The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, DVD. UPDATED (Oct 30th).

There are some marketing people that need to be recognized for their efforts and clever wit. The best way to reward them would be, I think, to lower them head first into a vat of boiling movie “butter”.

Well, they got me. I’m sitting here waiting for a response to an email I sent to an online vendor, I blasted them for selling me a DVD-R (burnt copy) of the American remake of “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo”.

It will probably be one of those, “Use small words explaining it to this idiot” type of emails.   I hate it when I let myself in receive that type of email or phone call.

If you are not familiar with the plot of this Swedish book, movie and American remake, the main character Lisbeth is a computer hacker. Computer hackers commonly steal video and music content. They “burn” the pirated copy onto DVD-R disks. So, with that as the backstory, this is what I received in the mail…

Since I had paid $3 for a former rental copy I assumed that the rental store had substituted a copy for the original disk and the re-seller hadn’t caught it before shipping it out.

What I didn’t do before dashing off my outraged email was flip the disk over and examine the data side.  After sending the email I did look at the shinny side as I slipped it into the player to see if played.  The shiny side. Was. Shiny.   Very Shiny. DVD-R disk are dark since they are based on thermal dye. This disk was shiny. It. Was. Not. A. Burner Disk.  Lastly there are faint codes pressed into the center around the spindle hole.  Literally my last faint hope of not being an idiot.

The disk is a real pressed, commercial DVD.   Some marketing genius thought that this was a funny, clever, attention getting idea. The genius should browse through the product review page on Amazon.Com, of the one star (terrible) reviews it seems a lot of those people are awarding the one star because they think they were sold a burner. Very successful marketing!

Did you know that Amazon doesn’t let you recall emails to the marketplace vendors?   So now I await for their response.

Igor! Hows the boiling movie butter coming?

Update: Well here’s a unexpected result to all this!   The Amazon marketplace vendor that I actually received this movie from did send me a response, just not the one that I was expecting. The company goHastings processed an refund and even indicated that I needn’t return “the defective product”.

Previously, I tried, but couldn’t retrieve the product complaint on Amazon’s site, I did send an follow-up message that I had made a mistake but apparently goHastings immediately processed the refund upon receiving the first message and I just got off the phone call I made to them (when I got the refund message) and they can’t un-process the refund.

Can customer service be TOO good?   Now I feel worse, besides already feeling stupid, now I feel guilty.   I think I’ll go watch cartoons…

Update (Oct. 30th) :

Film buyers fooled by Sony’s ‘The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo’ DVD joke

Sony Pictures have designed their ‘The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo’ DVD to look like a pirate copy of the film, much to the horror of DVD renters.

Welcome to the club.

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2 Responses to The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, DVD. UPDATED (Oct 30th).

  1. There’s nothing to feel sorry about it since you admit your mistake and realize your mistake.


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