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Reynolds’ Laws

Reynolds’ Laws Reynolds’ First Law “Subsidizing the markers of status doesn’t produce the character traits that result in that status; it undermines them.” Reynolds’ Second Law “The more a government wants to run its citizens’ lives, the worse job it … Continue reading

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DST, Fall Back!

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“Ale vs Stout” weekend is here. Reposted from 2019

It’s a sure sign that the summer is drawing to a close; this weekend is for many college students the date that they quit their summer job and head back to school. We were on Cape Cod one summer at … Continue reading

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In great deeds…

I read today as a prelude to a story about D-Day commemorations the phrase “This will be the last significant observation of this event. Because only a handful of living veterans are now participating and none will be alive for … Continue reading

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Memorial Day Repost

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How cold is it?

“It’s so cold that Elizabeth Warren is claiming to be an Eskimo.” 8 Degrees

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The game is afoot!

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Pity we can’t.

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Quote of the day: And a appropriate quote for the day it is.

It all combined into a vast fog of disappointment that obscured the plain and simple fact that while government employees were working 24 hours a day printing more money, nobody anywhere was printing more time.

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