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Why is this?

Chicago schools will now allow illegal migrant children to enroll in schools without any health records. American students will still require over 16 different shots before they can enroll. Last year Chicago Public Schools chief Pedro Martinez called for state … Continue reading

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NGO’s are behind the Mass Immigration into the US.

We stand to see this country destroyed by illegal immigration and illegals voting within our lifetime.

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How-to on Democrat lies.

This is the exact moment where JD Vance won the Ohio Senate seat. It’s over. And it only took 30 seconds. You will never see a more 🔥 response, then brutal reversal in politics. — Benny Johnson (@bennyjohnson) October … Continue reading

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Florida flies 150 illegals directly to Martha’s Vineyard.

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Texas roundup.

Texas gives this to the illegals to sign before they pack ’em on the buses. I wonder if they had the cows hoof-print this on the cattle drives.  

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Polio virus resurging in New York State.

Polio was never eradicated world-wide.   So why is it returning here now? Because presenting health records including a complete vaccination record at the border to gain entry in the United States…. Is Racist!™️

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Pity we can’t.

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Zero — ONT WTF (@OntWtf) March 13, 2020

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3 year old child is raped by an illegal released by CPD who ignored a detainment order from ICE.

Both Mayor Lori Lightfoot and Chicago police defended their decision not to cooperate with ICE on any immigration-related business Friday. 20% of Chicago’s electorate turned out to vote this lesbian black radical into office. That is the face of evil.

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A difficult question, can anybody help?

The Economist Ponders: Could It Be That Enforcing Our Immigration Laws Has Actually Increased Americans’ Wages? —Ace Answer: Yes, of course it has. The Economist — which is liberal on all matters except trade and immigration, on which it is … Continue reading

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