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Food Thread: Ironworker Edition [CBD]

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cast iron.jpg“Commenter (mostly lurker) Lando034 has done something wonderful with his new cast-iron pans after his vintage pans were “lost” by the movers. But first some background on cast iron cookware.”

Terrific article on cast iron cookware…and I totally agree.   After the fire the only piece of old cookware left from the kitchen was my large, square cast iron fry pan.  Thus proving it’s indestructibility.  Over the years I’ve renewed the seasoning as needed and followed a few simple rules of care and use and it’s better than ever today.  In the meanwhile I’ve gone through several sets of Teflon pans; handles that fell off (odd since they weigh a fraction of the cast iron), coating scratched and worn through to the base metal.  IKEA  pans of any type are good for about three years, in the long run they are not cheap.

Moving into the new house I bought a new cast iron dreadnought Lodge L8DD3 Double Dutch Oven and Casserole with Skillet Cover, 5-Quart.
The deep lid can serve as a frying or saute pan, so the meat or other items being browned to go into the pot can be done in the lid and when the lid is placed on the dutch oven, all the juices automatically go into the dish.

Add the two pieces together and you have a panni sandwich maker (warning: you will need good wrist strength); the skillet is greased with butter or olive oil, the sandwich is placed in the skillet, the dutch oven lid is placed on top of the sandwich and last the dutch oven is placed inside the lid.  Cook for three minutes, lift lid and oven off, flip the sandwich, replace lid and oven and cook other side for three minutes.  Hot, savory, and flat.  Very flat.

Cleaning cast iron hopefully everyone knows that you Do Not use soap!  Hot water, a cloth or plastic scrubber, rinse and repeat if necessary.  You do not want to disturb the seasoned surface!   Then I put the pans on the stove with the flame on high until the moisture has evaporated.   The heat has a sterilizing effect.  If the pan is smoking, rub with a little bacon fat.

The last thing you will want to think about is who you will leave your cast iron cookware to when you die.  Make sure it’s someone who is worthy.

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