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Gun Control laws are for me, not for thee.

Michigan State Shooter Had Prior Felony Gun Charge Dismissed By Progressive Prosecutor Ingham County prosecutor Carol Siemon ended mandatory sentencing for felony firearm charges in the name of ‘race equity’ Former Ingham County district attorney Carol Siemon and Michigan State … Continue reading

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Stolen entirely from ACE.

EMT 07/09/22 – Why the Gun is Civilization. —krakatoa Written maybe a decade ago – the original post seems to be lost in time, but it’s always a good time to recall the concise words from Marco Kloos (pronounced “close”) … Continue reading

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Adapt, improvise, overcome. — ONT WTF (@OntWtf) July 2, 2022

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Gun Laws.

It comes up every time there is a shooting death or deaths. More Gun Laws!  Scream the Democrats and the Media helpfully reports that Republicans and the “Right Wing” oppose creating gun control laws to protect the public. Of course … Continue reading

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Ann Coulter: Safe!

Ruger is a Girl’s Best Friend My impossible-to-find George magazine article on guns from 1999 Ann Coulter GEORGE MAGAZINE, JULY 1999 Ruger Is a Girl’s Best Friend

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Gun Truth.

Ace of Spades But the cure is simple, and it doesn’t require the destruction of our God-given rights. Prosecute real gun crime (not the fake stuff that attacks the law-abiding owners) as aggressively as the Feds are pursuing the January … Continue reading

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Waiting period, redefined. Updated.

Update: Got my LTC at the end of October.  Now I’m looking for a gun club that is accepting new members. I submitted my paperwork for my Firearms License  (LTC)  at my interview with the town police, finally!   Covid !  … Continue reading

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Unbelievable! She complains to the police about not being allowed to loot a store! WATCH: Black Woman Has a Meltdown… Over Not Being Able to Loot Neighborhood Stores Beth Baumann 3-4 minutes Editor’s Note: Graphic Language A black woman in Chicago filmed a Facebook live video of armed citizens defending local businesses. According … Continue reading

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Think about this in relationship to the Texas Church shooting.

An old post from 2013… Cops Gone Wild: Sometimes You Really Want the Police to Be Minutes Away. And Stay There. Torrence police open fire on vehicle “matching description” (it didn’t) of suspect Ex-LA Cop Dorner (Large Black Male), hitting … Continue reading

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