Lyme Disease

Back to slurping down big pills full of anti-biotic for the next two weeks.

Lyme Disease… again.    Third time in ten years.  Not surprising, I haven’t seen a dog and only one or two cats in the yard in many years.  But deer?  I’ve had so many deer on my property at one time that if I could have shot, skinned and dressed them all and popped them into the freezer I would have had a lifetime supply of meat.   (But I really don’t care for the taste)

Will the town do anything about the explosion of deer?  No.   They don’t even post the entrances to the parks with Lyme disease warnings.

I’ve been asking myself why I’m so unlucky with this little problem and then it occurred to me.  I’m a widower and after four years I’m very lonely.   In my prayers at night I’ve been asking God to send me a nice chick.   Maybe I need to enunciate, maybe he’s been hearing me ask for a TICK.

Lyme Disease

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Forty years toiled in the Tel-com industry, married for 36 years widowed at sixty-one. New girlfriend at sixty-five. Was a Tea Party supporter. Today a follower of the Last American President to be honestly elected, Donald J. Trump.
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15 Responses to Lyme Disease

  1. So sorry… my whole family has been fighting Lyme Disease for years – it is awful.


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    Beware of these little Buggers this time of year!! Check yourself, your children, and spouses. If not caught and removed in time… These little suckers can literally suck the health out of you!!


  4. Had to Reblog, but also shared to my FB page. My neighbor has had Lyme’s Disease for over 15 years now, and he is still relatively young, but the Lyme’s Disease has taken a definite toll on his health. It’s very sad to see and watch.


    • Thanks for your interest in this post and the subject.. It’s a much more serious health problem than public health in this country seems to accept.

      One point I didn’t make is that while I spray my property the town does not spray the park lands that the deer come out of at night. And hunting to kept the numbers down is completely off the board.

      I may have to give up gardening, I can’t afford to kept coming down with this disease. A greenhouse is beginning to look better and better.

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      • Deer are constantly snooping around my house and garden, specifically my lilies. I had 6 gorgeous sprouts of lilies which only bloomed about a week or so ago, and the deer have already come and eaten every last one. And those are right in front of my porch. So I definitely have a concern for this issue.
        As far as the sprays, I didn’t know that you could purchase sprays to cover your property to keep ticks away. However; I have products that are supposed to “keep deer away,” which evidently isn’t working lol.


        • Yes, you are quite correct. I’ve tried a number of products that promise to “Repel Deer” that seem to act more as condiments.
          What I was referring to was a commercial company Orkin that sprays the property to kill the ticks. Problem being that the deer range through the property nightly and deposit new immigrants to my shores. And it takes a while for the poisons to do their work.
          The only thing that seems to work is Red Cayenne Pepper sprinkled liberally on everything. But it washes off readily in the first rain.
          I had a meeting today with my doctor, he informed me that a new report is out that indicates that there is a chance that the Lyme bacteria can go dormant in the body and “reawaken” to re-infect.
          Lovely. Just lovely.

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          • Oh jeeze… Yea that is just LOVELY.. I’m beginning to think that there is nothing that will keep the deer away from the property, I’ve tried just about everything. Except for the Cayenne Haven’t heard of that one yet.


  5. missred says:

    So sorry about this. I can only offer my prayers.


  6. Bob Shannon says:

    I had Lyme once. That’s enough.


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