If it was Che’, it would be insensitive. (Updated)

To all those governors rushing to kowtow to the SJW on the over one hundred and forty year old tradition of flying the flag of the Confederacy by ordering, by executive fiat, those historical emblems be torn down.  Bye-bye!  Someone should tell you that you are alienating your friends and former supporters to please those that (in the case of the GOP governors)  hate you.

Lets run down the points;

What about the many families with honored dead who fought for the Confederacy who habitually decorate the graves with the Confederate flag on Memorial Day.  Those men who died on your soil and on far away battlefields but whose blood belongs to their home state.  Don’t they deserve to have the flag under which they fought fly above the capitol of their home state?  It always has, who are you to change the tradition of one hundred forty years?

Freedom of Speech.  Period.   The radical left isn’t the only voice that can be heard in America.

Mental illness, not conservative politics caused the Charleston tragedy,  how delighted the murderer must be to see how you are enlarging his footnote in history.  Dylann Roof and his primary partner, our race-baiting president are scant justification for your actions.  But they approve.

Are you going to do anything about the thousands of Che’ posters and even flags that are proudly displaced on the walls of classroom and offices in your state universities.  How about the posters and flags honoring the Soviet Union or Cuba or Communist China?  Or how about the Mexican nationalist group Rasia that wants most of the American Southwest given to Mexico?  Their flag has appeared behind state and federal officials on TV.    Or is all that insensitive? 3194UlXhJCL

NEW 3×5 Che Guevara Red Flag 3 x 5 CUBA 3X5FT Banner

By the way, in a related note.   The Che’ flag, as well as;  Nazi flags, Soviet flags, Cuba flags, Communist Chinese flags are still being sold by Walmart, Amazon.com, Ebay.  As well as anti-Christan Rainbow, Gay and Lesbian flags and offensive posters.   What is no longer being sold by Amazon and others are any Confederate flags.

Amazon still sells Gettysburg a film that could not have been made without the involvement of the re-enactors who equipped themselves as entire Confederate brigades complete with battle flags.   I imagine that Amazon took this action because (liberal pile on!)  they estimated the loss of the sales from these items to be not important to the bottom line.   Lets prove them wrong.

Cancel your Amazon.com account.

(Update one month later:  It’s official, I’m no longer an Amazon.com customer.  Those liberal asskissing bastards can officially go to Hell.)

Update: I have to share this.  First my e-mail to Amazon.

06/24/15 17:39:13
Your Name: John 
Other info:The utter and complete gall of Amazon; Confederate heritage
Comments:The greatest mistake any retailer can make is to make an partisan political decision that is going to infuriate a large proportion of their customers.

So you have decided to elevate the mental disturbed murderer in Charleston to a greater importance than he could ever deserve by and solely on his actions you insult and disenfranchise millions of your customers.

A few questions; what about the many families with honored dead who fought for the Confederacy who habitually decorate the graves with the Confederate flag on Memorial Day,  do you still sell the movie “Gettysbury” which could not have been made without the re-enactors who equipped themselves as Confederates, and do you have no respect for the men that fought bravely and died gallantly in the cause of States Rights?

It has not gone unnoticed that you still sell (even promote) Communist flags and emblems, Nazi paraphernalia and emblems, the Mexican Rasia related flags and posters.  Che’ was a mass murderer and torturer, he has a special store.

If Amazon has become a political affiliate of the far left then I can no longer do business here.  By the way, the link to contact you used to be at the top, it took me ten minutes to get to this point today.  Arrogance is another unattractive feature of any business.

Amazon’s response, not just a Robot but a Non-English speaking Robot.  And the answer to the last question, would be NO.  As you read this, think about Amazon’s claim that the majority of customers support their action and want any and all Confederate merchandise removed.   And that MY response has been counted as supporting that position.

Message From Customer Service
Hello,I understand you want Amazon to stop sales of “Confederate flag-themed stuff” from its online store.

We are getting lots of complaint regarding to this issue and I would like to assure you that Amazon is pulling Confederate flag-themed merchandise from its online stores soon. I’ve reported this to our concerned team, and they’re working on taking care of it.

Thank you for taking time to share your feedback.

I’ve forwarded your message to appropriate department and I’ll make sure the appropriate people in our company see your message, as I know they’ll want to read about your experience.

It is always important for us to hear how customers react to all aspects of shopping at Amazon.com. Strong customer feedback like yours helps us continue to improve the selection and service we provide. We take this kind of information seriously as it is valuable to us in helping us to continue to improve our program.

If you need a further assistance, please feel free to write back to us. We’ll be happy to help!


Thanks for your patience while we fix this problem. We look forward to seeing you again soon.

Best regards,
Shiwangi S
Did I solve your problem?
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