The smart home company Insteon has vanished.

This is going out of business with flair!

The entire company seems to have abruptly shut down just before the weekend, breaking users’ cloud-dependent smart-home setups without warning. Users say the service has been down for three days now despite the company status page saying, “All Services Online.” The company forums are down, and no one is replying to users on social media.

As Internet of Things reporter Stacey Higginbotham points out, high-ranking Insteon executives, including CEO Rob Lilleness, have scrubbed the company from their LinkedIn accounts. In the time it took to write this article, Lilleness also removed his name and picture from his LinkedIn profile. It seems like that is the most communication longtime Insteon customers are going to get.

I loved the old X-10 tech, had the old house wired with it.  Very dependable.  Never interested in any “Smart-House” system that depended on the internet or the “Cloud”.

All remaining X-10 products are made in China now and are useless, so the new house is ‘dumber’ than the old house.

With its servers down, the Insteon app appears worthless, and users’ automations and schedules have stopped working. Many of Insteon’s wall switches were actual electrical switches, so the worst that will ever happen is that they become dumb switches.

“Dumb Switches” that cost the homeowner $25 apiece instead of $3.

Some company located probably in China will buy out the Insteon network and set their own prices for customers to regain access.  The problem I’ve found with Chinese apps is they all demand you give them access to your home wifi network to function.   If you do that, then strange things can start happening at your house.  I had one wifi security camera,  I set it up to scan outside and the driveway, but every morning when I came down it was pointed 180 degrees and was scanning the interior of the house.


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