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Suspected of Carrier without a Bicycle.

About my day. I was driving a friend to do some errands when while driving through Abington Massachusetts I was lit up and pulled over by a local cop. Puzzled about the why of it I prepared by running the … Continue reading

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I did not see this coming.

Stranded Without Food? Edible Drone Has Snackable Wings The munchable machine could be used in rescue missions. To make the wings, the researchers trimmed up round rice cakes using a laser cutter and glued them together with gelatin to create … Continue reading

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The people who voted for Fetterman.

Republicans were annihilated by Gen Z ‘independent voters’… These people. Nationally, almost one in three voters were independents. In Pennsylvania, independents favored John Fetterman by 18 points, and he won by by 4.5. Raphael Warnock won independents by 28 points, and he … Continue reading

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Heart of Stone.

Amazon, Facebook, Twitter and most other social media companies are laying off thousands,  and tens of thousands.  Each. Why? As a recession looms, Silicon Valley is shedding the non-essential workers it acquired when unlimited venture funding made turning a profit … Continue reading

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This was on a mailing list I get.  My comment below. How many coal fired power plants are there in the world today The EU has 468 – building 27 more… Total of 495 Turkey has 56 – building 93 … Continue reading

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No Red Wave.

Confirms that we are not fixing this country by voting. If a brain dead candidate can be ‘elected’ in PA it proves the system is both filled with stupid voters AND fraud. Here in Massachusetts the ballot initiatives also prove … Continue reading

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Election Day Memes

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Red Blood Moon Midterms 2022

Actually, calls it a Beaver Blood Moon lunar eclipse but we will dub it the Red Blood Moon of the midterms 2022. Flying flags, Red Moon rising… any other signs or portents anyone would like to point out?

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New Tech.

But it automatically reprograms your clocks for DST.

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A Sign!

Fetterman introduces Obama as a “Sedition-Free” President. Right after he says “President that is sedition free”. Watch what happens.

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