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Found an interesting site, “Badass of the week”.

Badass of the Week This week, Ursula Graham Bower. This is the story of Ursula Graham Bower, the Naga Queen. Spoiler, there’s a happy ending.

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I’m not impressed by Biden’s posturing.  The cynical money laundering.  The distraction from his disastrous policies on … anything.  The billions being poured into the Ukrainian war is perhaps the most perplexing enigma.   Corrupt governments of every side to be … Continue reading

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Trafalgar Day

Battle of Trafalgar, (October 21, 1805), naval engagement of the Napoleonic Wars, which established British naval supremacy for more than 100 years; it was fought west of Cape Trafalgar, Spain, between Cádiz and the Strait of Gibraltar. A fleet of 33 ships (18 French and 15 Spanish) under Admiral Pierre … Continue reading

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Now that’s great propaganda!

Ukraine’s ‘Joan of Arc’ sniper Evgenia Emerald weds soldier she met on front lines It was a different kind of shotgun wedding. Famed Ukrainian sniper Evgenia Emerald — known as her country’s “Joan of Arc” — tied the knot with … Continue reading

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Hard to know what to say about this development.

Ukrainians plan apocalyptic orgy in event of Putin launching nuke Ukrainians fearing that Russian President Vladimir Putin may unleash a nuke have organized another big bang — a wild sex party in the event that the warmonger’s threat becomes reality. More than … Continue reading

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In great deeds… annual repost.

I read today as a prelude to a story about D-Day commemorations the phrase “This will be the last significant observation of this event. Because only a handful of living veterans are now participating and none will be alive for … Continue reading

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Lost Graves. Reposted from 2019.

A Find A Grave photo request has just been made in your area. If you are able to take this photograph, please read the ‘Instructions for Photographers’ paragraph at the end of this email. Name: Edmond J Harvey (unknown – … Continue reading

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New wrinkle on an old game.

King Of Battle God fights on the side with the best artillery. – Napoleon Bonaparte Oberst (Col.) Reisner of the Austrian Army giving a thoroughly professional and easily understandable briefing on why Ukraine keeps kicking the shit out of inferior … Continue reading

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The Ukrainian/Russian/American War

The Rundown Washington Examiner: Ukrainian commander says ‘bloody fighting’ going on inside Mariupol steel plant Washington Examiner: US intel helping Ukraine kill Russian generals: Report Washington Examiner: Russia hitting Ukrainian supply lines, but not with much ‘accuracy’ Washington Examiner: First … Continue reading

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Perfect gift for that retired Top Gun.

Drones for Ukraine has a unique fundraising tool: Donate $1,000 or more to their effort to procure modern drones to defend against the Russian invasion, get a genuine piece of aircraft skin from a downed Russian jet fighter.

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