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No Freedom of Speech for Dilbert.

More newspapers say they are dropping the “Dilbert” comic strip after creator Scott Adams this week advised white people to “get the f–k away” from Black people.

The money quote:

“…While we respect and encourage free speech, his views do not align with our editorial or business values as an organization”

I’m sure that they don’t see the irony in that statement.

As for the Scott Adams podcast here’s a thought.  Watch it before you start lighting torches and throwing stones.

The hourlong YouTube clip was posted Wednesday, racking up 119,000 views on Adams’ channel, which has 118,000 subscribers.

“I would say, based on the current way things are going, the best advice I would give to white people is to get the hell away from Black people,” he stated.

Adams also said it doesn’t “make any sense as a white citizen of America to try to help Black citizens anymore,” arguing that it is “no longer a rational impulse.”

“So I’m going to back off on being helpful to Black America because it doesn’t seem like it pays off,” he said.

I watched that part of the podcast, it’s an intelligent and sharp poke at the whole façade we’ve established in America that caters to the Negro race.  That ignores their predominance in crime statistics and lack of progress despite the vast sums of money and decades of effort.   It haven’t paid off.   Spot on Scott!

What sparked Scotts podcast statements was an actual recent poll where a majority of the black minority answered in the affirmative “That it is not OK to be White”.   But that’s not racist?

All of the newspapers canceling Scott are completely ignoring that poll.

Adams doubled down on his beliefs Saturday on Twitter, writing, “A lot of people are angry at me today but I haven’t yet heard anyone disagree.”

“I make two main points: 1. Treat everyone as an individual (no discrimination). 2. Avoid any group that doesn’t respect you,” the tweet continued. “Does anyone think that is bad advice?”

The comments rankled Twitter users, who called Adams a “racist” and argued he “canceled” himself.

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Tucker Carlson: The real Ukraine war goals.

Tucker Carlson on American involvement in Ukraine:

“Few Americans seem to understand what’s happening. No one in American politics or media will tell the truth. Since the first hours of the invasion, Americans have been fed a steady diet of absurd lies.”

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Angela Davis, the long-time Marxist and hater of white people, learns that one of her ancestors came over on the Mayflower:

Gates also revealed that Davis is a descendant of Stephen Darden, a drummer in the 4th Virginia Regiment in the 1770’s during the Revolutionary War. Darden reportedly moved to Georgia and became a slave owner.


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Trump delivers the goods.

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Another sixties beauty gone, Stella Stevens.

Played everything from slightly wacky or naive ‘Chicks’ to a murderous wife.

The Poseidon Adventure

The Ballad of Cable Hogue

The Silencers

The Nutty Professor

And as Appassionata Von Climax in Lil Abner.

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From ACE, Hero Doggie.

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The Northern Illinois Bottlecap Balloon Brigade.

The Northern Illinois Bottlecap Balloon Brigade told Aviation Week on Thursday that it fears one of its diligently-tracked gasbags that recently went missing was mistaken as the mystery object taken out by the military over Canada on Saturday.

Here they are…

The Northern Illinois Bottlecap Balloon Brigade.

Uh-Oh,  I see a problem.  They ain’t diverse.  I wonder if the FBI knows about this?

The North American Aerospace Defense Command told Fox News that the FBI reached out to the NIBBB and “expects the National Security Council to have more on potentially identifying the objects.”

NIBBB did not immediately respond to The Post’s request for comment.

I feel safer already.

The Air Force used Sidewinder missiles in their targeted attacks against the Chinese spy balloon downed earlier this month and the mystery UFOs taken down last week, Fortune reported. Each missile comes at a price tag of roughly $400,000.

Now if I could only figure out why the Air Farce used a $400K missile from the F-22 instead of shooting it down with it’s cannon?

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Rest in Peace: Raquel Welch.


My favorite story about her was from an interview she did for some magazine. They asked her about her refusal to be photographed nude. She thought for a second and blushed.

“There was one time I was doing a show in Brazil, singing and dancing. Well there was a ‘wardrobe mishap’ and the strap holding up the dress snapped and the entire front of my costume fell below the waist. Exposing my entire torso. I quickly and calmly refastened the strap and covered myself.”

With a visible jerk the various photogs at the show blinked and looked at the cameras in their hands. It turned out that not one of them had snapped a picture of Raquel’s ‘charms’.
They were all mesmerized and stunned during their brief exposure to Raquel’s beauty.

Now that’s a tribute.

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