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3M, China, The China Virus and the moral equivalent of War.

I put it to you that we were in a state of War with Communist China since December. Item: 3M is getting slammed by everyone for the reports that little of their output of medical N95 masks is getting to … Continue reading

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Is it happening here?

Chinese Backed Company Raids Australia’s Medical Supplies, Ships Them Back to China According to the Sydney Morning Herald, a whistleblower within the company came forward and revealed the real-estate giant has essentially drained Australia of its necessary anti-coronavirus equipment: “Basically … Continue reading

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I’m not shocked.

Shocked, just f*cking shocked that 600,000 face masks from China had to be returned. The Dutch government has recalled over half a million face masks it imported from China after discovering that they were faulty. The Netherlands said on Saturday … Continue reading

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Where did the Coronavirus come from?

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More people should do this.

In Plymouth tonight, a house putting up a patriotic display of hope during the China Virus fears.

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Quote of the Day: This explains a lot..

One thing I did not know until yesterday is that northern Italy has a large number of Chinese immigrants who work in the leather industry which has largely been sold to Chinese firms. Of course the breakout in Italy corresponds … Continue reading

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Don’t Panic! (in big RED letters)

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Sounds about right.

Aesop at Raconteur Report summarizes the “middle case” for ” ordinary corona virus, with a 3% death rate (on average), and it spreads apace, like they do. An excerpt: We’ll know sooner than a month. Those 5 initial U.S. cases … Continue reading

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Non hysterical info on the Coronavirus

By Chuck Dinerstein, MD, MBA — January 29, 2020 Plenty of attention is focused on the growing number of cases in China of the Wuhan coronavirus — also known as 2019-nCoV — and those around the world. According to the New York Times, … Continue reading

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Hyped or Real Threat?

‘This time I’m scared’: experts fear too late for China virus lockdown China’s bid to contain a deadly new virus by placing cities of millions under quarantine is an unprecedented undertaking but it is unlikely to stop the disease spreading, … Continue reading

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