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Americans censoring Americans for China.

Two Sixers fans booted from game over ‘Free Hong Kong’ signs In an American Stadium, in an American City. From a commenter: Every fan entering the stadium should be wearing a T-shirt with Chinese kanji, front and back. 操中國共產黨 中國共產黨是一個直腸 … Continue reading

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Buy dried beans and freeze meat.

Economic Collapse – Crop Catastrophe In The Midwest, Latest USDA Crop Progress Report Indicates That A Nightmare Scenario Is Upon Us … a whole lot less corn and soybeans this year “African swine flu has decimated the pig population in … Continue reading

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Lifted from InstaPundit.

TYLER COWEN: China Loses More From This Trade War. “It is vulnerable because it is a much poorer country with more fragile political institutions.” To see why the full picture is more complicated, let’s say the U.S. slaps tariffs on … Continue reading

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China is our enemy; Part one hundred.

China systematically hijacks internet traffic Researchers have mapped out a series of internet traffic hijacks and redirections that they say are part of large espionage and intellectual property theft effort by China. The researchers, Chris Demchak of the United States … Continue reading

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