Why we had the Parkland massacre…most important story of the year.

Why we had the Parkland massacre

Read the whole story from the link above.

I first read about this on a small (and slightly excitable) site,


And I thought it to far out to be true.

In the years following, youth crime in Miami-Dade and Broward steadily grew worse. An odd quota system developed, and once a certain number of High School students had been arrested in the county, leadership would make sure that other crimes committed would be excused.

I was wrong.  What’s worse this is happening all over Florida, and in many parts of the country including my home state of Massachusetts.  The truth is that what was behind the Parkland massacre isn’t guns, it’s race.  Specifically racial politics as driven by the Federal education industry and a unholy conspiracy between the Dept. of Education, local school administrators and local (Democrat) law enforcement.  The prize, more federal money given out to those school districts that ‘improve’ their statistics on disciplinary actions; suspensions, expulsions, actual police involvement including arrests and felony charges.

How to improve those statistics?  Simply, stop enforcing school and community discipline and the law.  If a misbehaving student isn’t suspended, that statistic improves.  If a student isn’t expelled, if the police don’t place the youth under arrest, or recommend a lawbreaker be charged with a crime (all to often a felony, usually assault) then everything is looking much better… Statistically.

Somehow in all this good news, no one every asked themselves what the effect would be on the character of the young people who were constantly being excused and repeatedly returned to the same school and classroom, no matter what they did.

Parkland School, it’s students, and community found out.  This is the deliberate reason that the shooter was repeatedly visited by the Sheriffs Dept and never formally charged.   Can’t do anything that might make the statistics look bad.  So this young man finally did something that got noticed.  And since he had never been charged with anything, his record was good enough to allow him to buy all the weapons he needed.

Read the full stories on both sites, linked above, and remember this…

This has been going on for years, all over the country (though mostly in the Blue States or counties), and there is going to be a lot more blood shed.


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