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New wrinkle on an old game.

King Of Battle God fights on the side with the best artillery. – Napoleon Bonaparte Oberst (Col.) Reisner of the Austrian Army giving a thoroughly professional and easily understandable briefing on why Ukraine keeps kicking the shit out of inferior … Continue reading

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The Ukrainian/Russian/American War

The Rundown Washington Examiner: Ukrainian commander says ‘bloody fighting’ going on inside Mariupol steel plant Washington Examiner: US intel helping Ukraine kill Russian generals: Report Washington Examiner: Russia hitting Ukrainian supply lines, but not with much ‘accuracy’ Washington Examiner: First … Continue reading

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Perfect gift for that retired Top Gun.

Drones for Ukraine has a unique fundraising tool: Donate $1,000 or more to their effort to procure modern drones to defend against the Russian invasion, get a genuine piece of aircraft skin from a downed Russian jet fighter.

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The Trust of the World.

On Tuesday, Poland said it was ready to deploy all its MIG-29 jets to Ramstein Air Base in Germany and put them at the disposal of the United States, urging other NATO members to do the same. The Pentagon later … Continue reading

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Ukrainian girl who sang Let It Go inside a bomb shelter  

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Epic if true.

Day Eight of the Ukrainian War I have posted on twitter about the Russian Army columns North of Kyiv decaying into immobile blobs due to the Rasputitsa, poorly maintained Chinese truck tires and shear “follow the plan” Russian incompetence. The … Continue reading

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Green powers the Russian War Machine.

Europe’s reliance on exported oil and gas from Russia, is “funding the war”.  But blaming our dependence on fossil fuel for the might of Russia’s military is only half the story. The reason Europe especially became so dependent on Russian … Continue reading

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Ukrainian father says goodbye.

It’s a leave-taking.  The exact circumstances aren’t known or stated, but the inference is that the daughter is being sent to safety, perhaps out of the country and all because of the war with Russia. No military age males are … Continue reading

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Putin’s Gambit.

Putin recognizes independence of separatist regions in Ukraine… The leaders of the separatists republics of Donetsk and Luhansk of eastern Ukraine asked Putin to recognize the independence of their territories in a video address aired on Russian state TV. So … Continue reading

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Drums across the Border.

A reader sent me a link to a Townhall post… Will We End Up Invading Canada? Might the Canadians revolt? Really revolt, not merely torment sissy city twits by honking through the night? The recipe for that is eliminating all … Continue reading

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