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From ACE

Sam Bankman-Fried, disgraced CEO of crypto Ponzi scheme FTX who stole $10 billion in customer funds and set it all on fire, has pleaded not guilty to being the disgraced CEO of a crypto Ponzi scheme who stole $10 billion … Continue reading

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First post of the New Year, lets kick the EV’s while they are down.

EV are stupid.  They are even stupider in the winter, especially where it’s exceptionally cold. 1. EVs are not ready for frigid road trips. I warned about this in August: Driving an EV on the highway in extreme cold will … Continue reading

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A new word “Warm Banks”, it’s short for Government caused catastrophe.

BRITAIN’S FOSSIL FUEL RESOURCES GO UNTAPPED, BUT AT LEAST THEY HAVE “WARM BANKS.” British homeowners broken by energy costs turn to “warm banks”. “The problem with it is that it’s not for the homeless. These government-designated refuges are for homeowners, who are at risk … Continue reading

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