more than just too much money.

They’re also costing jobs.

Just in time for Thanksgiving, Audi announced the end of 9,500 of them – to help finance the development of electric cars. “We are now tackling structural issues in order to prepare Audi for the challenges ahead,” said Audi’s CEO Bram Schot.

The “structural issues” he speaks of are the outlawing of other-than-electric cars by the German government, effective come 2030.

The jobs lost amount to 15 percent of the company’s German workforce and by eliminating them, Audi will “raise” $6.6 billion – that is, cannibalize itself of that sum – to manufacture products it can’t make money selling but which the German government is forcing them to make.

Days later, Mercedes-Benz announced it was laying off another 10,000 – for the same reason.

VW Chief Herbet Diess says it could cost 100,000 jobs.

This is the way it ends. Not with a bang but with a whirr.

Electric cars are being used to eliminate cars – and eventually, the car industry.

Along with millions of jobs, once the demolition is complete.

The immediate response to the above will be a charge of Ludditism – you are obviously afraid of change. You are like the carriage-maker at the turn of the last century who saw in the first rude automobiles the dawning of the end of his livelihood.

But there is a critical difference.

Henry Ford changed the world, all right – but with the full and free cooperation of the populace. He offered his cars for sale – to be purchased or not.

It was left to the people to judge the merits – or lack – of his Model T. No one was forced to build one, much less buy one. Nor forced to “help” his neighbor buy one, through income tax-mulcted kickbacks. Ford himself was not able to use the government to get laws passed forcing the horse-and-buggy industry to provide him with funds – “dung credits” – to build his Model T at their expense. Nor did he agitate to have laws passed imposing onerous “emissions” regulations on dung production.

The manufacture of horse-drawn buggies was never restricted, much less outlawed. It simply passed away – peacefully – to make way for a superior free-market alternative.

Electric cars are changing the world at bayonet-point.

Audi is not firing all those people because the work they do is non-productive; quite the opposite. They are being fired to finance government-mandated unproductivity.

The company is cannibalizing itself to scrounge the money needed to build the only kinds of cars the German government will allow Audi to build in the future, which is almost here.

Along with every other car maker doing business in Europe, Audi is being forced to manufacture horse-drawn buggies  – whoops, electric cars – because of laws which forbid the manufacture of anything else.

Not yet – but just around the corner.

Come 2030, which is sooner than ten years from now, in terms of product planning, nothing that isn’t electric will be kosher, insofar as the laws are concerned. That means no point in spending a cent on new product development that isn’t electric since by the time it got developed, it couldn’t be sold.

It’s why VW – Audi’s parent – has already announced that its current line of gas engines will be its last new engines.

Similar laws are already in partial but not-yet-blatant effect here.

They aren’t outright electric car mandates via non-electric-car sales prohibitions, as in Europe – but they amount to the same thing as a practical matter. Federal exhaust emissions standards are already at the point of camel-through-the-eye-of-a-needle restrictive, such that it is almost impossible to comply with them without building electric cars.

Which is why GM is converting one of its major assembly plants to EV production – and closing several other plants. It is why Ford just launched the Mach E electric “Mustang.” It will replace the real Mustang.

Soon, even the eye of the needle will close.

It is being closed via the genius rebranding of carbon dioxide as an “emission” – and only electric cars “emit” zero carbon dioxide.

Nothing that combusts can meet that standard, no matter how clean it is, in terms of the emissions that affect air quality.

Nor the irrelevance of its “emissions” of C02.

It is no accident that most people – victims of government education camps – do not have the faintest idea what carbon dioxide actually is – i.e,  a non-reactive gas that has nothing to do with the “cleanliness” of the air. Nor that it is minor trace gas – less than 1 percent of the Earth’s atmosphere – and the amount of that “emitted” by vehicles is the equivalent of a belch in the Superdome.

But it is nonetheless the reason why the car industry is “investing” in electric cars, notwithstanding the glaring absence of any real market for them. Hysteria is driving the politics forcing the mass-manufacturing of them.

