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If you don’t swat him on the nose, he’ll grow up to be a Democrat! Advertisements

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Kind of stuff I send my Old Folks group.

…And what I don’t send them

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What you see.

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President Trump pardoned the turkeys Peas and Carrots then took a swipe at the radical judges on the 9th Circuit.

President Trump: “Even though Peas and Carrots have received a presidential pardon, I have warned them that House Democrats are likely to issue them both subpoenas… I will offer Peas and Carrots a presidential pardon. Unfortunately, I won’t guarantee your … Continue reading

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Take a break…

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Midterms are one week away, a few thoughts.

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Cats and dogs.

“Dogs have family, cats have staff”. Dog people say “that’s not very nice”. Cat people look at their shoes, and say “yup”.

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Some people don’t know when to give up.

They need to calm down and rest up.  The fun’s just getting started.

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They came from the ‘Open Thread’!

Every night Instapundit has a open thread, last night was a good one.

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What a day!

Maybe Ten?

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