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Not all the news is fit to print for some people.

Memorial Day Cohasset_Repost for Marty.

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Six? Six times! Illegal voting by a Black Poll Worker. (Repost from 2014.)

Did Obama supporter vote 6 times in 2012? Ohio poll worker target of investigation The Obama/Biden lawn sign remains proudly planted in front of Melowese Richardson’s Cincinnati home, three months after the presidential election. It seems that President Obama has … Continue reading

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All the News outlets reported her as a “Karen” and a racist.

Here’s the other side of the story. Update: after a 12 hour shift, a nurse who was 6 months pregnant paid for a Citi bike to take home, but was immediately surrounded by 5 men who pushed her bike … Continue reading

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VDH: Peak Woke?

The Impending Thermidor Reaction in Jacobin America At peak woke, our reign of terror is beginning to lose momentum because its continuation would destroy all the work of 247 years of American progress and sacrifice. By Victor Davis Hanson Almost everyone … Continue reading

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And you can’t refuse to get the tech.

Safeway ‘Tap to Pay’ charges Bay Area woman’s credit card while it’s still in her purse Because she wanted to pay with cash.  Too Late! I’ve written about this before and how to disable the RFID function on the credit … Continue reading

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Tucker Carlson, They are arresting the man who released the information that proves our government is lying.

The Ukrainian War is not going well and it’s America’s war.  With US soldiers on the ground in Ukraine.  Watch now, I expect this link to go away quickly. I am not calling this young Massachusetts guardsman a hero, he … Continue reading

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JACOB SULLUM Malinformation: Censors’ excuse to suppress ‘inconvenient truths’ Last month, I noted that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention had repeatedly exaggerated the scientific evidence supporting face mask mandates during the COVID-19 pandemic. Facebook attached a warning to that column, which … Continue reading

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Interesting response considering the source.

Crime in San Francisco. Snehal Antani @snehalantani A teammate visiting San Francisco for an offsite called me frantically last night. After dinner at Fisherman’s Wharf they came back to a smashed car window and 2 stolen backpacks. $10K in gear … Continue reading

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Criminals like the new ‘Discovery’ law. Not so much everyone else.

New York’s discovery laws are DESIGNED to let criminals go free Of all the criminal-justice “reforms” the Legislature passed in 2019 — on bail, discovery and parole and Raise the Age — discovery “reform” was the most pernicious. It imposed an … Continue reading

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America as an idea.

WHAT PATRIOTISM SHOULD MEAN IN MODERN-DAY AMERICA  … the Gettysburg Address recognizes no such boundaries. Instead, the nation Lincoln speaks into being is one that defers to the primacy of truths far beyond the limitations of law, history and human … Continue reading

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