There comes a point when I get tried of reporting the bad news!

U.S. electricity prices may be going up for good

Experts warn of a growing fragility as coal-fired plants are shut down, nuclear power is reduced and consumers switch to renewable energy.

As temperatures plunged to 16 below zero in Chicago in early January and set record lows across the eastern U.S., electrical system managers implored the public to turn off stoves, dryers and even lights or risk blackouts.

A fifth of all power-generating capacity in a grid serving 60 million people went suddenly offline, as coal piles froze, sensitive electrical equipment went haywire and utility operators had trouble finding enough natural gas to keep power plants running. The wholesale price of electricity skyrocketed to nearly $2 per kilowatt hour, more than 40 times the normal rate. The price hikes cascaded quickly down to consumers. Robert Thompson, who lives in the suburbs of Allentown, Pa., got a $1,250 bill for January.

All the worst case scenarios are coming true, I thought I had it bad when my monthly rate for a Kilowatt Hour went up to 21 cents from 14 cents, at a time when the national average was 4.5 cents.   But $2.00 an KW hour?!!!

When do the pitchforks and torches come out?

Listen you idiots, it’s not about carbon. Carbon is normal, carbon is necessary.  It is about the Money, M.O.N.E.Y!   If you won’t do anything at $2/kilowatt hour,  how about at $10/kilowatt hour.

It’s ready just like mass murder, it doesn’t stop until men with guns show up.

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Forty years toiled in the Tel-com industry, married for 36 years widowed at sixty-one. New girlfriend at sixty-five. Tea Party supporter. Today a follower of the God-Emperor Donald. Do like to kayak, cook, take photos, bike, watch old movies and read.
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