At the park

South of Boston, with no political affectations.

I stopped a liberal from labeling this “President Trumpeter Swan”

Bottom dwelling eater of baby chicks. I call her Hillary.

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Enjoy the Summer.

Swedish police warn lots of rapes will happen this summer and advise women not to go out late

After two rape attempts in Östersund this weekend, the police urged women not to go out late. They also issued a warning that “much like this” will happen this summer, Fria Tider reports. 

Two similar rape attempts took place this weekend, one on Saturday and one on Sunday. Police explained the same offender could be involved: A 175cm tall man, of about 25 years, dark haired and darkly dressed.

Police investigator Suss Braunerhielm said in an interview with P4 Jämtland: “This summer, more like this will happen, I think” she added that women “should be alert and preferably not go out late”.

That description is a little short of the critical detail;  attacker was a recent Muslim refugee.

From a nation, thirty years ago, that had the lowest rate of forcible rape to the recent report that one out of four Swedish women can expect to be raped.

Enjoy the summer.

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Latest stupid thing on the web.

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Trump Triumphs

A Thought or Two on “Resist!”

So to sum it up for the resistance: The anti-semite Trump is the best friend Israel has ever had.

The racist Trump has instituted policies that have produced the lowest unemployment figures in decades for black and hispanic Americans.

The woman-hating Trump had a woman running his campaign (no, not Mrs. Putin), has a woman as Ambassador at the UN, another as the head of DHS, another as head of Education, yet another as White House spokesman, and now has made a woman the head of the CIA.

The oligarch Trump has instituted tax and other policies that are putting more money into more ordinary people’s pockets than has happened in many years.

I guess they just aren’t making; anti-Semites, racists, oligarch women-haters the way they used to.

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Trump Admin Cuts All Government Funding for NASA Global Warming Program

A so-called “climate change monitoring system” has just been scrapped by the Trump administration, saving taxpayer money but sending backers of global warming theories into a tailspin.

According to the Washington Examiner, the proposed Carbon Monitoring System would have used satellites to study signs of climate change at a cost of $10 million a year.

Next, the Ethanol program subsidies?  Please!

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Going to war has consequences.

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“The Twilight Zone” (an company).

An email from a eBay vendor.

Dear #########,

Hi John,

Thanks so much for ordering your Seal-All 380112 Contact Adhesive and Sealant - 2 fl oz from us! We're reaching out to ensure that 
everything arrived on time and you're happy with your purchase. 🙂

If any part of your purchase was not up to snuff, please send us a message on 
eBay and let us know what's going on so we can do our best to 

My reply.

This is going to be a trifle long but bare with me.  First, know that I originally was going to order this from  (I pretty much only get stuff from Amazon when I need to use ‘points’ that I get on a credit card I still have)

I made out the order; this item and two others to get it all over $25 and get free shipping.   Now when you place this kind of order with Amazon, they always try to slip the more expensive (2 day) shipping option over by making that choice come up by default.  So I always make the edit and select the free shipping for over $25 option.  Except that Amazon got even trickier by putting the “Free shipping…..with 30 day trial of Prime” where the over $25 free shipping button should be.

I didn’t get it until I got an email ‘congratulating me’ on joining Prime.  Then I figured it out and canceled the whole order and attempted to cancel Prime.

Here’s where you come in.  I took the one item (the adhesive) that I needed and ordered it on eBay from you.   Also with free shipping and the earliest delivery on Thursday.

It took two exchanges with Gunda Din in India to finally get them to understand that I refused the ‘free’ 30 day trial of Prime and to deactivate it immediately.

End of story?  No.   On Tuesday I received a Amazon box with the one item I had canceled inside.  Also inside was a card from Amazon indicating this was a gift.  I thought that this was a customer service freebie from Amazon until I received an email from eBay on Tuesday letting me know that my order had been delivered.  It’s Thursday evening now and I haven’t received any more packages, so I didn’t get two of these.

There is no indication on my Amazon account that anything was shipped.  The delivery notification (from eBay) was (to all indications) triggered by the Amazon box in the mailbox.

I would love to hear your thoughts or explanation of this mystery.   I’m having another drink.

