Wessagusset Beach area in Weymouth: Updated July 2013 (2020)

The South Shore Yacht Club, located on the Back River and accessed from the Abigail Adams Park off Route 3A.

The Back River is navigable up to the Fish Ladder in Jackson Square in Weymouth but is not very deep with broad mud flats.

The old Hingham Shipyard, now a ferry terminal, with a small shopping, movie theater, restaurant area and Marina, is southeast on the other side of Stodders Neck.

Update: Kayak rental: one of the retail stores in The Shipyard retail area is a EMS (Eastern Mountain Sports). They rent and sell kayaks and paddleboards. Classes on both are also available.       Update to update (2020):  EMS is gone.  Rent elsewhere or bring your own.

wessagusset map_edited-2

The Wessagusset Beach area in Weymouth contains several locations where parking and close proximity  to the water go together. Abigail Adams Park is a relatively new park with free parking and near two small stony beaches on the Back River.  The only trouble with this area  is that at dead low tide we’re talking real, real shallow. I’ll try to update with a photo of low tide conditions.

Update: June

Low Tide…Mud

Updated (November 2011): New Moon Tide, near record 12.5′

Also in this area, Webb Park with a longer walk to the water, but closer to Hingham Bay. The waters edge there is sand and stone.

The Town Beach and Boat Ramp is between the two but requires a town beach parking sticker (The Boat Ramp is between Neck Rd and Beach Rd, The Town Beach is located where the land narrows, the neck).  Also there was a grumpy old man there to collect the launching fees for the boat ramp who, if he’s still there, will try to con kayaker’s that they must pay to launch there.

Town Beach

I haven’t said anything about the Town Beach, perhaps because I haven’t used it personally in years. Water was a little cloudy, bottom was a little muddy and the sand was a bit gross. But I’m spoiled, I spent my own beach years (in my youth) on the pristine beaches of Cape Cod. The following photo is Neck Street, between the town parking lot and the beach.

This spot is also where the Town of Weymouth places the bandstand for the Independence Day celebration and fireworks.

Bath House

Bath House

Update July 2012

When I was a kid, I always wanted to spend the summer sailing boats. My father decided I should play baseball. He grown up in the Working Boys Home and the highlight of his experience there was being taught baseball by the priest that taught Babe Ruth. It turned out that he exactly fit Babe’s old uniform and he got to wear it in games. (He couldn’t keep it otherwise the family fortunes would be better shape).   At any rate I had to play baseball, which is why I learned to hate baseball.

As I said I wish I could have gone sailing.


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5 Responses to Wessagusset Beach area in Weymouth: Updated July 2013 (2020)

  1. Looking at the stats for this blog, I realized that every year approaching the Independence Day celebration this one post starts pulling in a lot of views. At least one local webpage redirects people looking for information about the Wessagusset Beach area to this page (Thanks Zujava!).

    With that in mind I’ll edit this page to provide more information on the Weymouth 4th of July celebration for those visitors, though it will be to late for this year (Wednesday, July 3,2013 @9:30Pm).


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  3. Nadia vargas says:

    We can bring a jet ski, ??….and if ok for swimming, or cook??


    • The Adams park is facing the Weymouth boat launching ramp and town beach, so the water is usually safe for swimming. But Adams Park is not a swimming beach, I’ve launched kayaks from there so you can get your feet wet, period. Town beach (George Lane Beach) on Neck St. has showers and lifeguards but the parking lot requires a town parking sticker. The stickers can be purchased during the summer at the shed facing the boat ramp, one day (non-Res) is $10.
      Jet Ski can probably be launched at the boat ramp, another fee for launching will be collected, $8 single launch. Yes they will charge for a jet ski, hell! they tried to charge me for launching my kayak from the boat ramp. The town’s harbormaster is an A*hole (at least the guy I ran into a few years ago was).
      Webb park at the end of Neck St. has cookout grills on a first come, first served basis. The park has limited but free parking. To the best of my knowledge, cooking or grilling is only permitted at Webb Park, I could be wrong. It’s not something I’ve done at the beach in decades.

      Have a safe summer.


  4. Paulie says:

    Just seeing this post this morning, which is kind of odd since I periodically check out your blog. Anyway, I grew up on Driftway and am (obviously) very familiar with this part of town. Nice to see some photos; brings back a lot of memories. Thanks.


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