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Added to those returned from EU, that’s quite a pile of crap.

India Clashes With China After Returning Order of Half a Million ‘Faulty’ Coronavirus Antibody Test Kits Health experts in India have advised against further use of coronavirus testing kits procured from Chinese companies, disclosing its intentions to return all previously … Continue reading

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Uh Oh!

Uh-Oh: Wuhan Lab Changes Sign To ‘0 Days Since Accidentally Releasing A Virus’ April 16th, 2020 WUHAN—In an alarming turn of events, workers at a Wuhan research lab were seen adjusting a sign that read “92 Days Since Accidentally Releasing … Continue reading

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No escape for you.

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Clicking on any of those Amazon Ads.

HoMedics, Homedics Deluxe Pulse Oximeter with Digital Display and Lanyard for Sport Made in China at one of those factories that shut down and most of the plants employees died. (last part a guess), it was not shipped on one … Continue reading

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3M, China, The China Virus and the moral equivalent of War.

I put it to you that we were in a state of War with Communist China since December. Item: 3M is getting slammed by everyone for the reports that little of their output of medical N95 masks is getting to … Continue reading

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Is it happening here?

Chinese Backed Company Raids Australia’s Medical Supplies, Ships Them Back to China According to the Sydney Morning Herald, a whistleblower within the company came forward and revealed the real-estate giant has essentially drained Australia of its necessary anti-coronavirus equipment: “Basically … Continue reading

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I’m not shocked.

Shocked, just f*cking shocked that 600,000 face masks from China had to be returned. The Dutch government has recalled over half a million face masks it imported from China after discovering that they were faulty. The Netherlands said on Saturday … Continue reading

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Where did the Coronavirus come from?

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More people should do this.

In Plymouth tonight, a house putting up a patriotic display of hope during the China Virus fears.

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Quote of the Day: This explains a lot..

One thing I did not know until yesterday is that northern Italy has a large number of Chinese immigrants who work in the leather industry which has largely been sold to Chinese firms. Of course the breakout in Italy corresponds … Continue reading

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