In Weymouth a career criminal (at 20 years old) and two murders.

With the crowded landscape of the news this weekend and so far this week;  another bloody weekend in Chicago,  Trump in England, Trump in Helsinki, etc.  Our local murder spree isn’t making the national news.  The 6-foot, 3-inch Emanuel A. Lopes, 20, has been free on $500 bail since November.  His most recent crime was selling cocaine to minors.

The bald facts are that he was in a BMW (that he didn’t own but so far isn’t being charged with stealing).  Crashed that vehicle in a single car accident.  Got out of the car and began throwing rocks at (a house?), at least a complaint of vandalism was called in.  A Weymouth (MA) police officer responded to the call and approached the ‘suspect’.  Drawing his service weapon he ordered Lopes to desist and drop the rock.  Instead Lopes apparently threw the rock at Office Michael Chesna hitting him in the head.

Emmanuel Lopes

The officer went down and Lopes came up with the officers weapon and proceeded to fire at least five shots into the officers body and head.  Additional Weymouth police officers arrived and began exchanging fire with the suspect. Hitting him in the leg and the knee.  One of the shots fired by Lopes is suspected of entering the nearby domicile of an elderly woman and killing her.  Weymouth police officers then placed Mr. Lopes into custody.  This all occurred within a block of South Shore Hospital, the largest and busiest hospital south of Boston.

I personally find the news coverage of this story lacking in to many details I’d like to know.

  • Why only a $500 bail on the charge of dealing cocaine to minors and over nine months free as a bird without being tried?
  • What caused the car accident (which dropped this felon in this neighborhood) and why was he throwing rocks at a house?
  • What is the name of the judge that put Mr. Lopes back on the street after serious charges which (interestingly) included resisting arrest by fighting with Weymouth police officers on more than one occasion.

I’ve read most of the local news coverage of this story.  Rightfully most of the ink is concerning the youth and service of the officer and the young children left behind by this tragedy.   But consider the huge difference in interest and media coverage if the facts had been slightly different.  If Mr. Lopes had brought his own handgun to the crime scene.  Or if Office Chesna had fired his gun at the suspect while he held ‘only’ a rock in his hand.

(P.S. Human Beings have been killing each other with nothing more than rocks for hundreds of thousands of years)

In the first case, immediate shrill cries for more ‘gun control’ and in the second case shrieking liberal Massachusetts politicians  screaming about ‘Racially Motivated Police Executions’   That is probably why the media response has been so muted.  This story doesn’t fit into their favorite and preferred narratives.   If Mr. Lopes had brought a handgun and shot up the neighborhood with (preferably) a lot more causalities then it’s a gun violence story and all the national media descends.

Even better in the eyes of the State and Federal politicians if the Cop had shot a ‘unarmed’ minority ‘boy’ and killed him. Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and leading the parade of course, Elizabeth Warren (on the warpath).

So instead, very little on the national scene.  One lone TV truck from the lowest rated Boston station on hand at the time I went by the WPD to express my condolences and drop off a check for the fund established for the family.

Equitable Bank, payable to the Officer Michael Chesna Family Fund.  Or mail the Weymouth Police Station at 140 Winter Street, Weymouth MA 02188.

My private opinion is that most of the urban street thugs that get killed by police officers are completely responsible for their own deaths.  When a Cop yells “Show me your hands!”.   Then show him your hands.  Open and empty.  Fast, but not too fast.

And no “Commonsense Gun Law” would have made the slightest difference in this case.  The Criminal brought a rock to a gun fight, and won that contest.  Probably because the officer didn’t want to get his career cut short because he shot a ‘unarmed man’.   If I could have said anything to the officer before this happened I would have liked to remind him of the ancient truth, “It’s better to be tried by twelve then carried by six”.

I live in Weymouth.  This all happened a mile from my house.  I drive for the Council of Aging, the Medical Van.  I pick up ladies like the murdered woman in this town every week.  The Police and Fire services of the town have come to my house several times whenever I called them for aid.    This bell tolls for me.

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Forty years toiled in the Tel-com industry, married for 36 years widowed at sixty-one. New girlfriend at sixty-five. Was a Tea Party supporter. Today a follower of the Last American President to be honestly elected, Donald J. Trump.
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8 Responses to In Weymouth a career criminal (at 20 years old) and two murders.

  1. Paulie says:

    Apparently we are neighbors; I’m also about a mile away. And I’m as disgusted as you are. You did a great job putting this in perspective.


    • Thanks for commenting. I didn’t make it to the candlelight memorial at the HS but I did go to the WPD to drop off a donation and spent some time talking with a few of the retired cops and firefighters who were there. Disgust, shock, grief; all those emotions were there.

      Why do we keep electing and reelecting the politicians that are really responsible? Some of the judges we have should be removed but that’s not going to happen until their supporters in the State House are send home.

      Be safe.


      • pjrae54 says:

        I grew up here and know a few of the cops and firefighters. My ex-wife was Bill Weld’s gatekeeper, so I met quite a few politicians during those years (probably one reason we ultimately divorced) and learned that there’s virtually no difference (in MA, at least) between a D or R. Arrogant, stupid and corrupt doesn’t begin to cover it, but you already know that. And we have little to no chance of changing things given the enormous number of lemmings they’ve groomed.


        • Yes, I guess mine was a rhetorical question. And I agree the difference between D and R in this state is not very great. Charlie Baker may be a nice guy but he isn’t making any difference, is he?


          • Paulie says:

            Tall Deval is (pun intended) a huge disappointment. I organized a meet ‘n greet for Karyn Polito during the campaign and we were lead to believe we’d be electing a Republican administration. Once he allowed those pay raises to happen I knew we got a pig in a poke, and it’s no consolation that we didn’t get Marsha-Marsha Coakley.


  2. doug says:

    scum should be skimmed off and discarded.


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