But what sort of return will there be on this political “investment”?

How do you stay in business as a mass-market manufacturer when the masses can’t afford to buy what you’re selling? Electric cars are expensive cars – whatever their merits – and there is an inherently limited market for high-dollar cars because most people haven’t got the means to buy them.

Even if they’ve been politicized to want them.

Model T sales were driven by market demand – and Ford made money building them. They were mass-market cars because they were affordable cars. They reduced people’s cost of getting around and made it more convenient.

Electric cars are an inversion of this principle. They are being forced onto the market – and transfer money from unwilling victims (taxpayers, forced to finance their manufacture and “sale”). They make driving more cumbersome, less convenient.

As cars become electrified, they will become increasingly unaffordable. Note the shift in marketing emphasis to the performance of EVs, not their economy. It is necessary to keep people’s minds off the fact that EVs are expensive – by making them seem sexy.

But the affordability problem persists.

Fewer cars will be sold, once the only cars people can buy are electric cars. There will then be less need for people to sell them. Fewer dealerships offering them. In short order, fewer brands.

And fewer jobs.

This includes the jobs which will go away in manufacturing – and engineering. An electric motor is an electric motor. Slide the “skateboard” (the motor and battery pack) underneath the different shape/different-colored body.

But what’s a few eggs when you’re in the omelette business?

There may, however, be new jobs keeping the old cars going. So long as the government doesn’t ban the use of other-than-electric cars.

But that is coming, too.

EVs will only “succeed” when there is no longer an alternative to them.

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Quote of the Day: Awards?

All awards are garbage that eventually are taken over by liberals. Oscars, Emmys, Grammys, Tonys, National Review’s WFB Jr. Prize…

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Chinese “hardware packages”.

Pet Peeve. The “hardware packages” included with the Chinese made POS we buy.

I hope everyone knows that the immediate and smartest action to take with these packages is to immediately “Throw them out!”.  If you don’t throw them away then I hope you have a handy ‘broken screw extractor’ on hand.

I suppose that it is touching that the Chinese have been able to re-purpose our grandmother’s bone china into screws made from that recycled material. But not very practical.  I bought a kitchen towel bar from Amazon and didn’t follow my own advice; soon afterwards I was using a vice-grip to turn out the stub of the screw.

Another good tip is to apply a finish from a spray paint can before installation. I will soon be removing the recently installed towel bar and repairing to the basement to repaint. The finish on the “New” piece began to wear off from the vigor of being installed.

Dear President Trump. Please cut President Xi’s throat as soon as possible.

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We have less than one year to fix this, or find and execute the malefactors.

Election Fraud on a National Scale?

Dallas patriots Kevin Freeman, host of the Economic War Room on BlazeTV and Russ Ramsland, a voter fraud and election expert, have released detailed findings from a cyber/forensic investigation into election fraud utilizing compromised voting machines in 2018 (and quite probably, in the governor’s race in 2019 in Kentucky).
In summary terms, Freeman’s “Episode #70” reveals that (1) security protections in voting machines were disabled, (2) penetration and manipulation of actual vote tabulations was and is possible, and (3) evidence already exists that votes were surreptitiously, electronically manipulated to change election results.
This is the 21st century version of Stalin’s ruthless observation, “it’s not the people who vote that count, it’s the people who count the votes.”  Only today’s Stalins can do it all by online penetration of unsecure ‘voting machines’ to count and alter votes, and leave almost no IT fingerprints.

(Read the whole thing)

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Quote of the Day: Sociopaths.

Groups of people who did not have a generous sprinkling of “sociopaths” were killed or absorbed by those tribes that did.

…or it’s tough for a tribesmen who feels “compassion” for others or Empathy, identifying with another human being as being like themselves, to stand in the shield wall and shove the spearpoint into the face on the other side of the shields.

Achilles was a sociopath,  so was Lancelot.