????? (To be continued?)

Update: Mystery solved.

Hi! I know this can be confusing. We sell our items on eBay, but we use 
Amazon Fulfillment for shipping and packaging purposes.It’s one of the 
quickest and most reliable forms of shipment that helps us ensure you 
receive the item safely and quickly. So it sometimes looks like the item 
came from Amazon, but that’s actually us! 🙂 Hope this helps!
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But these same people thought the same thing was great, for South Boston.

That video upset Schools Chancellor Carranza. He tweeted it under the headline “Watch wealthy white Manhattan parents angrily rant against plan to bring more black kids to their schools.”

See, Chancellor Carranza didn’t get the memo that while it is of course fine to be anti-white, the proper targets of one’s anti-whiteness are middle- and working-class white Americans. You are not supposed to direct your anti-white wrath against rich and gentry whites. That is, as the kids say, “not OK.”

To become totally depressed read the whole article…

Three Education Stories Show Why We Are (Still) Doomed

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11-Year-Old Docked Points for Not Bashing Trump

To say that some people dislike Donald Trump may well be the understatement of the year. It’s hard to imagine any duly elected president seeing so many protests, yet here we are.

It’s so bad that now an 11-year-old in Annadale, New York, was docked 15 points on a homework assignment because she failed to answer a question demanding students bash Trump:

Vincent Ungro, a dad from Annadale, New York, has an 11-year-old daughter who attends I.S. (Intermediate School) 75. She asked him for help with her vocabulary homework last Friday night because she was trying to fill in the blanks from a word bank to complete her assignment — and was really puzzled.

And what were the choices for the two questions, you ask? These three words: “haughty,” “humble,” and “precedent.” You can guess which ones were meant to be the “correct” answers in this teacher’s mind.

Ungro, 46, told his daughter not to fill in those blanks — and wrote a note to the teacher, Adria Zawatsky, on the homework sheet, as The Post noted. “Please keep your political views to yourself and do not try to influence my children on them. Thank you,” he wrote.

The teacher docked the points — which Ungro called “vindictive.”

This is not a exception, it is probably laid out in a internal memo sent by the NEA.  Think of the result of this Orwellian mind molding in another twenty years.


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Sorry about that, Dave! Updated.

Report: Software bug led to death in Uber’s self-driving crash

Sensors detected Elaine Herzberg, but software reportedly decided to ignore her.

Enlarge / NTSB officials inspecting the vehicle that killed Elaine Herzberg.

The fatal crash that killed pedestrian Elaine Herzberg in Tempe, Arizona, in March occurred because of a software bug in Uber’s self-driving car technology, The Information’s Amir Efrati reported on Monday. According to two anonymous sources who talked to Efrati, Uber’s sensors did, in fact, detect Herzberg as she crossed the street with her bicycle. Unfortunately, the software classified her as a “false positive” and decided it didn’t need to stop for her.

Read this later…

Self-Driving Cars Will Destroy Human Freedom

Not so long ago, Uber was testing a autonomous vehicle in Arizona that failed to slow down and stop when a woman was crossing the highway. As a consequence the car ran over her and ended her life.

This is further proof that no matter how much bug fixes they do, an AI is still a computer program written in a programming language. Which means bugs will always exist. Even after the engineers fix most bugs and thus the software gets closer to perfection, every now and then a glitch will cause an accident or cost an innocent life.

Remember, when you were a child and experienced the joy of playing with your RC car until an old brother of yours took the remote control from your hands? Well the same will occur with your automated automobile, but this time it will be Big Brother in the literal meaning of the word!

If you are born in a corrupt country with a facade democracy and ruled by an iron first, you realize how bad this idea sounds. Imagine this technology at the hands of corrupt politicians and crooked entrepreneurs, they will use it to achieve personal gains such as trying to silence anyone that opposes them or forcing the car’s AI to bring political activists to the police or getting the location of a suspect through the vehicle’s GPS system.

If this technology ever becomes a trend in least developed countries such as Brazil, India, China and Russia, I’m sure it’s most likely to be used to enforce the elites’s wicked goals rather than to give more comfort to the local population.

Remember, you’re not paranoid if they really are out to get you.

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