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More Snow.

Unremarkable, except that yesterday it was 62 degrees here. And it will be in the sixties again on Friday, advancing 10 degrees a day starting Tuesday. Happy SuperBowl Sunday!  If you’re into that sort of thing.

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Snow and Rain tomorrow, clear the roof. (2015)

I think when I get the bill I’ll need a good stiff drink… Nah!  No stiff drink… now I can’t afford it.   Just kidding, it’s worth every penny.  These guys did a great job. Boy! Do I hate winter!!! (2022: … Continue reading

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Home ownership.

OK. after a rain and wind storm in the NE I had the top 30 feet of a tree broke off and ‘catch’ on another tree so as to hang upside down and swaying in the wind with the erstwhile … Continue reading

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Late September on Cape Cod.

Chatham Sand Bar.  Fishing boat coming in with a cloud of seagulls around it.  If the crew isn’t cleaning fish and tossing the offal over the side, enough boats have done that in the past for the seagulls to follow … Continue reading

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“Ale vs Stout” weekend is here. Reposted from 2019

It’s a sure sign that the summer is drawing to a close; this weekend is for many college students the date that they quit their summer job and head back to school. We were on Cape Cod one summer at … Continue reading

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Four little additions here.

Can’t use the side door or my six foot step-ladder until June.  Late last month I noticed a pile of straw on top of the ladder.  Then looking inside the straw I saw four blue robin’s eggs. Today I noticed … Continue reading

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Happy Thanksgiving 2020.

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Snow for Halloween.

Still snowing.

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Fall in Massachusetts.

Well, now that my walk is done, time to put out the Trump 2020 sign.  Third one, I hope this one lasts until Nov 3d.

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Bath house attendant.

Sometimes I have to refill the birdbath several times a day.  And not just during the Summer. Shortly afterwards and after a quick top off from the watering can, The Robin Boys Club. That’s why these guys go south for … Continue reading

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