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Dragging in the mud, which is beginning to smell ripe.

Never thought this day would come.

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SeaLions Beach

Drove to Cape Cod, The Cape Cod National Seashore.  Sand, Sea and Surf. Met another visitor who was kind enough to alert us to the Sea-lions were basking in Truro at “Head of the Meadow” beach. A beautiful desert. To … Continue reading

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Dr. Pournelle starts a discussion on Illegal Immigration.

Over at Chaos Manor, Dr. Jerry Pournelle comments and listens to the responses to his ideas on illegal immigration.   I liked this part about Trump… To berate Mr. Trump as flip/flopping when he says he will not deport them all … Continue reading

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Sometimes you have to look at my summer vacation pictures.

It’s my blog and if this is the easiest way to disseminate my photos taken this summer.  That’s just the way it is… Plymouth, but the low tide stuff is cool.. The Onset Village 2016 Illumination Festival… That’s it.  Thank … Continue reading

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Cruel Month

Ever wonder why so many people kill themselves at this time of year (No, don’t worry). One problem is that we need a funner and happier holiday in January.  I mean, MLK day?  Really? Are you ready for ‘ Blue … Continue reading

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Have camera will photoshop!

Left early to beat the traffic on my way to the Plymouth New Beginnings meeting (Widowers). Stopped in Duxbury and Plymouth to capture some images… Nelson Street Park in Plymouth So someone asked? “Do you photoshop your pictures?” Of course … Continue reading

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The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, DVD. UPDATED (Oct 30th).

There are some marketing people that need to be recognized for their efforts and clever wit. The best way to reward them would be, I think, to lower them head first into a vat of boiling movie “butter”. Well, they … Continue reading

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The Wrong Boat Adventure.

Well, that’s embarrassing. I think I’ve mentioned I have more than one kayak, the yellow one (Pungo 120) is a single seater with some internal storage and is considered a general purpose kayak. It doesn’t do well on the ocean … Continue reading

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North River

These guys are scuba diving for moorings. Explanation, the mooring buoys are secured to large weights on the bottom (usually 6 to 10 cement blocks attached to a heavy chain), once settled into the mud they are a fixed point … Continue reading

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As if the song wasn’t bad enough.

Holy Sh!t!! Sometimes words fail me. They just up and die… American flag with President Obama’s image sparks outrage at Florida Democrats. Get a bucket before clicking on this …

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