Apparently Twitter believes this is a ‘fake’ meme spread by sinister forces.

Twitter is supposed to be all hip (can you still say ‘hip’?) and woke and on top of the Social Media mountain and it says that this phrase being repeated across Twitter and the rest of the Web is just being spread by ‘bots’ not humans.

Funny, I identified it as a intelligent and appealing meme the first time I saw it.   I’m afraid that Twitter is becoming all cranky and outdated (I’m not really —that afraid…).   This is the new “Epstein didn’t kill himself”.   By the by, Epstein didn’t kill himself.

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What’s going on here?

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Trump 2020

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We love you Alex!

‘Jeopardy!’s Alex Trebek gets emotional after contestant’s message

On Monday’s episode, “Jeopardy!” contestant Dhruv Gaur wrote “What is we love you Alex!” in place of his answer, betting $1,995 on the question, which he lost.

The word “love” was replaced with a heart symbol.

“That’s very kind of you, thank you,” Trebek said before taking a brief pause to find his words. “Costs you $1,995.”

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Thank you for your sacrifice.

A friend returned some copies of photos I gave them years ago, I lost my originals in the fire.    This is a scan of one I took at the Arizona Memorial the last time Donie and I were in Honolulu.

My photo of the Arizona Memorial for webTo our veterans, for all your sacrifices, Thank You.

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Quote of the day: Socialism

“Remember, under free markets the rich become powerful. But under socialism, the powerful become rich.”


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Quote of the day: Ivanka slays the Bidens.

“Ivanka: ‘Our Wealth Was Created Prior to Government Service’ While Biden Made Money From It.”


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Public Enemy #1… to Dems.

Kanye West encourages black Americans not to vote for Democrats: ‘That’s not the power’

Kanye West encouraged black voters in the United States not to vote for Democrats at an event in New York City.

According to Page Six, West advised black voters: “Own your power. Your power is not to just vote Democrat for the rest of our lives. That’s not the power.”

The Democrats survival depends on keeping a better than 90% block of African American voters.  Donald Trump is polling at a third of the Black voters, BEFORE the Kanye West announcement.

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What an idiot!

Elizabeth Warren @ewarren

Thank you, @BlackWomxnFor! Black trans and cis women, gender-nonconforming, and nonbinary people are the backbone of our democracy and I don’t take this endorsement lightly. I’m committed to fighting alongside you for the big, structural change our country needs. 

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I think not…

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