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Fred Thompson, former US Senator, dead at 73

Following his time in the senate, Thompson played District Attorney Arthur Branch on Law & Order for five seasons, leaving the show to run for president. Thought to be a contender during the early stages of the 2008 Republican presidential … Continue reading

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Zombie Hogs, nothing new.

Zombie Servers: They’re Here and Doing Nothing but Burning Energy By one estimate, 10 million zombie servers world-wide use up power roughly equal in total to eight large power plants (paywall alert!) There are zombies lurking in data centers around … Continue reading

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How many posts will be created this week on: Windows 10?

Since I have a notebook in the living room I decided to “Try” Windows 10.  The free upgrade became available this week and I I’ve heard good things about it, so let’s explore! In the Beginning. Big download, long download … Continue reading

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The irony, it burns.

KUWAIT. LIBERATION OF KUWAIT CITY. Triumphal arrival of the coalition troops in Kuweit in February 1991 When I read that the Islamic terrorist in Chattanooga was 24 years old and born in Kuwait that sparked a memory. I remembered what … Continue reading

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If it was Che’, it would be insensitive. (Updated)

To all those governors rushing to kowtow to the SJW on the over one hundred and forty year old tradition of flying the flag of the Confederacy by ordering, by executive fiat, those historical emblems be torn down.  Bye-bye!  Someone … Continue reading

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Lyme Disease

Back to slurping down big pills full of anti-biotic for the next two weeks. Lyme Disease… again.    Third time in ten years.  Not surprising, I haven’t seen a dog and only one or two cats in the yard in many … Continue reading

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Cast Iron

Food Thread: Ironworker Edition [CBD] —Open Blogger “Commenter (mostly lurker) Lando034 has done something wonderful with his new cast-iron pans after his vintage pans were “lost” by the movers. But first some background on cast iron cookware.” Terrific article on … Continue reading

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A very good soul.

+Mary’s Memorial will be next Wednesday, June 17th at 4pm. First Church on Center St 105 Center St,  Pembroke, MA   (781) 293-2584 On May 27th my Aunt, Mary Margaret Cahill passed away at South Shore Hospital after a short bout … Continue reading

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That’s my life you’re talking about.

Banks Curtail Employee Use of Voice Mail Voice mail is viewed as an expensive vestige of a bygone era J.P. Morgan Chase & Co., Citigroup Inc. and Bank of America Corp. , are either eliminating or considering paring back a … Continue reading

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Death in the family

Blogging has been and will continue to be very slow as I deal with another death in the family. I hope everyone else is having a nice spring.

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