Dr. Pournelle starts a discussion on Illegal Immigration.

Over at Chaos Manor, Dr. Jerry Pournelle comments and listens to the responses to his ideas on illegal immigration.   I liked this part about Trump…

To berate Mr. Trump as flip/flopping when he says he will not deport them all in his first year, or even his first term, is meaningless; he can’t do it, he knows he can’t do it, he knew he couldn’t do it when he said he wanted to (if he ever explicitly said that); and he knew his listeners knew he couldn’t do it. You knew he couldn’t do it. He said he wanted to do it, perhaps, but a political promise obviously impossible of fulfillment is not real, it is said for its emotional effects. We all know that, so let us act like adults in these matters…

It is reasonable to make strenuous efforts to regain control of the borders, and devote new efforts to that purpose.

This enough to allow a clear distinction between the candidates and parties. There is a candidate who would find all these propositions reasonable and would devote efferent to fulfilling them. There is another who doesn’t even find them worth discussing, and when they do come up rejects them.

He is frustrated that this issue has been dragging on for years without anything actually being done.  He makes a reasonable suggestion that we start by enforcing existing law by concentrating our efforts on deportation of any illegals found to be breaking the law.  Of course that used to be done, that could be done and that isn’t going to happen because the Executive at the head of the Federal Government will continue to block any efforts to do so.  In many states, executives (i.e. Governors and Mayors) in charge of certain states and cities will not cooperate or comply.   Incidentally and coincidentally they are all Democrats.

You can’t fix this by any method that treats the case of the illegal immigration as simply economic or the result of population pressure.  It is in large part a deliberate effort to create conditions in as many states as possible that will result in the creation of a permanent shift in the electorate that will make it impossible for any Conservative, anyone not on board with ‘Globalism’ to ever get elected again.  This is war by ‘other means’.

When I was a weekend boater, with a 16′ on a trailer, I had to launch and recover from the local boat ramp.  But only when the tide was high enough.  For several hours the tide was too low and the mud predominates.  You didn’t hitch up the trailer until the tide was right.  One candidate is the right candidate to act on all the fair and reasonable suggestions for fixing Illegal Immigration; he can bring the rising tide and then we can attempt to launch our ideas.  Until then, we wait.

The Tide is out now, but unlike nature for The United States and it’s citizens it is possible that that tide might not come back in.  If we elect HRC, the tide for legal change will stay out.  But what does it mean in nature if the tide doesn’t rise when it’s supposed to, but continues to flow away from shore?   The pressure builds up;  states that were Blue become Red, standards of living for the middle class continue to fall, Crime increases and spreads.   Americans lose all patience and we are armed.

Tsunami. Because we will not go quietly.

About On the North River

Forty years toiled in the Tel-com industry, married for 36 years widowed at sixty-one. New girlfriend at sixty-five. Was a Tea Party supporter. Today a follower of the Last American President to be honestly elected, Donald J. Trump.
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