Gas Can thread at Instapundit.

OUR GOVERNMENT AT WORK: Five Years Of Gas-Can Hell.

I’m pretty sure gas cans used to work. Yes. It was a can. It had a spout. It had a vent hole on the other side. You stuck in the spout and tipped. You never saw the gas.

Then government “fixed” the gas can. Why? Because of the environmental hazards that come with spilled gas. You read that right. In other words, the very opposite resulted. Now you cannot buy a decent can anywhere. You can look forever and not find a new one.

Instead you have to go to garage sales. But actually people hoard old cans.

Yeah, I have a couple of old ones I was going to throw away, but I kept them precisely because everyone says the new ones suck.

The new gas cans, dishwashers, washing machines, light bulbs, water heaters, shower heads, toilets, air conditioners, furnaces, and ranges suck.

Remember when people mocked Communist consumer goods? This is what we have become.

This is a little example I ran into when I wanted to sell a Bosch drill battery charger on Ebay. I found this little exchange between a purchaser and a Bosch tools rep in the Amazon reviews.

Where did the 30 minute chargers go?
I have many of the Bosch 12 volt tools. I recently bought another 12 volt impact from Bosch, and it came with this one hour charger? I am left wondering……why in the world would Bosch come out with a 30 minute charger at first, but then discontinue it, and come out with this one? Most of us who use these tools at our jobs, don’t have yet another 30 minutes to wait for a battery to charge! Could a Bosch Representative please respond to this review?! If there is a good reason why Bosch 12 volt tools now come with this new 1 hour charger instead of a 30 minute charger, I would sure like to know!

Response from Bosch Tools:
Bosch Tools Customer Support 4 months ago
Thank you for your question. New Energy Laws went into effect 2/1/13. Our 30 minute chargers were not compliant with the new energy requirements and could not be manufactured after that date but could still be sold until stock was depleted. If you have further questions please feel free to contact our Customer Service Representatives at 1-877-267-2499.

The new model also seems much more prone to malfunctioning.
I lowered my price and gave buyers a heads up as to the downsides of the new model. My jaw just kind of dropped picturing Bosch having to go back to the drawing board and to retool production lines to make a inferior product. Wonder what the price tag was on that?

Big problem is that it seems to cost more to build things that don’t work as well or are just to complicated for their own good and we are all paying the price with cash and aggravation. The manufacturers are just passing the cost directly to the consumer.
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After the house fire and the refurnishing of the new house, I really noticed the problem.  Items like this that we had owned for decades (and worked) could not be replaced with acceptable, working replacements.  We were spending good money for crap.  Made in China, Crap .

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