Why I will continue to call it, Mental Illness.

Britain’s youngest sex swap patient reveals why she’s undergoing surgery to switch gender for the third time

Ria Cooper was born a boy, became the UK’s youngest sex-swap patient at 15 but transitioned back to being a man at the age of 18


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Doug: Old Phantom Pilot

The Old Piano Player

A gray-headed old man shuffled into a downtown bar holding his head up high.
His hands shook as he took the “Piano Player Wanted” sign from the window and handed it to the bartender.
“I’d like to apply for the job,” he said.
“I was a Navy F-4 pilot off the USS Coral Sea.
I played the piano for the  Officers’ Club happy hours while in port, so here I am.
I’m the right guy for you!”
The barkeep/owner wasn’t too sure about this doubtful looking old guy, but it had been quite a while since he had a piano player.
Business had been falling off.
So, why not give him a try?
The old pilot shuffled his way over to the piano while several patrons snickered.
By the time he was into his third bar of music, every voice was silenced.
What followed was a rhapsody of soaring music unlike anything heard in the bar before.
When he finished there wasn’t a dry eye in the place.
The bartender took the old Navy pilot a beer and asked him the name of the song he had just played.
It’s called “Drop your Skivvies, Baby, I’m Going Balls to the Wall for You,” he said.
After a long pull from the beer, leaving it empty, he said, “It is one of dozens of songs that I wrote, myself.”

The bartender and the crowd winced at the title, but the piano player just went on into a knee-slapping, hand-clapping bit of ragtime that had the place jumping.
After he finished, the F-4 pilot acknowledged the applause, downed a second offered mug, and told the crowd the last song was called, “Big Boobs Make My Afterburner Light Up.”
He then launched into another mesmerizing song and everyone in the room was enthralled.
He announced that it was the latest rendition of his song, “Spread ’em Baby, It’s Foggy Out Tonight and I Need To See The Center-line.”
He excused himself and headed for the john.
When he came out the bartender went over to him and said, “Hey, Fly-boy, the job is yours; but do you know your fly is open and your pecker is sticking out?”

“Know it?” the old fighter pilot replied, “Hell, I wrote it!”

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Voter Fraud in MA is a myth…

Mass. RMV employees accused of making fake IDs for people living in U.S. illegally, fraudulently registering them to vote in Boston

Four state Registry of Motor Vehicle clerks along with two other people were arrested Wednesday after authorities say they were making false identifications through the registry and selling them to people living in the country illegally, some of whom had been deported in the past.

Some of those phony licenses and identifications were used to fraudulently register to vote in Boston, according to the U.S. Attorney’s Office.

Two are Latino, for the rest…guess the race.

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Nantasket beach at sunset.

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NPR headline of their version of this story “Trump payroll heavy with millionaires”.

Trump’s Leaner White House Payroll Projected To Save Taxpayers $22 Million

If the White House payroll is a leading indicator of the president’s commitment to shrink government then voters have a reason to cheer. Projected four-year savings on the White House payroll could top $22 million. Savings come from President Trump’s refusal to take a salary as well as big reductions in other areas including the absence of czars, expensive “fellowships,” and spending on FLOTUS staff.

On Friday, the Trump administration released their annual report to Congress on White House Office Personnel. It includes the name, status, salary and position title of all 377 White House employees. (Search the recent Trump administration payroll data – and last two-years of the Obama administration – posted at OpenTheBooks.com.)

