Still searching for a good reason for Tweeter to exist. Updated.

(Originally posted in 2013) In which I explore the reasons for Justine Sacco’s short but disastrous message, which I think should be properly shortened to, ” Hope I don’t get AIDS…I’m White“.  That is an entirely reasonable sentiment for a girl in her situation.

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‘I am ashamed’: PR exec who sparked outrage with racist tweet apologizes after she’s fired and her own father calls her an ‘idiot’

  • Justine Sacco has been sacked following the furor her racist and insensitive Tweet caused after it went viral
  • She caused a Twitter revolt on Friday after posting:‘Going to Africa. Hope I don’t get AIDS. Just Kidding. I’m White!’
  • She has not yet issued an apology or explanation

(Update: 2106 ) It took a couple of years but she partially recovered, got a good job (but she doesn’t say where) and even got an apology from the online journalist that picked up and publicized her tweet.  After he got burned himself for offending the PC crowd and almost lost his job, he gained a little insight as to what he did to a innocent stranger.  And South Africa is spiraling downward even faster today then in 2013.

Not just white, but born in South Africa. So she was going home. That’s where her family is.  So she should be more aware of what South Africa is like today. More aware than her detractors in London and New York.

First just let me say that if “tweeter” had been introduced when I was her age I probably would have ended up sweeping the restroom at the YMCA.  But, she was drunk (she said as much in her tweets), she was apparently frightened about going back to South Africa and she forgot that tweets are public.

Why would she be frightened of going back to the land of her birth?  Probably because AIDS is epidemic in that country and many girls her age, even white girls, are getting raped by infected men.  As reported in the Guardian this year, “Interpol had named South Africa as the “world’s rape capital” and that a certain study had found that one in four South African men had admitted to raping a woman.”  And condom use is eschewed by the majority of Black African men.

South Africa is seemingly headed for the same fate as befell Rhodesia on the path to becoming the trainwreck that is Zimbabwe today.  As happened thirty years ago, the white farmers are being driven from the farmlands, if not killed. Murders, even in the capital, are skyrocketing.

So she knows enough of what she’s going back to to be scared and drunkenly taps out a few stupid messages. By the time she lands; her name and face are front page headlines, she was fired in the air prior to landing before her former employer even talked to her, and even her fathers rebuke has been made public.

Tell me, has anyone out there ever looked at the tweets or facebook pages of the sterling young black men of our nation?nbfsn-m3-tr3sh1_b1bc4ck_r2p1r1t34ns_pr4t2stI ran across this bewildering image doing research for another post during the Trayvon Martin case.  The page this came from contained other items, far worse.   DeMarco Harris was a young murderer in Detroit. The face of the young woman was his victim, Trisha Babcock.  The meaning of this graphic escapes me.  I think I’d rather not know.  Apparently, this type of shit is PC.

I getting tired of the one-sided judgements that cost white people (or designated white people, Hey George!) their jobs, or their freedom. I hope someone offers this girl another job, because otherwise she loses her visa to stay in the US.  And I think she’s terrified of staying in SA.

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