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A supporters pledge to a embattled man.

[ William Jacobson shares the following email“The spines of thousands are being strengthened by hearing of your fight” – A Supporter’s Message] Combat Theology – a Combat Pilot’s perspective during trying times Don’t cave to them. You are not alone. … Continue reading

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Ford and Truman sailing together. Reblog

Pictures released by the Navy today show the USS Harry S. Truman sailing alongside USS Gerald R. Ford. Follow the Link for the full sized Photos. Name: USS Gerald R. Ford Namesake: Gerald R. Ford Awarded: 10 September 2008 Builder: … Continue reading

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Last thoughts on Memorial Day. Reposted.

There’s a difference: Armed Forces Day (3rd Sat. of May) For those who currently wear the uniform. Veterans Day (Nov. 11th) For those who used to wear the uniform. Memorial Day (last Monday of May) For those who never made … Continue reading

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Cancel Culture.

Anatomy of a Cancel Culture Smear: Vince Vaughn Edition. I had no idea what Vaughn’s politics were when I came across this Facebook item by Colby Smith yesterday morning: (Reposted with permission.) When I was in Iraq, in 2005, I … Continue reading

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Soleimani’s Perfect Punch-out.

Top commander’s assassination leaves Iran with very few options to retaliate Read more: The operation was very well planned, organized and executed. The United States had access to very sensitive information and likely had been tracking Soleimani’s movements and activity for … Continue reading

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Truer words were never spoken.

“The Marines have landed and the situation is well in hand.” ― Richard Harding Davis

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Pearl Harbor Day (from 2014)

Since last year a friend returned a copy of a picture we gave them years ago, the original of this photo was lost in the house fire, including the negative. From a trip we made to Hawaii to visit Donie’s … Continue reading

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Thank you for your sacrifice.

A friend returned some copies of photos I gave them years ago, I lost my originals in the fire.    This is a scan of one I took at the Arizona Memorial the last time Donie and I were in Honolulu. … Continue reading

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President Trump Sings ‘God Bless America’ with Wounded Vet

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Conan, what is best in life?

Trump identifies ‘Conan,’ military dog in Baghdadi raid, says she will visit White House “To find your enemy, drive him before you and heard the wailing of his women before feeling the hot wind blowing through your fur!”.

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