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Report: Software bug led to death in Uber’s self-driving crash

Sensors detected Elaine Herzberg, but software reportedly decided to ignore her.

Enlarge / NTSB officials inspecting the vehicle that killed Elaine Herzberg.

The fatal crash that killed pedestrian Elaine Herzberg in Tempe, Arizona, in March occurred because of a software bug in Uber’s self-driving car technology, The Information’s Amir Efrati reported on Monday. According to two anonymous sources who talked to Efrati, Uber’s sensors did, in fact, detect Herzberg as she crossed the street with her bicycle. Unfortunately, the software classified her as a “false positive” and decided it didn’t need to stop for her.

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Self-Driving Cars Will Destroy Human Freedom

Not so long ago, Uber was testing a autonomous vehicle in Arizona that failed to slow down and stop when a woman was crossing the highway. As a consequence the car ran over her and ended her life.

This is further proof that no matter how much bug fixes they do, an AI is still a computer program written in a programming language. Which means bugs will always exist. Even after the engineers fix most bugs and thus the software gets closer to perfection, every now and then a glitch will cause an accident or cost an innocent life.

Remember, when you were a child and experienced the joy of playing with your RC car until an old brother of yours took the remote control from your hands? Well the same will occur with your automated automobile, but this time it will be Big Brother in the literal meaning of the word!

If you are born in a corrupt country with a facade democracy and ruled by an iron first, you realize how bad this idea sounds. Imagine this technology at the hands of corrupt politicians and crooked entrepreneurs, they will use it to achieve personal gains such as trying to silence anyone that opposes them or forcing the car’s AI to bring political activists to the police or getting the location of a suspect through the vehicle’s GPS system.

If this technology ever becomes a trend in least developed countries such as Brazil, India, China and Russia, I’m sure it’s most likely to be used to enforce the elites’s wicked goals rather than to give more comfort to the local population.

Remember, you’re not paranoid if they really are out to get you.

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Doug: Krauthammer’s take on President Trump.


Charles Krauthammer had taken time off for some surgery, and this is the first piece of writing I’ve seen, and it is recent.

This is from Charles Krauthammer who did not go for Trump, BUT read what he thinks of him now!

Charles Krauthammer’s interesting take on President Trump:

To my friends “of a different persuasion” I’m not trying to sell anything or anyone but I do feel this is an interesting take on our very controversial president who I truly believe is not Republican or Democrat.


A different take on Donald Trump: (a non-political agenda)

Trump Is Not A Liberal or Conservative, He’s a “Pragmatist.” (Definition: A pragmatist is someone who is practical and focused on reaching a goal. A pragmatist usually has a straightforward, matter-of-fact approach and doesn’t let emotion distract him or her.)
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Scott Adams on North Korea

Why President Trump Deserves Credit for Progress in North Korea

What did President Trump do to deserve credit for progress with North Korea?

A few things.

His “America First” approach provided credibility that the United States has no desire for regime change.

His reputation as a deal-maker offered the possibility of an off-ramp for Kim in which Kim survives and potentially thrives after reunification.

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What if Mueller Questioned Barack Obama?

If so, the interrogatories might run like the following—

President Obama:

What did you mean when you were heard, by accident, on a hot mic, providing the following assurances to outgoing Russian Prime Minister Medvedev: “On all these issues, but particularly missile defense, this, this can be solved, but it’s important for him to give me space . . . This is my last election. After my election, I have more flexibility”?

Did you and the Russian government have any private agreements to readjust Russian-American relations during your own 2012 reelection campaign? Were there other such discussions similar to your comments to Prime Minister Medvedev?

If so, do you believe such Russian collusion had any influence on the outcome of the 2012 election?

It goes on from there….

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While I was having a pleasant day in Eastern Mass…

In Western Massachusetts…

Massachusetts: Muslima on bus slashes two passengers’ throats, prays to Allah when questioned by cops

Brown could be seen on the footage removing the knife from her pocket and unsheathing it. She then grabbed a female “her by the head … and made a left to right slice to the victim’s neck.”

She then attacked the male after he stood up reacting to the assault. She “made multiple slashing motions” and cut him at least once, according to Chabot’s report.

A woman who allegedly slashed two people’s throats on a PVTA bus Wednesday was ordered held without right to bail Thursday pending a dangerousness hearing.

For the history deprived; this is the reason that Spain after reconquering their own country from the Moors (Muslim invaders) drove out all those with Moorish blood.

And if they won’t leave, burn them at the stake.

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QOTD: Maybe the quote of the year!

(Rudi) Giuliani said Trump is the best president in his memory — even better than his hero Ronald Reagan.

