Not at my best.

When I was younger I rarely got sick.  And those few times I got a common cold I usually got over it in a few days.

Well I’ve got a holiday cold now and it looks like it’s going the full 7-10 days that Wikipedia says in normal.

I hate being normal.

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Report says 41% of small businesses can’t make Nov rent.

Rent Crisis Breaks ’22 Record: 41% in U.S. Couldn’t Pay in Nov., Up 4%

TREND TRACKER | DATA INSIGHTS | RENT REPORT — Boston, MA, November 23, 2022: Due to high inflation, reduced consumer spending, higher rents and other economic pressures, U.S.-based small business owners’ rent problems just escalated to new heights nationally this month, based on Alignable’s November Rent Poll of 6,326 small business owners taken from 11/19/22 to 11/22/22.

Unfortunately, 41% of U.S.-based small business owners report that they could not pay their rent in full and on time in November, a new record for 2022. Making matters worse, this occurred during a quarter when more money should be coming in and rent delinquency rates should be decreasing. But so far this quarter, the opposite has been true.

Last month, rent delinquency rates increased seven percentage points from 30% in September to 37% in October. And now, in November, that rate is another four percentage points higher, reaching a new high across a variety of industries.

All told in Q4 so far, the rent delinquency rate continues to increase at a significant pace, up 11 percentage points from where it was just two months ago.

The Top Ten States for Rent Delinquency in November are:

  • Michigan (51% of small business owners couldn’t afford rent, up 19%)
  • New York (49% couldn’t make rent, up 4%)
  • Massachusetts (45%, down 6% from a high of 51% in Oct.)
  • Texas (43%, up 5%)
  • California (41%, down 3%)
  • Illinois (40%, up 8%) & Ohio (40%, up 18%)
  • New Jersey (38%, down 11%)
  • Georgia (36%, down 1%)
  • Arizona (32%, down 2%)


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I’m not impressed by Biden’s posturing.  The cynical money laundering.  The distraction from his disastrous policies on … anything.  The billions being poured into the Ukrainian war is perhaps the most perplexing enigma.   Corrupt governments of every side to be sure.

But I do feel deep sorrow for the Ukrainian people.  God be with them.

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John Stossel: | Inconvenient Truth about Electric Cars…

Part two | Electric cars are not Green

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Time to start planning for Thanksgiving. (2016)

Our last Obama Thanksgiving!  For which we should be thankful!

From 2016, as they say it’s always darkest before the Don.

2016   The start of the last three good years we are likely to see in my lifetime.


tda 575036 article-2236112-1623d163000005dc-450_636x383 bed-sore-copy-2 blessings


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Happy Thanksgiving.

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Lets see if this post gets me shut down.

The Truth About Ivermectin

Because it’s lipid soluble, it is stored and slowly released, [so] once you’ve taken a prophylactic dose, and I think it’s like the cumulative dose of about 400mg, that your risk of getting COVID is close to zero and you can actually stop it for a while,” said Dr. Paul Marik, a widely published critical care specialist with 500 peer-reviewed papers to his name, in an interview with The Epoch Times.

Marik co-founded the Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance (FLCCC), a group of physicians formed in the early days of the pandemic and dedicated to treating COVID-19. According to interviews, many of the group’s doctors have successfully treated COVID-19 with ivermectin. The organization’s other co-founder, Dr. Pierre Kory, has written a book about ivermectin’s use and controversy during the pandemic.

Dr. Sabine Hazan, a gastroenterologist with 22 years of experience in clinical research, told The Epoch Times that she would advise ivermectin use for only a short time in critical patients rather than recommending the use of it as a prophylaxis.

Continuous use of ivermectin—as with all drugs—can make the body dependent on the drug rather than working to fix itself.

The bottom line is that those countries, in Africa and India, that had policies that allowed and encouraged use of Ivermectin for the treatment of COVID have much better statistics on treatment and recovery than the United States and the EU.

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And the next day his site was down.

I don’t know how much America should spend supporting Ukraine, but I can tell you with confidence that American support for Zelensky did not happen organically.

We didn’t watch the news and spontaneously decide he was a hero. That opinion was assigned to us.

Don’t believe me?

— Scott Adams (@ScottAdamsSays) November 17, 2022

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Hingham Apple store rammed at high speed.

One person is dead and at least 14 people are injured after SUV plows into Apple store outside Boston at ‘high speed’ and leaves building on verge of collapse

  • At least 14 people have been taken to a local hospital after a vehicle crashed into an Apple store outside of Boston on Monday morning, with four in critical condition
  • One person has died in the chaotic aftermath 
  • Witnesses say the unidentified driver was bloodied in the aftermath but survived the crash 
  • As many as four people were trapped inside the building at the time, but authorities say everyone has now been rescued
  • Several people have been spotted being taken out of the store in Hingham, Massachusetts on stretchers

pjrae54  commented recently that reading my blog on local stories makes him glad he decided to leave Massachusetts.

I’m sure he is familiar with that store and is wondering, as I am, how the Hell could someone could attain “High Speed” in that area and accidentally hit the Apple store.   There is a ninety degree corner for traffic coming in one direction and coming out of the back parking lot the Apple store is masked by Burtons restaurant.   This is very disturbing.

Prayers for the injured and the dead.

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Worst Winter forecast ever.

Two reasons New England will suffer brutal winter energy prices and even blackouts

New England’s woes are attributable to two factors: its lack of pipeline infrastructure, which prevents it from receiving supplies from other parts of the U.S., and a century-old law known as the Jones Act that limits the delivery of fuel from the rest of the country by ship.

As a result, U.S. fuel continues to be exported at record volumes to the European Union — where gas storage facilities are full and oil is, for now, oversupplied — even as its own residents are starved of that same supply.

When a cargo is loaded in the American Gulf Coast, it will be on a foreign registered ship since all LNG tankers are foreign registered. So that ship cannot sail to another American port.
If the ship owners re-register in the US, then after USCG recertification that ship can sail to an American port but the ship owners costs for operating that ship (not including mandated US modifications) escalate.

A Congressional waiver to set aside the Jones Act would be required. But no such action has gotten anywhere in one hundred years. And how does “The Big Guy” get his cut?  And Biden’s base would howl if he signed such a bill, even if it meant some Americans would freeze to death.

In the interim, American NG is going to China and Europe.

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