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Now that’s a professional!

Some photos from my days as a volunteer Santa picture taker.  We raised some serious coin with that scam service.   Notice the expression on the face of Santa never wavers. Merry Christmas!

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A whine about wine.

“All of a sudden, Ms. Duke, a vocal critic of ‘mommy wine culture’ and a member of the Sober Mom Squad, a virtual community created during the pandemic, was fielding questions…” “… about alcohol from friends and acquaintances. Was two … Continue reading

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Moving forward.

… Made in China.

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Thought for today.

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The “Insurance Excuse”.

According to Insurance Journal, 75 percent of US businesses are under-insured. And according to the New York Times, about 40 percent of small businesses have no insurance at all. Does Insurance Cover Rioting and Looting Damage? Read the whole article… … Continue reading

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Death of History (reposted from 2015)

A generation which ignores history has no past and no future. Robert Heinlein  The Confederate Flag is part of our history.   That history instructs us about many things that are important today.  Honor, courage, grace. When the Army of Northern … Continue reading

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They don’t have the right!

Tadeusz Kościuszko was born in Poland 1746. He spent his life as a military, both at home and in America, where he sided with the Americans, against the British in the war for independence. Kościuszko strongly opposed slavery, and upon … Continue reading

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The organization formerly known as “The Boy Scouts of America” declare support for BLM.

BSA: “This is not a political issue; it is a human rights issue and one we all have a duty to  address….” (from the comments…SM) Well, let me address it. BLM is a violent, racist organization that believes that, in … Continue reading

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From 2014: Quote of the Year (to date) inside The Post of the year.

The Founding Fathers wouldn’t have put up with any of this shit. The Founders started blowing people’s heads off because the government put a tax on their breakfast beverage… and it wasn’t even coffee. Can you imagine how batshit those … Continue reading

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