The dog that didn’t bark in the night.

If you Google the name Oghaleoghene Atuno, your search will come up empty.

That is a curious development in light of the fact the 21-year-old Atuno is in police custody, having been charged with the attempted murder of two boys, ages 11 and 12, in Aurora, Colo. earlier this month.

The fact that Atuno is black and his victims are white, coupled with security video that shows Atuno circling the cul-de-sac before slamming into the boys and driving off, suggests the possibility of a hate crime enhancement.

Yet except for local media, the story has gone largely untouched. None of the three major networks has reported the crime, and neither have The New York Times or Washington Post.

Guess the race.

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With wine at hand, the good man concerns himself, not with getting drunk, but the drinking in all the natural delectabilities of wine; taste, color, bouquet; its manifest graces; the way it complements food and enhances conversation; and its sovereign power to turn evenings into occasions, to lift eating beyond nourishment to conviviality, and to bring the race, for a few hours at least, to that happy state where men are wise and women beautiful, and even one’s children begin to look promising.

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The Age of Trump

Things are great in the US, and getting better Trump-haters are only left with ad hominems: “lizard brain,” “racist Hitler,” “ignorant thug,” whatever. As Adams (not a Trumper) says.

My list:
– Fewer wars, more peace
– Tiger won the Masters
– Great economy, nobody without a job
– Prison reform
– A bit of sanity in the Dept of Education
– Calm with North Korea, heading in good direction
– Trade sanity with Mexico, and on the way with China
– Terrorism on the wane
– NATO nations headed towards paying their share

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The Boss

When your staff is not performing up to standards.

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Blog Comment of the week.

Donald Trump is the only president ever to
-Get a hooker to pay him money
-Sell rice to China
-and get Sanctuary Cities to reject illegal aliens

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    The day we have been waiting for.

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    Weird: Everyone Who Attended Bernie Sanders’ Town Hall Has Reported Their Wallet Missing

    RK, NY—Well, this is more than a little odd.

    Every single attendee of Bernie Sanders’ town hall meeting on Fox News earlier this week has reported that their wallet has mysteriously gone missing.

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    Man Arrested After Trying to Enter NY’s St. Patrick’s Cathedral With Two Gasoline Cans

    According to ABC News, the 37-year-old man from New Jersey allegedly parked his vehicle in front of Saks Fifth Avenue where he carried two gas cans and lighter fluid into the cathedral.

    Miller added that the FBI’s joint terrorism task force is involved “because we don’t know exactly what his mind-set was, what his motive was.”

    “But we do know that carrying two cans of gasoline and the equipment to light that, to a public area and a place like St. Patrick’s Cathedral is something that presents a danger to the public, and that’s why he’s in custody,” Miller said.

    What’s his motive?  The day after the Norte Dame fire and “what his motive was?”.


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    QOTD: Illegals

    Liberals want illegal immigrants placed in Red districts hoping to turn them blue one day, that’s exactly why they are fighting against bringing them to sanctuary cities like New York!

    De Blasio calls Trump’s sanctuary city plan ‘illegal,’ vows to fight it in court


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