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Gerard Vanderleun: December 26, 1945 – January 27, 2023

Gerard died peacefully in the small hours of the morning.

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Gerard Van der Leun

His blog, The American Digest has been a daily ritual for decades. This morning my heart was torn apart when I read this… This is the news no one wants to hear. It is my sad task to tell you … Continue reading

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Pearl Harbor Day (from 2014)

(Sorry this is late, don’t know where my head was yesterday.  Oh right, in the tissue box, still fighting off this cold.) Since last year a friend returned a copy of a picture we gave them years ago, the original … Continue reading

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Terms of Endearment.

My Danish grandfather, in exasperation, used to bark “Hold Kaeft” at my grandmother. She usually reply, “skrid”. They told me that meant the Danish version of “Love you” and “Me too”. Good thing I never had a Danish girlfriend.

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“Ale vs Stout” weekend is here.

It’s a sure sign that the summer is drawing to a close; this weekend is for many college students the date that they quit their summer job and head back to school. We were on Cape Cod one summer at … Continue reading

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I sent a thank-you message to the surgeon that operated on my right hand. I’ve been ambidextrous all my life and then my right hand stiffened up (Viking Disease). I included this picture, which shows that both hands are equal … Continue reading

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Lost Graves. Reposted from 2019.

A Find A Grave photo request has just been made in your area. If you are able to take this photograph, please read the ‘Instructions for Photographers’ paragraph at the end of this email. Name: Edmond J Harvey (unknown – … Continue reading

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Shocking numbers on Athlete Heart Attacks and Deaths.

649 Athlete Cardiac Arrests, Serious Issues, 404 Dead, After COVID Shot Hundreds of millions of people have had the vaccines and (so far) millions of people haven’t dropped dead.  As far as we know.  Is it that the athletes dropping … Continue reading

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Snow and Rain tomorrow, clear the roof. (2015)

I think when I get the bill I’ll need a good stiff drink… Nah!  No stiff drink… now I can’t afford it.   Just kidding, it’s worth every penny.  These guys did a great job. Boy! Do I hate winter!!! (2022: … Continue reading

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Home ownership.

OK. after a rain and wind storm in the NE I had the top 30 feet of a tree broke off and ‘catch’ on another tree so as to hang upside down and swaying in the wind with the erstwhile … Continue reading

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