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The new Jews?

Cape Codders petition: ‘Close the bridges’ Alarmed by influx of New Yorkers, other out-of-staters Cape Cod’s year-round residents, alarmed by an influx of out-of-state license plates amid the coronavirus outbreak, petitioning for the shutdown of the Bourne and Sagamore bridges … Continue reading

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OK, Now I believe it’s the End Times.

BOSTON — “Reusable bags prohibited”. Gov. Charlie Baker on Wednesday announced a new public health order related to grocery stores and pharmacies in Massachusetts, which includes a temporary ban on reusable bags. “From now on, reusable bags are prohibited and … Continue reading

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Upside down winter.

More snow in Georgia than up here on the Northeast coast! Nice pictures Doug!

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Almost makes eating Tide Pods look smart.

‘Outlet challenge’ prompts safety warnings from fire investigators Fire investigators in Massachusetts are hoping to help pull the plug on a new viral “challenge” that may be redefining the word “stupid.” It’s called the “outlet challenge.” Participants insert the plug … Continue reading

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“Ale vs Stout” weekend is here.

It’s a sure sign that the summer is drawing to a close; this weekend is for many college students the date that they quit their summer job and head back to school. We were on Cape Cod one summer at … Continue reading

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Massachusetts AG Slams Feds for Indicting Sanctuary City Judge The Democratic Attorney General of Massachusetts is slamming federal prosecutors for indicting a circuit court judge who allegedly helped an illegal immigrant drug dealer escape arrest and deportation. The indictment “is … Continue reading

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Polls don’t look good for Elizabeth Warren

Another presidential poll, another dose of bad news for Elizabeth Warren. Warren’s poll numbers follow a discouraging pattern. In a December University of Massachusetts/YouGov survey of probable Democratic presidential candidates, Warren again trailed both Biden and Sanders, while in a … Continue reading

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Bay State Follies

Assaulting a man with a car could warrant a semi-automatic response. Legally.

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Vietnam Memorial: Moving Wall at Union Point.

Until Sunday the 29th of July.

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