Last word.

Driving around town I stopped at this intersection and saw this.

Good as time as any to mention, I’ve decided to put the blog aside for awhile.

At least for following the political events occurring around us.  Let’s face it, we all lost; the Patriots in our country are grieving and fighting mad at the same time, the morons and useful idiots in the Center and on the Left think they ‘Won’ but will come to find out that they really lost.

Everybody ready for $10 a gallon gasoline?  Banning Home Schooling? Rapidly increasing taxes and the return of every onerous regulation that President Trump got rid of and more on top of those.  Stagnation, unlivable cities, skyrocketing crime rates everywhere and another Cats movie.   And that’s for starters!

If I get out and take some interesting and pleasant photos I may post something new.  We’ll see.   Take care of yourself, maintain your situational awareness, and if you’re bored think about forming a new political party to replace the damned Republicans.  Betrayers and ungrateful, cowardly swine.  They have gotten the last dollar or vote from me.


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Never thought this day would come.

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Civil insurrection.

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Pelosi marches through Georgia.

It’s over two hours since the polls closed in Georgia and they’re talking a close race.

Which means we lose the Senate. Since the midnight boxes of ballots will be coming out and the shredder for the Republican ballots will be fired up.  Since they paid no penalty the last time… Why not?

What next? Will the majority of the people accept what’s coming?  Higher taxes are a given.  Shutting down charter schools and home schooling are high on the agenda, the new communist agenda, which is the Democrats new policy which is to not allow any pliable young mind to escape their grasp. They want your children but will you let them have them?

Keep your powder dry.

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Nashville bomb was a thermobaric device.

Nashville’s Big Bomb Was a Very Rare Device, Experts Think

Find his test sites, top bomb experts say.

Anthony Quinn Warner’s device, although probably made of common over-the-counter components, is unique in the annals of mayhem, according to seasoned FBI bomb experts consulted by SpyTalk.

“We’ve never seen an improvised thermobaric device before in this country or any country,” says Dave Williams, who conducted the FBI’s on-scene investigations of the World Trade Center, Oklahoma City, Pan Am 103 and Unabomber bombings, among other notorious incidents. Thermobaric refers to a gaseous fuel-air explosion.

“The reason is, it’s very difficult to get the timing down to get an optimum mixture of air and a liquified carbonaceous fuel such as propane, methane, acetylene or natural gas,” Williams told SpyTalk. “He couldn’t have done it the first time and made it work. There had to be a test area.”

He blew up a Nashville city block.  In front of a special communications hub whose existence and exact location would not be easily known.  The bomb is of a type, power and sophistication unknown in any previous ‘terrorist’ bombing … anywhere in the world.

I’m assuming that at the last second something went wrong and the bomber was killed by his own bomb.  Or something else, perhaps  his body was left there as a decoy?

Time will tell.

However I’m disturbed by the MSM coverage and comment.

Still, there are some individuals with time on their hands and the necessary obsession, compulsion and talent for precision bomb-making.

Tony Warner, it seems, was one of them.

They must be so happy he’s white.  If however there is any truth in their assumptions.  They should worry about other individuals with the talent for precision bomb-making; the obsession to do something about the stolen election and the compulsion to do something about it.  And those individuals won’t all be white.  Just anti-government.

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The game is afoot!

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Pity we can’t.

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It’s a simple request.

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Sliding down the backside.

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