Here’s an important story, personally, to me.

In stock made useless and my professional association with an entire product line that withered away; I personally lost about $20,000 in stock, benefits and future career prospects (would be worth about 75K today) from the fatal attacks by the Chinese government through hackers and Intellectual Property theft.

Instapundit: Huawei isn’t merely a Communist front corporation — it was built on the bones of Nortel (Networks), picked clean by Huawei in what amounted to state-sanctioned intellectual theft and espionage.

On Monday the Commerce Department expanded its foreign-produced direct product rule to include situations “where U.S. software or technology is the basis for a foreign-produced item” that will be used by Huawei, or where the company is party to such a transaction, such as being an intermediary supplier.

There are dozens of steps in developing, manufacturing and installing chips in a device, with U.S. technology an integral part throughout. Synopsys Inc. and Cadence Design Systems Inc. make software used to design semiconductors; Lam Research Corp. and Applied Materials Inc. are major suppliers of manufacturing equipment — all four companies are based in Silicon Valley.

There are many more American technology providers crucial to the process. Remove just one, and any chip company will struggle to keep up. Removing them all would be akin to cutting off the oxygen. And if the new rule is to be strictly interpreted, then even the use of generalist technologies like PCs running on Microsoft Corp.’s Windows and Intel Corp. processors could be prohibited.

I’ve written about this before.

What “Made in China” really means.



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Forty years toiled in the Tel-com industry, married for 36 years widowed at sixty-one. New girlfriend at sixty-five. Was a Tea Party supporter. Today a follower of the Last American President to be honestly elected, Donald J. Trump.
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3 Responses to Here’s an important story, personally, to me.

  1. rosemaryk4 says:

    I rated this a two star for the fact I couldn’t understand exactly what you were talking about. What I did gather was you are talking about some sort of microchip….that’s it.


    • Not just “a microchip” but the off-shoring” of the manufacture of most microchips and to China. My ire comes from the history of Chinas blatant intellectual theft from American and Canadian companies. I used to be an expert in some Nortel Systems and held Nortel stock. I took a big hit from China’s dishonest practices.

      Donald Trump is the first American President to see that and start to do something about it.


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