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Not at my best.

When I was younger I rarely got sick.  And those few times I got a common cold I usually got over it in a few days. Well I’ve got a holiday cold now and it looks like it’s going the … Continue reading

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Report says 41% of small businesses can’t make Nov rent.

Rent Crisis Breaks ’22 Record: 41% in U.S. Couldn’t Pay in Nov., Up 4% Chuck Casto from Alignable Nov 23rd, 2022 TREND TRACKER | DATA INSIGHTS | RENT REPORT — Boston, MA, November 23, 2022: Due to high inflation, reduced … Continue reading

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I’m not impressed by Biden’s posturing.  The cynical money laundering.  The distraction from his disastrous policies on … anything.  The billions being poured into the Ukrainian war is perhaps the most perplexing enigma.   Corrupt governments of every side to be … Continue reading

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John Stossel: | Inconvenient Truth about Electric Cars…

Part two | Electric cars are not Green

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Happy Thanksgiving.

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Lets see if this post gets me shut down.

The Truth About Ivermectin “Because it’s lipid soluble, it is stored and slowly released, [so] once you’ve taken a prophylactic dose, and I think it’s like the cumulative dose of about 400mg, that your risk of getting COVID is close … Continue reading

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And the next day his site was down.

I don’t know how much America should spend supporting Ukraine, but I can tell you with confidence that American support for Zelensky did not happen organically. We didn’t watch the news and spontaneously decide he was a hero. That opinion … Continue reading

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Hingham Apple store rammed at high speed.

One person is dead and at least 14 people are injured after SUV plows into Apple store outside Boston at ‘high speed’ and leaves building on verge of collapse At least 14 people have been taken to a local hospital … Continue reading

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Worst Winter forecast ever.

Two reasons New England will suffer brutal winter energy prices and even blackouts New England’s woes are attributable to two factors: its lack of pipeline infrastructure, which prevents it from receiving supplies from other parts of the U.S., and a century-old … Continue reading

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“It just went off by itself… I swear! “

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