Fuck this world.

I’m taking a break.

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‘Peaceful Protest’.

In Chicago, a Two-Year-Old With Brain Cancer Misses Trip Home to Celebrate His Birthday… Because Black Lives Matter Attacked the Ronald McDonald House Where He Was Staying


Another Mostly Peaceful Protest of a 2-year-old brain cancer patient.


Two-year-old Owen Buell and his family have been staying at the Ronald McDonald House near Lurie Children�s Hospital while he receives treatment for Stage 4 neuroblastoma.

They were supposed to go home to Joliet to celebrate his birthday.

“We were going to have cake and ice cream and do some presents at home with his siblings and his grandma,” said Owen’s mother, Valerie Mitchell.

Why isn’t this the lead News story this week?

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Infamous first tile draws in Scrabble.

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This is sick!

BLM LEADER — ‘Looting in Chicago should be viewed as reparations’…

Posted by Kane on August 11, 2020 2:14 pm

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Hey Charlie, you suck.

Massachusetts COVID-19 compliance hotline flooded with crank calls

A Massachusetts hotline set up to enforce coronavirus safety guidelines instead received profanity, fake reports and porn from residents fed up with the rules — similar to what happened in April when New York City launched a similar effort.

It didn’t take long for things to go downhill for Gov. Charlie Baker’s compliance hotline, …

In just a matter of hours, there was a picture of a penis from an account dubbed, “Good German,” missives slamming the hotline as a “rat line,” complaints about “unmasked dogs” and gripes about Baker’s lack of a mask during news conferences, the outlet reported.

Gov. Charlie Baker,  the worst Republican Governor but the best Democrat Governor in the USA.

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The Mayflower II belated return to Plymouth home port through the Cape Cod Canal.

Up early, some Dunkin Donuts coffee and out…

Passing under the Cape Cod Bridge at Route 6.

Many people came to see and to welcome her home.  Seven miles of canal looked like this.

First glimpse.

And then the slow retreat from the parking area, followed by the miles long backup on Route 3 North because the Mass DOT closed the left hand lane for no apparent reason at exit five.

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Entry 99,999 in “Dems hate the native-born working poor”.

NY Dems push for law mandating 500 hours of training for ‘shampoo assistants’

A new bill moving through the State Assembly and Senate will require “shampoo assistants” working in hair salons to complete a minimum of 500 hours of a 1,000-hour course in cosmetology. The completion of 500 hours will entitle applicants to a newly established “Shampoo Assistant Certificate.”


The job primarily involves draping the client, lathering the head and rinsing, and odd jobs like sweeping hair off the floor.

“It’s crazy. Talk about being an obstruction to people getting after-school jobs or an entry-level job, or being able to make a living while learning a trade,” Cam MacDonald, of the Empire Center for Public Policy, told The Post.

Cosmetology school isn’t cheap, with programs in New York running around $13,000. “The evidence points to this being a barrier to entry that favors existing cosmetologists and the cosmetology schools,” MacDonald said.


The bill is a hidden cash cow for the state. Under “fiscal implications,” its authors note it would “provide additional revenue to the state in the way of application fees and fines for practicing as a shampoo assistant without the proper certificate or practicing as a shampoo assistant after the certificate has been suspended or revoked.” It doesn’t specify how much the fines would be, but an earlier version of the bill from 2019 suggested 500 bucks for a first offense and a $1,000 for every one subsequently.

Know who isn’t affected by this bill?  The illegals working out of their apartments with no licenses and paying no sales or income tax.  The sponsors of the bill are all Democrats.

One salon owner remarked, “A ten year old could do this job”.

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Tucker: Remember the Constitution?

Tucker opening monologue…


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Another one bites the dust.

Hearth ‘n Kettle Closing.

WEYMOUTH — Hearth ’n Kettle in Weymouth is the latest loss amid restaurants that have been forced to permanently close their doors due to the financial strain caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. The restaurant had been open for 23 years.

The owners, Catania Hospitality Group, sold the property to Weymouth restaurant owner Chris DiMambro, who plans to open his own restaurant, the Catanias said. The property, which is on Route 18 near Winter Street, sold for $1.8 million on July 30, according to the deed.

“It’s very sad for us to close our units,” Deb Catania said in an email to The Patriot Ledger. “Restaurants are struggling and, as our governor keeps making it difficult to do business for us, you will see more and more closing.”

The Catania group owns two other Hearth ’n Kettle restaurants, as well as inns and spas in Cape Cod. The Hyannis and South Yarmouth restaurant locations are still open.

Catania said it has been hard to hire staff and “compete” against unemployment benefits being offered by the state and federal government. Unemployed Massachusetts residents received $600 weekly for the first several months of the pandemic, but that ended in late July.

Summary:  To destroy the many small businesses around the country we are bribing workers to not go back to work with money we don’t have.

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