A kayak is a low-rider canoe.

Canoes reek of genocide, theft and white privilege, professor claims

According to Misao Dean, Professor of English at the University of Victoria, the canoe can be a symbol of colonialism, imperialism and genocide due to history. She also accused the canoers of cultural appropriation because they are primarily white men and have a privileged place in society.

In a radio interview for CBC Radio, which wasn’t picked by the Internet until several months later, she claimed “we have a whole set of narratives that make the canoe into a kind of morally untouchable symbol, something that seems natural, that seems ordinary, and seems to promote values that we ascribe to.”

“But I think if you look a little further that narrative obscures or erases another narrative—and that narrative is about, to be blunt, it’s about theft and genocide”, the professor said.

Yachts, Cigarette boats, the Queen Mary; that I could understand.   But Canoes and Kayaks?  Really?
Sometimes I just can’t come up with a comeback when a declaration is so stupid.
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A first! Linked to Gab!

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Hot Conservative Chicks!



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Guest: Bob via Marsha, Wine, Women and Whales.

“Wine, Whales and Women”

A little Humor to lighten-Up your day.


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What could possibility go wrong?

new ‘ambidextrous’ multi-purpose grenade

The Enhanced Tactical Multi-Purpose (ET-MP) grenade will let soldiers set the grenade to fragmentation or concussive effect with the flip of a switch. The weapon is also designed for ambidextrous use so it can be both armed and thrown easily with either hand. Current grenades require a different arming procedure for left-handed users, according to the Army.

The ET-MP also has electronic fuze timing. “Detonation time can now be narrowed down into milliseconds, and until armed, the hand grenade will not be able to detonate,” said Matthew Hall, Grenades Tech Base Development Lead, in the Army’s statement.

[Best part ]
“Our warfighter lost the capability of using an alternate lethal hand grenade when the MK3A2 concussion grenade was taken out of service in 1975 due to an asbestos hazard, leaving the M67 fragmentation grenade,” explained Picatinny Arsenal, in a statement.
The Enhanced Tactical Multi-Purpose (ET-MP) grenade (U.S. Army).

John: Smooth surface, levers to flip to ‘set it’ before throwing (in the dark, wet night?).  Removing the reliable mechanical fuse and adding digital chips (made in China?).  What could possibility go wrong?
Asbestos Hazard???  You mean they were worried about the enemy soldier surviving the blast and then suing the US Government for exposing them to asbestos?

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No flak over the target.

Four weeks and my ‘Deplorables for Trump’ signs are still there…

trump-sign-still-there_dsc0950And I’ve added a ‘Trump’ flag.

showing-the-colors_dsc0927Easily seen from the jogging trail going into the town park.

On the downside, the slimy Democrats raided my mothers nursing home for votes and bagged most of the old folks votes.  Swooped in with early voting forms and a horde of ‘assistants’ to help the old folks fill out the forms (the ‘right’ way).  My mother waved off their assistance and sealed her form up before she let anyone touch it.  But there was probably a hundred votes for Hillary harvested.  Multiply that by the thousands across this state and every state where they can get away with it, and that’s the margin of fraud that The Donald has to overcome.

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You should try ‘Fred On Everything’.

‘Fred on Everything’ recent posting…

American culture now drinks deeply from the ghetto, and there is no turning this around either. The country has achieved the dictatorship of the sub-proletariat. Someone said that when the lower orders found that they could vote themselves the treasury, they would. They can also vote themselves the culture, and have.

That struck me as stark truth, with this in addition…

Soon there will be none left who remember what has been lost. Once broken, the chain cannot be repaired.

Chilling once I realized that I am one of ‘those who remember’.  Then I realized that it is already too late, because no one is listening.  I was reminded of something that my father told me, in the forties and after the war, he was a sailor in the U.S. Merchant Marine.  Time and again his ship would dock late at night after the trolleys and the buses had stopped running and he would walk home to Squantum (part of Quincy, MA) from the docks in South Boston.  He would have up to six months pay in his pocket.  The neighborhoods that he had to walk through, at night, were; Southie, Roxbury, Dorchester, and Quincy.   Anyone who reads this and currently resides in the Greater Metropolitan Boston area just got a shiver up their back.  Even at the time he first related this story to me, in the seventies, he followed up with the comment, “I wouldn’t do that today even with five of my buddies at my back”.    What has been lost.

Fred on the election…

…according to Hillary, ardent of becoming National Basilisk, half of Trump’s supporters are evil and the other half losers, deplorables all. That is, she holds half of Americans in contempt.

I frankly think her admirable. As she coughs, staggers, convulses, lies, pilfers, sells favors and lapses into intermittent confusion, she still has the courage to tell America that she loathes half of it. That´s candor.

…never  having accomplished anything on her own, always riding Bill’s coattails, having a disastrous record as SecState, always for sale. With her, we know what we will get. With Trump, it’s a roll of very weird dice.

It’s been obvious for a long time that the American Political System doesn’t work (at all) anymore.  In 1775, to many British subjects in the Colonies it became obvious to them that the British Royal system wasn’t working for America.  They did something about it.  But not at the ballot box.  Yeah, I know what I’m saying.

The final (cheerful) conclusion from Fred…

America is more fragile than it looks. Its people cannot feed themselves. The economy really can collapse. If civil unrest broke the link from farm to cities, in two weeks New Yorkers would be eating each other. Soft white urbanites eeeeking and squealing about guns cannot defend themselves.
It is over. Watch. Trump if elected will be more interesting, Hillary a boring but more certain civilizational mortician, but both are chips floating on a fetid tide.

My previous advice still holds, don’t start stocking up for the Apocalypse unless the first items you procure are guns and ammunition.  Otherwise you are just shopping for someone else.  And do not tell anyone about what you have.

If you don’t feel that you could use a weapon against another person then stock up on good whiskey, maybe the looters will have a drink with you before they shoot you in the head.

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