Covers everything since I last reported.

PJ Media via ACE

The lead story, and for me the only story for the foreseeable future (barring unforeseen or otherwise major one-off events), is the continuing consolidation of power by the Democrat Junta and the concomitant dismantling of our culture and muzzling of any and all voices of dissent in the public square. All of this is based on the demonization of anyone who dares question the results of the 2020 election, as well as the events of January 6th, Black Wednesday, a low budget Reichstag Fire but which is well on the way to achieving the same results as the original.

Let us now turn to the “armed ” “insurrection ” by “white nationalists ” at the Capitol on 6 January. Everything that the Democrats have said about 6 January, including “and ” and “the, ” is a lie. The claim that Trump incited violence is refuted by what he actually said about being peaceful and patriotic. Keep in mind that demonstrating in front of the Capitol is standard procedure for many movements and campaigns. Does anyone really believe that a disorganized mob of several hundred unarmed individuals would try, or could somehow “overthrow the government? Three hundred of the demonstrators were arrested on 6 January, and none had a firearm. So it is a lie that they were “armed,” and a lie that their riot was an “insurrection.”Democrats repeatedly say that “five were killed. “They do not mention that two were Trump supporters who had heart attacks, one was a Trump supporter who had a stroke, and the fourth was an unarmed, female veteran who was shot dead for illegal entry. Who was the criminal here? The identity of the shooter remains hidden. The Democrats claimed a Capitol Policeman was murdered by Trump supporters who hit him on the head with a fire extinguisher. This proved to be totally false, and no explanation has been forthcoming as to why the policeman died a day after the riot.

No member of Congress was injured, nor is there any good reason to believe that any of the rioters intended to attack anyone in Congress. AOC who “lived through the riot ” in another building far from the riot, and Rashida Tlaib also not in the Capitol, gave tearful accounts of how petrified they were, because they thought they were near death. Their reports were not just phony, but ridiculous. Bad actresses and brazen liars.

But you cannot fault the Democrats for lack of creativity. Anything that they do not like, or fain not to like, is “racism.” You can be sure that if they would get a hamburger that they do not like, they would label it “racist… ”

But do not worry; there is method in Democrat madness; all of this is for a clear purpose: to transform Democrat power into absolute power. Now that CPP virus fear is declining due to the Trump vaccines, and American citizens may be less passive in the face of Democrat power grabs, a new fear is needed to cow the population. And here it is: QAnon insurrectionist terrorists…

Actually, rather than the imaginary QAnon military divisions, it is the Democrats who are plotting against American democracy, and doing their best to undermine it through electoral manipulation and through a military occupation of the nation’s capital.

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Forty years toiled in the Tel-com industry, married for 36 years widowed at sixty-one. New girlfriend at sixty-five. Was a Tea Party supporter. Today a follower of the Last American President to be honestly elected, Donald J. Trump.
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2 Responses to Covers everything since I last reported.

  1. buckeyebob says:

    I just read an article from a Russian intelligence official . Very interesting . Putin believes that the dems have “come out ” too soon and that the strong patriotic community will not only rise up but will overcome this stolen election and the resulting deprivation of the constitution . Say what you want about Vlad but he loves Russia and is very patriotic . And smart .


  2. The Democrats aren’t worrying about what any American Patriot might do or say, they are in control and the FBI has it’s orders to eliminate any vocal or visible threat to the Regime.
    They were allowed to steal The Presidency and control of Congress. And they don’t intent to ever let go. Stolen elections will be the norm from now on.


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