QOTD: (Long) Green Energy.

“Green” energy is more expensive and environmentally disruptive. It’s not a little more expensive either; it’s a lot more expensive, with few exceptions. The biggest reason is that most “green” sources are intermittent, that is, you can’t rely on them. Solar and wind are the two most-obvious examples.

Intermittent energy sources must be fully backed up with non-intermittent ones or you get blackouts. You must pay for the infrastructure of said backup source and to man them so that when the intermittent event occurs you don’t have to shut down electrical service. The cost of this backup must be paid for whether it is in use or not and yet the green proponents never include that backup in their cost comparisons.


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Gillette Now Including Free Manly Side Bag With Every Purchase

BOSTON, MA—As part of its new ad campaign designed to target a new, more sensitive American male, Gillette announced Tuesday that the company will be giving out a free manly pink side bag with every purchase while supplies last.

The bag will reportedly contain a copy of The Feminine Mystique and instructions on how to treat any toxic masculinity you may have come down with. To get the free bag, you must spend at least $20 on a Gillette razor or other hygienic product and mail in your man card to the company.

“We want to appeal to the modern man,” Gillette spokesperson Beau Petite said. “So we’re offering this extremely manly, attractive side bag for a limited time if you buy one of our really manly razor products.” Petite said the side bags have many great uses. “You can store a little concealer or blush for an afternoon touch-up, your coin purse, a pair of spherical objects. Whatever you want.”

Gillette’s promotion reportedly launched with a whimper, as few men wanted the “manly side bags” for some reason. The company has said it is regrouping and considering offering a free man bun hair tie with every purchase instead.

Reported by, of course…


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21st Century Man

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A modest proposal.

U.S. actors accuse Oscar body of intimidation over awards presenters

The 160,000-member union said it was responding to widespread reports in Hollywood that the Academy was pressuring actors not to appear or present at award ceremonies other than the Oscars, which take place on Feb. 24.

The SAG statement was issued as the Academy is still without a host for the Oscars just six weeks ahead of the ceremony and is looking for big name presenters to draw in viewers.

I have a suggestion.

President Trump should be the host.

a. The rating would go through the roof, without a doubt it would be the highest rated and most watched Oscar show ever.

b. It would interject a friendly note that has been missing since Donald Trump is or was on first name basis with most of the Hollywood stars.

c. They’re all planning to talk about him on stage anyway.

d. He’ll bring Melania. So there will be at least one beautiful woman there to remind us what grace and style used to look like. In contrast to the under-dressed posers on the red carpet.

e. The YouTube clips of Donald Trump roasting the self important that night will be on par with the best moments of the Bob Hope era.


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I Weep.

Worse than you thought: inside the secret Fitzgerald probe the Navy doesn’t want you to read.

A scathing internal Navy probe into the 2017 collision that drowned seven sailors on the guided-missile destroyer Fitzgerald details a far longer list of problems plaguing the vessel, its crew and superior commands than the service has publicly admitted.

Obtained by Navy Times, the “dual-purpose investigation” was overseen by Rear Adm. Brian Fort and submitted 41 days after the June 17, 2017, tragedy.

It was kept secret from the public in part because it was designed to prep the Navy for potential lawsuits in the aftermath of the accident.

Unsparingly, Fort and his team of investigators outlined critical lapses by bridge watchstanders on the night of the collision with the Philippine-flagged container vessel ACX Crystal in a bustling maritime corridor off the coast of Japan.

Their report documents the routine, almost casual, violations of standing orders on a Fitz bridge that often lacked skippers and executive officers, even during potentially dangerous voyages at night through busy waterways.

The probe exposes how personal distrust led the officer of the deck, Lt. j.g. Sarah Coppock, to avoid communicating with the destroyer’s electronic nerve center — the combat information center, or CIC — while the Fitzgerald tried to cross a shipping superhighway.

When Fort walked into the trash-strewn CIC in the wake of the disaster, he was hit with the acrid smell of urine. He saw kettlebells on the floor and bottles filled with pee. Some radar controls didn’t work and he soon discovered crew members who didn’t know how to use them anyway.

Fort found a Voyage Management System that generated more “trouble calls” than any other key piece of electronic navigational equipment. Designed to help watchstanders navigate without paper charts, the VMS station in the skipper’s quarters was broken so sailors cannibalized it for parts to help keep the rickety system working.

Since 2015, the Fitz had lacked a quartermaster chief petty officer, a crucial leader who helps safely navigate a warship and trains its sailors — a shortcoming known to both the destroyer’s squadron and Navy officials in the United States, Fort wrote.

But at least they were ‘diverse’.

Better not to send ships that badly run out of their home port until these problems are all corrected.   Leftists ruin everything they touch.

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New York, New York.


New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio defended his plan to provide health care to all New Yorkers — including illegal immigrants — on CNN’s “State of the Union” with Jake Tapper. He stopped short of explaining exactly how he planned to offset the cost, saying only that the “wrong people” had all the money and he planned to correct that.

Tapper pressed de Blasio further, referencing an earlier quote from the mayor. “You said something pretty radical this week that I want to ask you about. You said there’s plenty of money in the world. There’s plenty of money in the city. It’s just in the wrong hands.”

De Blasio nodded, “Yep. That is a quote.”

“Who decides whose hands are the right hands and whose hands are the wrong hands?” Tapper asked.

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Public Service announcement. Exercise.

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Diseases we can’t cure are walking across the border.

A report by Madeleine Pelner Cosman, Ph.D., Esq., who regularly volunteered to patrol the border with the San Diego County Sheriff’s agents, states:

“federal epidemiologists reported that since opening the floodgates to migrants in 2015, data show ‘increased incidences … of adenoviral conjunctivitis, botulism, chicken pox, cholera, cryptosporidiosis, dengue fever, echinococcosis, enterohemorrhagic E. coli, giardiasis, haemophilus influenza, Hantavirus, hepatitis, hemorrhagic fever, HIV/AIDS, leprosy, louse-borne relapsing fever, malaria, measles, meningococcal disease, meningoencephalitis, mumps, paratyphoid, rubella, shigellosis, syphilis, toxoplasmosis, trichinellosis, tuberculosis, tularemia, typhus and whooping cough.”

What she doesn’t mention, but other reports have, is that the tuberculosis is drug resistant. There is also a polio like disease that is not polio that first appeared in 2015, attacks only children and has killed a number of those children. It first appeared when Obama allowed the illegals in.

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Too Soon?

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QOTD: White Supremacist equals White Run.

Unz Review – I pointed out how desperate the wretched of the Earth are to get into white-run countries any way they can. Taking “white-run” to be a “synonym for “white supremacist,” that means that White Supremacy is terrifically popular with nonwhites.

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