Their efforts bare fruit; The Jenny McCarthy Dipshit Brigade.

Granola-Crunching, ‘Whole Foods’ Leftists Helping Measles Outbreak Become National Epidemic

Get your child vaccinated.

Measles Outbreak photo measles1_zpsq9ux2yxk.jpg

It’s ridiculously safe and helps keep the disease in check, my god.

See, “Anti-Vaccine Parents Boost Measles Comeback.”

Also, “Affluent Leftists Dominate the Ranks of Anti-Vaxxers, Overwhelmingly Voted for Obama.”

Still more, “Disneyland Measels Outbreak Blamed on Anti-Vaccine Movement,” and “Orange County Officials Remove Dozens of Unvaccinated Students from Schools; Adults Urged to Get Shots.”

If your confused about the relationship Jenny McCarthy has to this issue, you must be new here.

Disneyland’s measles outbreak continues to spread, is “100 percent connected” to the anti-vaccine movement

I’ve had measles, but I was young before the vaccine was available.  My mother made sure I got the polio vaccine when it came out because she grew up without it.  She still remembers, vividly, the houses on her little block with quarantine posters on the door and the missing classmates in her school.  The funerals.

I’ve had my own reasons to regret not being born after the availability of measles (1971) and chickenpox vaccines (1995).  I had measles in the fourth grade and as a side effect went from 20/20 to 20/60 eyesight.  Since the eye testing was at the start of the school year, for the rest of the session I did poorly and I didn’t know why.  Since I’ve had chickenpox, I’ve paid $350 for the shingles vaccine.  Both of my sisters and my mother suffered from the disease, all of them caught it before 1995.  I’ve suffered from Lyme disease twice,  the human vaccine against Lyme was withdrawn due to pressure from the anti-vaccine crowd.  I now have a irregular resting heart rate due to Lyme.

The suffering, permanent and debilitating effects and risk of death from all these diseases are well known and real.  None of the Anti-Vaccine activists hysterical claims have any basis in science.  They do real harm.  God Damn them to Hell!


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