Four little additions here.

Can’t use the side door or my six foot step-ladder until June.  Late last month I noticed a pile of straw on top of the ladder.  Then looking inside the straw I saw four blue robin’s eggs.

Today I noticed Momma Robin wasn’t nesting so I snuck a quick pic.

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4 Responses to Four little additions here.

  1. David J. Barrus says:

    The male robin brings the materials and the female robin constructs the nest.

    Some in this country destroy and others build. Am I saying birds are more valuable than some humans? Yes I am.


  2. Doug Hanley says:

    Sweet, just love it. Thanks Honey SF D



  3. Elmo says:

    I hung a bird box under the cover of our back deck a few years back. It’s been occupied every year since by Oak Titmouse pairs. The first year I’m not sure how many chicks fledged because we were still learning the ropes, but since then we’ve had broods of 6, then 7 and then at least 4 chicks fledge. This year they lit out before we expected, so we didn’t get an accurate count.

    They stay at our place year round, as it’s pretty primo Oak Titmouse habitat. And the sunflower seeds are just a bonus.

    Cornell Ornithology has a great website and if you’re interested in birds it’s a great place to learn who is in your yard and what you can do to attract more of them. It’s cheap thrills for a critter lover and rest assured, ‘if you build it they will come’.


  4. Momma Robin is very busy, back and forth, bringing food to the little chicks. I may see them hopping around outside the nest next week.
    Hope the cold snap isn’t too much for them.


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