On food and women.

“I’d rather eat pasta and drink wine than be a size 0.” ~Sophia Loren, 1965.

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QOTD: Walking the Dog.

Older Folks, Be Careful Walking Your Dog

Are dogs really man’s best friend? A recent study in JAMA Surgery suggests they are responsible for some hip fractures among the elderly. Is this a new fear (or fake news generated by cats)

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QOTD: The Horror.

The crisis inside the country has taken a rapid & catastrophic turn over the last 72 hours. As bad as the humanitarian crisis was before,since Thursday it has become increasingly horrific.

John: I was only able to read as far as the 80 patients in an neonatal hospital.  It’s all become too much.

Report that at least 80 neonatal patients have died at University Hospital in Maracaibo, Zulia, since the blackout began on Thursday in . Unimaginable tragedy. Heartbreaking.

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QOTD: That tomato is rotten!

Hey Rotten Tomatoes. Any idea why 30 – 35 minutes ago Captain Marvel had 58,353 audience reviews and was at a 31% score, and then just a couple of minutes ago was at 58,327 audience reviews and was at a 32% score? You wouldn’t be messing with the numbers to help prevent this movie from bombing would you?

Update: There are now only 4,296 reviews with an average score of 36%.

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Europe Died in Auschwitz?

Ken Lane found this piece…

I was walking along Raval (Barcelona) when all of a sudden I understood that Europe died with Auschwitz.

We assassinated 6 million Jews in order to end up bringing in 20 million Muslims!

We burnt in Auschwitz the culture, intelligence and power to create. We burnt the people of the world, the one who is proclaimed the chosen people of God. Because it is the people who gave to humanity the symbolic figures who were capable of changing history (Christ, Marx, Einstein,
Freud…) and who is the origin of progress and wellbeing.  (read the rest)

Today compare the number of Nobel Prizes, Engineering and Scientific Patents, or if you wish count the number of bodies left behind by unprovoked murders, terrorist attacks and add to that the rapes, acid attacks or slaves taken and kept.   In which column is the Jew and in which column is the Muslim?

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Too Soon?

Ruth Bader Ginsburg Inadvertently Featured On ‘In Memoriam’ Segment At Oscars Third Year In A Row

HOLLYWOOD, CA—In an apparent technical error, Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg was inadvertently featured on the “In Memoriam” reel at the Academy Awards for the third year running.

When the footage ran, reporters quickly called Ginsburg’s residence to verify she was actually dead. She claimed that she wasn’t dead and that in fact she was feeling fine and getting better. She said she thought she’d go for a walk now. Her doctors took over the phone call and stated that she would be “stone dead in a moment.”

But Ginsburg insisted that she feels very happy, so Oscars executives were forced to admit that it was an apparent mistake.

Academy representatives have apologized for the error “for now.”

From the Babylon Bee.

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I’m not surprised

Everyone Who’s Never Read A History Book Shocked As Socialist Turns Into Authoritarian At First Whiff Of Power

U.S.—After a recently elected democratic socialist politician suddenly began using authoritarian, elitist-sounding language mere weeks after getting her first whiff of power, every single person in the country who’s never read a history book expressed their shock and surprise at the sudden transformation.

The woman, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, tweeted “We’re in charge” in the context of a proposed sweeping government takeover of the economy, saying her critics who haven’t proposed an alternative were “shouting from the cheap seats.” She also declared “I’m the boss, how about that?” in a recent video interview. The statements shocked certain groups of people across the country, namely, those who haven’t been in the same room as a history book anytime in the past few decades.

“Wow, a socialist who was elected on her promises to work ‘for the people’ is suddenly telling everyone she’s in charge and they have to listen to her? That’s really weird,” said one man in Portland who dropped his world history class in high school. “I would have thought socialists never suddenly transform into power-hungry maniacs as soon as they get their first high from telling people what to do.”

“It’s just, I’ve never heard of that happening in the past, say, 100 years or so,” he added before he had to return to his Starbucks shift, wrapping his work apron around his hammer and sickle T-shirt.

Another thing shared in common by those who were surprised by this development is never having read Animal Farm by George Orwell, sources confirmed at publishing time.

From the Babylon Bee of course.

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World’s most expensive bus stop (with a nice park on top).

2.2 Billion dollars, the Transbay Terminal for the new California High Speed Rail Line.

Which is never going to be built.   Really folks is 5 billion for a border wall really all that much?

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Funny how no one talks about Venezuela anymore.

Venezuela’s Slow Bern

(and for Venezuela)

Conditions are so bad in Venezuela that one citizen in 10 has fled, starvation is rampant, the economy has all but collapsed, violent demonstrations occur daily, and government repression has reached the levels of the old Warsaw Pact nations during the Cold War.

The unmentioned (in America Media at least) reason that the Maduro regime is unlikely to be deposed soon is the presence of Cuban and Russian ‘advisors’.

Maduro’s regime is more of an occupying force, shot through as it is with Cuban military and intelligence operatives forming a police state. High-level military officials can’t desert, because they have too much to lose — their property will be stolen, they and their families will be tortured, imprisoned, and killed, and so on. And the Cubans policing the regime have nowhere to go; Havana doesn’t have jobs for them when they’re sent home by whatever would succeed the Maduro government.

President Trump is doing what he can, realistically, but politically he can do little more.

So far, President Trump has played it fairly smart in Venezuela. He delivered a brilliant speech in Miami last week castigating Maduro as a thug and a dictator, pointedly referencing the Cuban role in that tyrannical regime and reiterating his opposition and the American revulsion to socialism as a governing philosophy. Trump is clearly supporting Guaido’s efforts at bringing humanitarian aid into the country, and it’s likely that support will become more robust over time.

The worst thing Trump could do, politically, is likely the best thing he could to do alleviate the suffering of the people of Venezuela as quickly as possible — namely, to send in the Marines and take out Maduro’s government.

But the President has enough on his plate here and no loyal or solid support from the weak kneed cowards in the GOP.

If he hadn’t been dogged by the ludicrous ‘Russia’ charges the last two years.

If the 2018 mid-terms had properly rewarded him for the amazing job he has done on the economy and unemployment by retaining solid majorities in the House and Senate.

If the ending of the Korean War and the swift demise of ISIS under his watch had been acknowledged by everyone.

So for the time being, Venezuela twists in the wind.

Which means a lot of suffering is in the offing — both for the beleaguered people of Venezuela, who are learning the lesson that while one may vote oneself into socialism one has to shoot oneself out of it, and for the American Left, who will spend the next months and years explaining how Venezuela isn’t real socialism

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Oscars snub E. Lee Emery

But TCM remembers…

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