Here are some key findings:

  • There are 110 fewer employees on White House staff under Trump than under Obama at this point in their respective presidencies.
  • $5.1 million in payroll savings vs. the Obama FY2015 payroll. In 2017, the Trump payroll amounts to $35.8 million for 377 employees, while the Obama payroll amounted to $40.9 million for 476 employees (FY2015).
  • Nineteen fewer staffers are dedicated to The First Lady of the United States (FLOTUS). Currently, there are five staffers dedicated to Melania Trump vs. 24 staffers who servedMichelle Obama (FY2009).
  • Counts of the “Assistants to the President” – the most trusted advisors to the president – are the same (22) in both first-year Trump and Obama administrations. In the Trump White House, Steven Bannon, Kellyanne Conway, Omarosa Manigault, Reince Priebus, Sean Spicer and 17 others make salaries of $179,700. In Obama’s first-year, David Axelrod, Rahm Emanuel and twenty others held the title with top pay of $172,000.
  • The highest compensated White House Trump staffer? Mark House, Senior Policy Advisor, has a salary of $187,500. Mr. House is “on detail” from a federal agency which allows him to exceed the top pay-grade of $179,700. In Obama’s Administration (2009), David Marcozzi earned $193,000 “on detail” from Health and Human Services.

Our review of the Trump White House payroll confirms five staffers dedicated to First Lady Melania Trump. Highly criticized for her twenty-four assistants, advisors, schedulers, directors, deputies, advance aides, associates, social and press secretaries and other helpers, former First Lady Michelle Obama’s staff was only slightly larger than Laura Bush’s staff of eighteen.

These five White House employees serving First Lady Melania Trump include:

  • Lindsay Reynolds, Chief of Staff to the First Lady ($179,700);
  • Stephanie Grisham, Director of Communications for the First Lady ($115,000);
  • Anna Niceta, Social Secretary ($115,000)
  • Timothy Tripepi, Deputy Chief of Staff of Operations for the First Lady ($115,000);
  • Mary-Kathryn Fisher, Deputy Director of Advance for the First Lady ($77,000).

Starting in 2009, President Obama came under fire for hiring special initiative czars. We found no evidence of “czars” on Trump’s payroll.  Examples of these White House czars included Assistant to the President for Energy and Climate Change Carol Browner ($172,000), Director of the Office of Faith Based and Neighborhood Partnerships Joshua DuBois ($98,000), White House Director of Urban Affairs Adolfo Carrion Jr ($158,500), and Director of the White House Office of Health Reform Nancy-Ann DeParle ($158,500).

Starting in 2015, President Obama instituted a new fellowship – a White House Leadership Development program. In the initial class of sixteen candidates, at least one was placed on detail (from IRS) at the White House – Elaine Ho – at a salary of $158,700. Ho’s assignment? Working with the Office of the First Lady to implement her “Let Girls Learn” initiative. Two “Directors” were also on payroll: Pamela Coleman ($120,000) and Katherine Pielemeier ($60,876). We found no evidence that Trump continued these programs.

Two key advisors to the president, Gary Cohn and Christopher Liddell, serve with reduced salaries of only $30,000 – the lowest salaries of all staff. Cohn is the former President of Goldman Sachs and current Director of the White House National Economic Council. Liddell is the Director of Strategic Initiatives in the White House and a former Microsoft Chief Financial Officer.

While on the campaign trail, Donald Trump vowed to forego his paycheck. However, Article II of the United States Constitution mandates a presidential salary. In the first quarter, President Trump donated his pay to the Dept. of Interior for construction and repair needs at military cemeteries.

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Woodpile Report: Eerie.

art-remus-ident-04.jpg There was a war in the mid-1600s you’ve never heard of, ending in the near-extermination of the Erie by the Iroquois and others. Captives were sold into slavery and thus disbursed from the Cherokees in the Carolinas to the Senecas in Canada. All that remains of the Erie are place names—a lake, a city, a canal and so forth—and fugitive traces for linguists and historians to puzzle out. This is common. This is the way of the world. We’re all made from fragments of such disasters.

History whispers its horrors plainly if we properly understand it. There are no victories without defeat, and defeat goes deeper than victory. Julius Caesar sometimes commented on this in his dispatches from the Gallic Wars. Our own time has had Mao, Pol Pot, Himmler, Beria and a long list of others who, unlike Caesar, were not warrior-builders so much as agents of annihilation, our darkest fear.

