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Can you see what I see.

Hell of a week for sunsets.

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Remote photography.

It’s not the composition or the originality of the images… it is that I took them in a different way. Nothing special.  But the photos were taken of the birds enjoying the freshly refilled birdbath from my recent camera acquisition, … Continue reading

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No Politics, just Plymouth Harbor at sunset.

My brilliant girlfriend booked a Sunset Cruise from Plymouth Harbor today. We had the most perfect sunset ever seen.

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Only a few places have the option of outside.

Dining outside and a glass of wine is nice.  But what about the majority of restaurants that can’t? Remember this the next time they tell you it’s only for two weeks… Control,  they like it.

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Social Distance your cars?

In Massachusetts they have a limited re-opening of some beaches, but with some odd restrictions. The orange cones are to enforce the social distancing of …the automobiles? On the weekends, not surprisingly, there is limited available parking.

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Four inches of Global Warming overnight.

I think we should seriously re-think sacrificing a virgin, if we can find one.  a Democrat. I mean, April 18th?

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More people should do this.

In Plymouth tonight, a house putting up a patriotic display of hope during the China Virus fears.

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Cats and Boxes.

An Amazon box sitting on the floor.  Two cats. They were still playing with it when I left.  

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Upside down winter.

More snow in Georgia than up here on the Northeast coast! Nice pictures Doug!

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Not the winter I expected.

In the Northeast. My daffodils are coming up.   On February 1st. In December I told myself, “This is the winter I need to put the radial snow tires on the car!”.    This is why I don’t gamble. It’s all … Continue reading

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