“I’ve told the president,’you’re going to get the Nobel Peace Prize’ and my proudest moment is — when you tell them to shove it,” he said.

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Jobs: Hitting the glass ceiling of liberalized education.

410,000 people dropped out of the workforce

We have a few storm clouds on the horizon.

First, this was an OK-not-Great jobs report. I suspect some of the weakness is due to the fact that there are still plenty of openings, but skills-wise businesses are hitting the bottom of the barrel. We’ve heard complaints for years that many Americans aren’t trained up to the levels required by a 21st Century economy — and nothing has been done on the education front to fix that. And our federal- and state-level jobs training programs are an incomprehensible, spaghetti-like mess.

Here’s a funny fact; watching “An Inconvenient Truth” twenty times during your public education years doesn’t qualify you for anything…anything at all.

The story suggests that training might be done by the companies that need to hire workers.  But we have already been there and done that.

Fifty years ago the Bell System started me on the path to a long and profitable career. From classes in how to use and maintain hand tools (ever sharpened a slot screwdriver?) to installing exterior and interior phone cables and drops. Later on multi week courses in power and grounding (always useful to this day), work flow for project management (didn’t cover going nose to nose with the union dickheads) and many other topics.

The suggestion from the post that new employees would assume a debt for that training is based on the observable fact that younger workers don’t want to work for the same company for twenty years or more.  Many would take the training and immediately apply for a job with another company; and the companies that didn’t go to the expense of running training programs would have lower costs and be able to pay higher starting wages.
When you have been with the same company for over twenty years then billing the employee for the training you need to send them to is unnecessary.  There is proven loyalty between the employee and the company.  A ridiculous idea today. Sadly.

Maybe a new 21st Century paradigm is needed.   One of the many (soon to go bust) State Colleges could scrap the flower arranging and the ‘Angry Womens Studies’ courses and offer to teach vigorous job training disciplines. But (of necessity) combined with remedial math, writing and reading  courses to bring the benighted students of today’s funk factories the bare necessaries of modern life.  Then the debt assumed by the student would be ‘banked’ by a holding company (perhaps with Federal support).  After graduation the student would be expected to have a certain ‘grace’ period where they would only pay interest on the debt.  If hired by a company and that company was willing to begin paying off the principal at a fixed rate per year,  after a full year of employment with that company.  The student/worker could quit and go back to paying the interest only if they chose but I think any worthwhile person would want to stick it out.  Assuming a reasonable ten years for full payback of the principle; at the end of that period you would have a citizen with hire-able skills and ten years of job history in their pocket.  (Or five year payback and only five years of job history…after the politicians get done with it.)

There are worse ideas out there.   Such as a “$15 minimum wage” or the GBS (Guaranteed Basic Stipend);  paying people to breath and to vote (of course).


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Their one greatest fear.

Trump’s Support Among Black Men Doubles After Kanye West Endorsement, Reuters Poll Says

The late, great Andrew Breitbart was forever trying to get conservatives to understand that “politics is downstream from culture.”  I just have to wrap my head around the idea that Kenye West represents ‘culture’.

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THIS is success! THIS is Winning!

Americans Being Held in N. Korea to Be Released

OAN Newsroom
UPDATED 12:39 PM PT — Thurs. May 3, 2018

The three Americans being held in North Korea could be released soon.

Rudy Giuliani said Thursday morning, the U.S. has North Korean leader Kim Jong Un impressed enough to release the prisoners.

As everybody is aware, the past Administration has long been asking for three hostages to be released from a North Korean Labor camp, but to no avail. Stay tuned!

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Doesn’t surprise me.

Ex-Husband of Barbara Bush Bashing Prof Speaks Out: ‘She Destroyed Many Lives’

Cipollaro, who provided a birth certificate for their son and a copy of their marriage license,  says Jarrar grew up in one of the richest communities in America: Greenwich, Connecticut, in a house on a famed estate. Her parents were of Egyptian and Palestinian origin and fled Kuwait to come to the U.S., where Jarrar was born.

After they met, an affair ensued and Cipollaro, now an electrician and tour manager, describes being roped into an intoxicating world of bisexual sex and threesomes with the future professor.

Funny kind of Muslim; drinks, eats pork, and enjoys bi-sexual encounters.  But still defended by the media and on the public payroll as a molder of young minds in California.

“She doesn’t have any religion. She eats pork. She sleeps with men and women, all of them Christian and Jews. She uses the fact that she is from Muslim heritage in order to shield herself from critics.”

I don’t think she qualifies as an educator, but her story is very educational.  Isn’t it?

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