A business plan for the American Military

THIS IS SERIOUSLY GETTING UGLY: Boko Haram commits another mass abduction of girls in Nigeria.

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC ON BOKO HARAM: “The death toll is usually claimed to be in the thousands, but no one has an accurate tally, in part because the Nigerian government misreports incidents and in part because in its hapless pursuit of Boko Haram, the government has killed so many people itself, many if not most of them civilians. The Nigerian armed forces claim that they kill only terrorists, yet the terrorists’ ravages become more frequent and more vicious with every such claim. So vast and mysterious is the carnage, many otherwise sane Nigerians have come to believe Boko Haram possesses supernatural powers. Its name has taken on an incantatory power. It has become a kind of national synonym for fear.”

Gordon Dickson…The Dorsai.

SCIFI…the Dorsai, a splinter culture based on the planet of the same name, which has specialized in producing the very best soldiers. Since each splinter culture specializes in a specific area of expertise, a system of trade labour contracts between the cultures allows each planet to hire the expertise they need.

So, are you thinking what I’m thinking?   Nigeria has oil and other mineral wealth, but their national armed forces can’t help but do more harm than good.  The ruling tribe of that nation (nation…to be generous) knows that if the Muslim Jihadists overthrow them they will be lucky to not end up in a slave coffle themselves.

Perhaps the USA should embrace the Suck and realize that the US Military is the only export besides corn and wheat that is valued and wanted by a lot of the world’s peoples.

How much could we charge the Nigerians to deploy a few SF regiments (or Marines, or Seals) and clean out their little problem. They got oil, we got efficient, effective, disciplined soldiers. Lets make a deal!
God knows there isn’t a nation in Africa that still wants UN peacekeepers to come in, they never actually fight anyone. Though it always seems that a lot of civilians get raped, robbed or killed by UN soldiers. Unless it’s the Scandinavians, they don’t kill Anyone! But they clean up the trash and build some nice roads and septic systems while they are there.

As long as we don’t try to push Democracy or any of that equal rights crap they would love to see us! Oh, and leave SecState John Kerry at home too. (Unless there’s a shortage of bayonet dummies)



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Forty years toiled in the Tel-com industry, married for 36 years widowed at sixty-one. New girlfriend at sixty-five. Was a Tea Party supporter. Today a follower of the Last American President to be honestly elected, Donald J. Trump.
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