The signature event of survivalists is bugging out on Doomsday Morn, the harrowing dash to their fortified bolt hole as society collapses in a fiery heap behind them. For preppers it’s the remote homestead with gardens and solar panels, a comfy redoubt to weather the storm with grace and style. Either may be part of a militia, bands of brothers training to defend their own in Mad Max times. All are responding to a partial, almost optimistic understanding of the coming disaster.

DC has plainly stated, in public documents, they will requisition food, transportation, equipment, supplies and involuntarily servitude of any kind, in any amount, to whatever extent that pleases them in a “national emergency”. Their control of the cities would rest on food distribution and essential services, then as now, and the rest of America would be stripped to make it happen. This is, plainly said, calculated annihilation, held as not only necessary but just.

DC considers their power base—the urban west and east coasts and a few colonies in between—to be the real America, supported unwillingly but rightly by deplorables living elsewhere who would otherwise act solely from pathologies born of willful ignorance and native ill will. In other times and places “deplorables” were the “untermensch” or the “masses”, always seen as a dangerous, undifferentiated hive, uneducable but trainable, to be cowed and dazzled by turns, and in extremis better mourned than saved.

Compliance with DC’s quotas would become law enforcement’s number one priority. It would fall to the military to deal with organized resistance, which history suggests is a near-certainty. Calories and survival are nearly the same thing. The European undergrounds of World War II grew into effective forces only when workers and foodstuffs were transferred to Germany. Propaganda had no effect, it was seen for what it was: kidnapping, slave labor and looting. And so it would be here.

DC needn’t target survivalists and prepper communities directly, they’d feel the follow-on effects. Towns and villages forced to ante up their quota to support the cities wouldn’t endure famine when known stores of food and supplies were retrievable. Those preppers who didn’t voluntarily hand over their deep larders “for the common good” would find armed committees at their door. Nor should they expect equitable treatment, they’d be condemned as unconscionable hoarders, feasting while toddlers with empty stomachs cry the night away.

In a catastrophic collapse none of this causative chain would be uppermost in anyone’s mind. We necessarily deal with effects, not causes, because we live in the short term or not at all. There may be countervailing long-term events we can’t envision from this side of the chasm. It would, however, be foolish to count on them. Before recovery can begin the collapse must first find its “rest state”, as water finds its own level, likely a long and ugly see-saw process, deadly in its details.

Survival strategies as we know them today are all good enough, going in. And “good enough” is the gold standard. But should the disaster continue unrelieved, classic survival communities with valuable assets and permanent facilities would tempt the fate of the Erie. It’s not for nothing disciplines associated with “Escape & Evasion” are the default basis for survival, meaning bushcraft, stealth, anti-tracking and the like, perhaps exampled by loosely allied groups of a dozen or so each, cycling with the seasons between proven but minimally developed sites, the twenty-first century’s redux of Depression Era migrants.

The ifs, ands, and buts of retro-survival on a large scale are fascinating but outside this essay’s scope, and my intent, so I’ll end this with Rule One: stay away from crowds. Like the speed of light, it’s not just a good idea, it’s the law.


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I thought it was their culture?

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Quote of the Day

The purpose of today’s public education is to see that all teachers’ union members are paid until they die.

Jerry Pournelle

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Best sources on the planet!

Men in Black…

National Enquirer releases ‘exhaustive investigation’ into ‘evil Hillary Clinton’ claiming she framed the Trump family over Russia and the Don Jr. meeting was a setup


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Quote of the Day

Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos are both trying to make a business of space. I have said many times: It takes the same amount of energy to fly a pound to Australia from Los Angeles as it does to put that pound in orbit; airlines operate at a small multiple of fuel costs; but airlines do not push the airplane into the sea after its first flight. Both Musk and Bezos have flyable used space ships.

Jerry Pournelle

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