A Find A Grave photo request has just been made in your area. If you are able to take this photograph, please read the ‘Instructions for Photographers’ paragraph at the end of this email.

Name: Edmond J Harvey (unknown – Jan. 14, 1945)

Several years ago, after receiving this email, I set out to photograph this man’s resting place. Shortly afterwards I sent this email back.

“I’ve just received the location information about this grave.
Returning veterans bodies whose families could not afford a grave-site were buried in the veterans section (2). Within the cemetery that is between Immaculate Conception Ave. and St. Francis Ave., beyond that there was no record of the row or plot as the men were buried as they came back. “

Section two was about two acres, I came to find that the majority of the WWII graves had only a flat, 12″x5″ rectangular stone marker with Name, Date and Unit. I walked every inch of that section, but I never found “Edmond J Harvey”. I did find a number of stone markers after going to unmarked areas when the spacing should have had a grave and dug around under the sod until I found (and in some cases could uncover them) the buried markers. By rain and weather and growing grass did disappear the markers of forgotten men, those whose families had moved away or never thought to maintain their resting place.

The next Memorial Day (aka Decoration Day), overcast and rainy, I (rather self-consciously) walked to the middle of the field in an area without visible markers or headstones, and placed a small batch of flowers alone on the wet ground. Edmond J Harvey is there, somewhere, and on each Memorial Day since as I go by that place I think about him and whisper a short prayer. For all the forgotten men.

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Special Day

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Say that again?

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Movies that won’t play.

I’ve decided to follow up on an earlier post (Movies I’d watch) where I lamented on the interesting movies that get made but the majority of intelligent movie fans will not get to see in their home town.

A fair percentage of the movies I’m going to mention will be ‘Foreign Language’ so they will be close-captioned.  Doesn’t bother me, how about you?  Most will not have any actors or actresses you will recognize,  I find that interesting and appealing, how about you?  On the surface at least, none of them will be ‘Dumb’, or dumber.

NOTE:  I’m not reviewing any of these films because I haven’t actually seen them, but if I could go to see them (in a normal theater I would. (Probably).

  • Berlin SyndromeWhile holidaying in Berlin, Australian photographer, Clare, meets Andi, a charismatic local man and there is an instant attraction between them. A night of passion ensues. But what initially appears to be the start of a romance, takes an unexpected and sinister turn when Clare wakes the following morning to discover Andi has left for work and locked her in his apartment. An easy mistake to make, of course, except Andi has no intention of letting her go again. Ever.

  • Joshua: Teenager vs. Superpower

When the Chinese Communist Party alters its promise of autonomy to Hong Kong – handed back to the Chinese government from British rule in 1997 – teenager Joshua Wong decides to fight for his homeland. Rallying thousands of kids to skip school and occupy the streets, and without a long-term plan but with passion to spare, Joshua becomes an unlikely leader in Hong Kong. A remarkable portrait of courage, resilience, and the propulsive power of youthful idealism, JOSHUA : TEENAGER VS. SUPERPOWER, the winner of this year’s Audience Award at the Sundance Film Festival, is a chronicle of one young man risking his own future for a greater good.

  • RESTLESS CREATURE: WENDY WHELAN offers an intimate portrait of prima ballerina Wendy Whelan as she Restless Creature: Wendy Whelanprepares to leave New York City Ballet after a record-setting three decades with the company. One of the modern era’s most acclaimed dancers, Whelan was a principal ballerina for NYCB and, over the course of her celebrated career, danced numerous ballets by George Balanchine and Jerome Robbins, as well as new works by more modern standout choreographers like Christopher Wheeldon and Alexei Ratmansky; many roles were made specifically for Whelan. As the film opens, Whelan is 46, battling a painful injury that has kept her from the ballet stage, and facing the prospect of her impending retirement from the company. What we see, as we journey with her, is a woman of tremendous strength, resilience and good humor. We watch Whelan brave the surgery that she hopes will enable her comeback to NYCB and we watch her begin to explore the world of contemporary dance, as she steps outside the traditionally patriarchal world of ballet to create Restless Creature, a collection of four contemporary vignettes forged in collaboration with four young choreographers.


  • In the aftermath of World War II, a group of surrendered German soldiLand of Mine (Under Sandet)ers are ordered by Allied forces to remove their own landmines from the coast of Denmark.





To my eye, far more interesting than anything at the multi-plex this holiday weekend.  Opinions?







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From the Book of Facts

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The answer is ‘Yes’.

Randy Has A Microchip In His Brain - Dilbert by Scott Adams

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New (German lead) EU Army!

Germany Is Quietly Building a European Army Under Its Command

Berlin is using a bland name to obscure a dramatic shift in its approach to defense: integrating brigades from smaller countries into the Bundeswehr.

Merkel lands at Charles DeGaulle Airport, proceeds to passport control.
The officer asks: occupation?
Merkel replies: Nein, just vacation.

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I’ll have a coffee and think about it.

Starbucks and Spider Webs

…caffeine is known to be toxic in very high quantities. An old, fascinating, science experiment tested, in a very unique way, just how toxic certain chemicals are – including caffeine. The results show the effect of caffeine (and other drugs) on our brains by using an uncommon scientific assay — spider web spinning.

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Now is the time for all Patriots to come to the aid of their country.

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Trump drains the swamp.

Trump busts a billionaire’s monopoly

(AP) For eight years, Barack Obama waged an open war against North Dakota. Obama’s billionaire buddy Warren Buffett owned the railroad that had a near monopoly on transporting oil out of the state. Obama kept pipelines from opening because it would ruin Buffett’s monopolistic environment.

I hope Buffett paid Obama well for services rendered.

But that swamp was just drained.

This is a biggie, doing something directly for the economy, the blue-collar workers and the trade deficit.  Proving that this time your vote made a difference.

The $3.8 billion pipeline — expected to be fully operating next month — opens up the possibility for North Dakota oil to be sold on the world market, where industry officials say it could earn several dollars more per barrel. Shippers also can save about $3 per barrel moving the oil by pipeline rather than using the mile-long trains that have carried North Dakota crude to the Gulf Coast since 2008, industry officials say.


Buffett pocketed $3 a barrel from transporting 1 million barrels of oil a day on his railroad.
Obama did not care about the environment or the danger of mile-long trains carrying crude oil. Obama was TCB — taking care of Buffett.

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