If you still think that the government can do ANYTHING better than private citizens.

With no Iraq-Afghan memorial, Vietnam vets to honor 7,000 dead in first-ever roll call

Years away from even being allowed to have a war memorial, the dead from the Iraq and Afghanistan wars will be honored by their fellow Vietnam veterans Memorial Day weekend at The Wall, where the first-ever reading of the names of all the post-9/11 heroes will take place.

Here’s the ironic part…

The reading of the post-9/11 fallen is being sponsored by a $50,000 donations from Billy Joe “Red” McCombs, founder of the Red McCombs Automotive Group in San Antonio, Texas.

Compare that to this embarrassment…

Dwight D. Eisenhower Memorial Commission’s  total failure after five years to do anything but spend donated money.

All this has left EMC something of a piece of jetsam in a sea of government spending: an orphan too obscure to catch the attention of auditors but too small and dysfunctional to get anything done.

In the meantime, the commission is simply burning through the remainder of the $64 million it’s been appropriated since 2009. The monument’s projected final cost is about $150 million, but every year of delay will add at least $6 million.

How the hell did all those Democrats get on the commission’s board? I guess they smelled money.



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