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Medicare Part G Works for Me

If you are an older senior citizen and can no longer take care of yourself and need Long-Term Care, but the government says there is no nursing home care available for you, what do you do?

You may opt for Medicare Part G.

The plan gives anyone 70 or older, a gun (Part G) and one bullet.

You may then shoot one worthless politician.

This means you will be sent to prison for the rest of your life where you will receive three meals a day, a roof over your head, central heating and air conditioning, cable TV, a library, and all the healthcare you need.

Need new teeth? No problem. Need glasses? That’s great. Need a hearing aid, new hip, knees, kidney, lungs, sex change, or heart? They are all covered!

As an added bonus, your kids can come and visit you at least as often as they do now!

And, who will be paying for all of this? The same government that just told you they can’t afford for you to go into a nursing home. And you will get rid of a useless politician while you are at it. And now, because you are a prisoner, you don’t have to pay any more income taxes!

Is this a great country or what?

You have now solved your senior Long-Term Care problem.

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QOTD: The why of it.

Found online, A quote from Joe Sobran, National Review, April, 1997:

Western man towers over the rest of the world in ways so large as to be almost inexpressible. It’s Western exploration, science, and conquest that have revealed the world to itself. Other races feel like subjects of Western power long after colonialism, imperialism, and slavery have disappeared.

The charge of racism puzzles whites who feel not hostility, but only baffled good will, because they don’t grasp what it really means: humiliation. The white man presents an image of superiority even when he isn’t conscious of it. And, superiority excites envy. Destroying white civilization is the inmost desire of the league of designated victims we call minorities.

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QOTD: The woo-ha.

Ryan Fournier


I still don’t understand how someone’s reproductive system can simultaneously be 0% not my business and 100% my financial responsibility.

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QOTD: North Korea

Regarding the stuff that’s going to get swept under the rug (NORK internal gulags, death etc) Well, a lot of that happened when the USSR collapsed too. Better the future generations have an opportunity than the past ones get justice. In a perfect world both could be achieved, but last I checked, this world is less than perfect.


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Breaking News


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Putting it on a movie poster doesn’t make it so.

Female Police Officers In Belgium Are Easily Disarmed And Murdered By Islamic Fanatic

Two very physically unimposing female police officers have been murdered in the Belgian city of Liege, killed by an Islamic extremist on temporary release from prison. This same man, Benjamin Herman, also made quick work of another male, a 22-year-old bystander, who tried to intervene. The women were stabbed from behind, quickly disarmed, and had their own weapons turned on them by their attacker.

This is the heart of many men’s growing dis-interest in the Star Wars movie franchise.  90 pound girls (or middle-aged women) do not occupy the battle line of any army.  Not even a fantasy one.

Here are some “great” examples of how public safety is being deliberately sabotaged across the West to satisfy feminists:

So what happens when things truly go wrong in the 21st century West?

Yes, What?  There will be no scripts.  There will be no stunt men.  There will be no CGI.

But there will be blood.

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Went to a “Jazz” concert, there wasn’t any jazz there (Hip-Hop is not Jazz,  even if you are playing the same instruments) .

I got to thinking about music, I used to listen to a lot of music.  Now I don’t.  Then I remembered this video I saw recently.

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Please Don’t!

The left want this picture taken down because it shows the whole of London calling for Tommy Robinson to be released so please don’t retweet it.

Don’t know who Tommy Robinson is?

Tommy Robinson is someone you should know about.

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Bad idea, give a TV interview after running over and killing someone.

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