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In Texas there is a town called New Braunfels, where there is a large German-speaking population. One day, a local rancher driving down a country road noticed a man using his hand to drink water from the rancher’s stock pond. … Continue reading

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Breaking News!

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OK, this is funny.

Boomer Triggers Gen-Z Snowflakes. Brad Upton

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Timely reminder from Chris Rock.

Still good advice!

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Happy Birthday!

Born: Rudolf Walter Richard Hess, Apr 26, 1894, Alexandria, Egypt Deputy Führer to Adolf Hitler and edited Hitlers book, “Mein Kampt”.   Making him the First Grammar Nazi!

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Short Joke

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Old joke: A crusty old Sergeant Major found himself at a gala event hosted by a local liberal arts college. There was no shortage of extremely young, idealistic ladies in attendance, one of whom approached the Sergeant Major for conversation. … Continue reading

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Quote of the Day: Pizza Pie!

Pizza Guy: Who ordered the impeachment pie? Democrats: We did! Pizza Guy: That will cost you $20.20.

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That’s nice!

The Saturday Night JokeIn case you are having a rough day, here’s a stress management technique recommended in all the latest psychological journals. The funny thing is that it really does work and will make you smile ! 1. Picture … Continue reading

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Seems fair…

A Judgment Day Fable  by Old Bathos Jeff Zucker of CNN, Dean Baquet of the New York Times, and Martin Baron of the Washington Post are all killed in a tragic accident at a gathering of leading news executives. They … Continue reading

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