I’m posting this because I can’t get it out of my head.

When this whole thing began last winter I was doing my usual run through the bookmark list, and I ran across footage of a riot in Wuhan. I do not recall which site. The oft repeated story on the news was that this virus was the result of unsanitary conditions in the Wuhan wet market.

What stuck in my head was a woman who managed to push her way though the crowd until she got herself in front of the camera. She was screaming that the government did this deliberately to kill off the elderly so the government would not have to pay expenses for their medical care.

Now, of course, at that time there was no end of confusion going on worldwide. But consider what we now know for a certainty: The virus does specifically target the old and infirm, those who use up a disproportionate amount of the health care budget.

Now we have confirmation that this thing is a bio-weapon. Odd how it is doing the exact thing that this woman claimed.


Covid-19 case mortality data from ICE facilities

Summary; Almost all the ICE detainees have been tested for Covid19.  Positive cases are over 16% and the fatalities .01% (just six persons).   The age distribution of the ICE population is quite different than the USA as a whole, the bulk of the ICE detainees are in the 18-35 years old range.

Why would the Communist Chinese government work to create a virus that does it’s worst on the oldest members of society?   Well, who remembers the “One Child” policy in China of decades ago?   It left China with a serious demographic ‘bump’ and a huge population of people outside of their productive years and beginning to need more and more healthcare and support and too few of the age groups in their own most productive period to support them.   But would any government actually do such a thing?  Would the direct heirs to the Communist government of Mao Zedong (who killed 45 million Chinese in four years during the Great Leap Forward) and who killed thousands of Chinese demonstrators in Tiananmen Square just thirty years ago do such a thing… I think I answered my own question.

The big question is did it get out of hand accidentally?  Or did the CCP decide to ‘kill’ two birds with one stone?

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