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Thank you for your sacrifice.

A friend returned some copies of photos I gave them years ago, I lost my originals in the fire.    This is a scan of one I took at the Arizona Memorial the last time Donie and I were in Honolulu. … Continue reading

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President Trump Sings ‘God Bless America’ with Wounded Vet

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Conan, what is best in life?

Trump identifies ‘Conan,’ military dog in Baghdadi raid, says she will visit White House “To find your enemy, drive him before you and heard the wailing of his women before feeling the hot wind blowing through your fur!”.

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Another campaign promise, fulfilled.

Why the Syria Pullout Makes Sense America’s president stands firm for America’s national interest. But as the President tweeted on Monday morning, he was elected to end our “ridiculous endless wars,” which are costing us huge amounts in blood and … Continue reading

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The Fourth of July 2019

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This case should never have gone to trial.

Medic shocks court by testifying that HE is the one who killed young ISIS fighter and not the Navy SEAL on trial for murder as he says he did it to save the boy from tortured by Iraqi forces I’m … Continue reading

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In great deeds…

I read today as a prelude to a story about D-Day commemorations the phrase “This will be the last significant observation of this event. Because only a handful of living veterans are now participating and none will be alive for … Continue reading

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Greatest Generation.

D-Day veteran, 97, parachutes into Normandy 75 years later

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Last thoughts on Memorial Day.

There’s a difference: Armed Forces Day (3rd Sat. of May) For those who currently wear the uniform. Veterans Day (Nov. 11th) For those who used to wear the uniform. Memorial Day (last Monday of May) For those who never made … Continue reading

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Memorial Day

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