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Commie Cali.

“California Legislature Considering New Rules Mandating EV Bidirectional Charging Capabilities”: Knowing something about how Commie governments work I’d guess something like this will happen. You charge the battery in your EV (is it still correct to refer to it as … Continue reading

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More Lithium Ion batteries around every year.

Luckily e-bikes and e-scooters are still somewhat rare. NEW YORK – A five-alarm fire erupted in the Bronx Sunday morning after an e-bike inside a grocery store caught fire. Firefighters spent hours extinguishing flames on East 180th and Grand Concourse. Seven people were … Continue reading

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Never going to be a “Barn Queen”.

Firefighters use 6K gallons of water to extinguish Tesla that ‘spontaneously’ caught fire By Snejana Farberov A Tesla Model S “spontaneously” caught fire on a California highway over the weekend, forcing firefighters to use some 6,000 gallons of water to … Continue reading

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That didn’t take long.

Nolte: Brits Pay More to Charge Electric Car than to Gas Up Per mile traveled, our British friends are now paying more to charge their electric cars than to gas them up. Do stories come any more feel-good than this? … Continue reading

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EV is doomed.

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First post of the New Year, lets kick the EV’s while they are down.

EV are stupid.  They are even stupider in the winter, especially where it’s exceptionally cold. 1. EVs are not ready for frigid road trips. I warned about this in August: Driving an EV on the highway in extreme cold will … Continue reading

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Electric Vehicles exploding after water damage from Hurricane…

There’s a ton of EVs disabled from Ian. As those batteries corrode, fires start. That’s a new challenge that our firefighters haven’t faced before. At least on this kind of scale. #HurricaneIan — Jimmy Patronis (@JimmyPatronis) October 6, 2022 … Continue reading

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11 Tons Of Water And “Special Container” Used To Extinguish Burning Tesla In Austria Just because the NHTSA has started to perk up its ears, doesn’t mean that Teslas haven’t stopped going up in flames all over the world. The … Continue reading

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