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Trump’s hard-nosed executive order asks what U.N. money is going for-and is it worth it?

The Trump Administration intends to take a hard-nosed approach to one of the frustrating mysteries left behind by the Obama Administration: Just exactly how much money does the U.S. give to the United Nations, what is the money going for—and is it worth it?

Parts of the draft order are evidently still in flux, but that topic has long been a focus of concern among conservatives and U.S. activists suspicious of the runaway implications of the U.N.’s expanding global bureaucracy, but also among reformers frustrated at unsuccessful U.S. and Western efforts to rein in U.N. spending and make it more transparent and accountable, even while the U.S. remains far and away the world body’s biggest single financial supporter.

Those frustrations were especially aggravated by the Obama Administration’s stealth approach to U.S. funding: no aggregated figures on U.S. support for the U.N. and its sprawling array of funds, programs and agencies since 2010, when the overall tally, which could well have been low-balled, was about $7.7 billion.

In a way, Obama drew the bulls-eye on the United Nations back when he engineered the vote to condemn Israel last year.  In one act the whole duplicitous charade of anti-democratic and anti-West mindsets and actions were highlighted.   Congratulations, you got The Donald’s attention.

The UN does very little good any more,  and huge amounts of money are regularly consumed with no accounting.  Too many poor (African) countries UN representatives become suddenly wealthy.

Corruption at the heart of the United Nations | The Economist

Several countries in Africa refuse UN peacekeepers and beg for American military protection after a long running, continent wide record of sexual assault by troops wearing the Blue Helmet.

UN Troops Accused of Sex Crimes Worldwide

The UN “Human Rights” Council is headed by Saudi Arabia.   Nuff’ Said!

The best thing you can say about the vast amounts of American money that yearly disappears into the enormous cash box located at Turtle Bay NYC, is that at least the donations that go into numbered Swiss accounts don’t ‘directly’ go towards undermining the values and goals of The United States of America.

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