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Remember Uvalde?

Uvalde Schools Just Suspended All Their Cowardly Cops   Was there a Gauntlet of Pain with two rows of parents that lost their children armed with hockey sticks? There should have been.

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Fourth of July 2022

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Did Gallup End ‘Most Admired’ 74-Year Polling Tradition to Avoid Trump Placing First?

This year, a Google search conspicuously shows no sign that Gallup conducted such a poll for the past year, possibly because they couldn’t stand that thought having to report what likely would have been Trump coming in first again this … Continue reading

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New Years Eve, 2022.

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Game changer.

An Airborne Vaccine? Will Omicron crowd out the Beta and Delta variants and act like an airborne vaccine, albeit a naturally occurring one? By Christopher Roach COVID-19 has ebbed and flowed. Originally, we were warned it could be a Black Death-style … Continue reading

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It is well with my soul.

Faith, Hope, and Charity. Merry Christmas.

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279 Companies that support American terrorists. i.e. BLM

This is a list that gets deleted, either directly or by de-platforming the sites that post it.  We shall see. Companies defending the rioters:   23andme: 72andSunny: AbbVie: Abbey Road Studios: The Academy (the Oscars): Activision Blizzard: Adidas: Airbnb: Alaska … Continue reading

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No coal this year.

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C’mon C’mon (2021) A rare (for me) movie review.

I’ll keep it short.  First I’d give it one star, if I have to. Seriously, two people came out of the early matinee as we arrived and we found ourselves alone when the movie started.  I don’t think that’s ever … Continue reading

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Remake of West Side Story.

Must I remind you? December 2019.  

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