Game of …

From PJ Media: First, let’s get the obvious out of the way. “Game of Thrones” is not art. It is “Dungeons and Dragons” crossed with Playboy magazine, with a dash of “Days of Our Lives” thrown in. The plot is meandering and often pointless, the dialogue is tedious and sometimes predictable, the acting is mostly wooden, and the only thing that keeps much of the audience from tuning out is the prospect of a shapely actress doing the Full Monty. Most of the things that make science fiction and fantasy absorbing are diminished or absent in “Game of Thrones”. If you ever wondered what would have happened if Hugh Hefner had tried to make “Lord of the Rings”, you need not wonder any longer.

Perfect, thank you.  This exactly expresses my embarrassment in having actually spent money procuring (and in this instance I really think “Procuring” is the correct word) GOT over the last four years.

The article linked is actually from 2013, so then having gone two more years deeper into the pit is slightly embarrassing.  The turning point for me was the vicious murder of the character Jon Snow.  It was then that I realized the pattern of degrading and/or killing off the most noble and virtuous characters on the show.   It is not “Heroic Fantasy” it is “Perversion of the Innocent: part two”.

Whatever warm feelings I harbored for George R.R. Martin from his 80’s series “Beauty and the Beast”, are quite, quite gone.


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