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Gun Laws.

It comes up every time there is a shooting death or deaths. More Gun Laws!  Scream the Democrats and the Media helpfully reports that Republicans and the “Right Wing” oppose creating gun control laws to protect the public. Of course … Continue reading

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Winter is coming.

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I sent a thank-you message to the surgeon that operated on my right hand. I’ve been ambidextrous all my life and then my right hand stiffened up (Viking Disease). I included this picture, which shows that both hands are equal … Continue reading

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January 6th Committee.

Them: ‘You Must Care!’ Us: ‘No.’ Every non-narc victim of this Stasi witch hunt should be pardoned and the next GOP administration should settle their civil rights suits for the outrageous violation inflicted upon them by a politicized DOJ for … Continue reading

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Warm, humid night.

And when I got home, the AC wouldn’t come on.  The HVAC guy’s mailbox is full. And resetting the circuit breakers  did nothing. Being a retired engineer I did the only thing I could do.  I hit the thermostat with … Continue reading

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Always have a camera.

Beautiful Sunset tonight. Plus Snowmen, I’d forgotten I had taken a picture of…

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EV insurance rates.

I didn’t know this, did you? Key Findings MoneyGeek’s analysis of car insurance premiums for 17 current models of electric cars found: On average, electric vehicle models cost 15% more to insure than conventional gas-powered vehicles. Of the electric vehicle … Continue reading

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Babylon Bee: January 6th

Miley Cyrus To Perform Halftime Show At Jan. 6 Committee Hearings WASHINGTON, D.C.—The nation is abuzz with anticipation of the televised January 6 Committee hearing making its prime time debut at 8 p.m. ET. To top off the excitement of … Continue reading

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Things that don’t work.


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