If it comes to Civil War again in this country,  I plan on being a good little sociopath.

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A feeling of pride, that Obama never gave us.

Wow. Trump signs bill supporting the Hong Kong protesters, and the people there go USA crazy.

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Time to start planning for Thanksgiving. (2016)

Our last Obama Thanksgiving!  For which we should be thankful!

From 2016, as they say it’s always darkest before the Don.


tda 575036 article-2236112-1623d163000005dc-450_636x383 bed-sore-copy-2 blessings


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Wait… we won already?

Interesting take on the trade dispute between President Trump and China, over at Conservative Treehouse

I dunno if this is accurate, but Sundance has an interesting perspective on the situation, and the ultimate goal.  I wonder if the Red Chinese have realized that this might just be what the game is.  If so, Hong Kong and its unrest is just the start of Chairman Xi’s problems.

President Trump is famously impatient in achieving a financial objective.  He is known to have well thought plans, but he is also known to not pause long when executing his plan. This economic impatience may seem to be at odds with the majority of the financial media who say President Trump is playing a long-game with Chairman Xi Jinping.

ERGO the dichotomy is explained thus:  If President Trump is famously impatient, then why is he being so deliberate and painfully slow in achieving a deal with Chairman Xi?…

Here’s the ‘ah-ha’ moment.

….The current status with China was the final objective.

President Trump looks like he’s being stunningly patient because President Trump achieved his goal when no-one was paying attention. We are already past the success point.

The goal is essentially achieved.

There is no actual intent to reach a trade deal with China where the U.S. drops the tariffs and returns to holding hands with a happy panda playing by new rules.  This fictional narrative is a figment of fantasy being sold by a financial media that cannot fathom a U.S. President would be so bold as to just walk away from China.

That ‘walk away’ is exactly what President Trump did when he left all of those meetings in Southeast Asia in 2017; and every moment since has been setting up, and firming up, an entirely new global supply chain without China.

President Trump is not currently engaged in a substantive trade agreement in the formal way people are thinking about it.  Instead “Phase-One” is simply President Trump negotiating the terms of a big Agricultural purchase commitment from Beijing, and also protecting some very specific U.S. business interests (think Apple Co.) in the process.

The actual goal of President Trump’s U.S-China trade reset is a complete decoupling of U.S. critical manufacturing within China.

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…works hard, hard for that dollar.

Jamaican immigrant challenging AOC: Trump did something for my community that Obama did not

A Queens businesswoman who immigrated to the U.S. as a child and voted for President Obama said that she believes that President Trump represents the best hope for people in her community.

“I thought that [Obama] would… be the one to reverse some of the layers of Joe Biden’s crime bill, but he didn’t. He was weak on criminal justice reform,” said Murray, who is vying for the chance to take on controversial freshman Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez D-N.Y., in the upcoming 2020 election.

“President Trump came in,” she continued, “and delivered the First Step Act. Now he’s onto the Second Step Act. Not only has he delivered on his promise to the American people, but he’s doing more for African-Americans than any other president has done in my lifetime.”

Murray immigrated to the U.S. from Jamacia when she was 9 years old and became a citizen at the age of 18. “All of these things sort of shaped who I am — coming to this country and working hard, going through the education system, learning and doing things the right way, I think is why my candidacy is so important.”

“I do believe I’m living the American dream. I’ve seen my parents work hard, tirelessly,” she told Lahren.

“It’s time that we put aside these nonsensical policy pushes that are going to keep government’s hands in the pocketbooks of everyday Americans,” she concluded. “We heard [Ocasio Cortez] talk about the Green New Deal. We heard her talk about Medicare for all, college for all… it’s going to continue to cost the American taxpayers, everyone in Queens and the Bronx that wakes up every day and works hard, hard for that dollar.”

AOC will still have the Talk Shows and the Twitter feeds to bolster her EGO and provide support after the election,  so she’s got that going for her.

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