Exactly how is this fair?

Lance Armstrong’s sponsors hold on

Cycling legend stripped of his Tour de France titles

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Why only one? Is US Anti Doping Agency going to re-test all and the rest of other athletes’ blood samples?
With new methods they could and should strip all other champions and medalists of their accomplishments.
How far back should this go? 10, 20, 30, 40 years? Are all the “teammates” returning the winnings Armstrong shared with them? Looks like the 7 TDFs titles are going to really worthy and clean riders. How many of them got caught doping? All? Not fair, singled out, he was tested, they found nothing, he is still a champion!!!


Does the ridiculousness of this only seem obvious to me and “Bikeride”?

Lance Armstrong’s blood was the only athletes blood that was stored for almost a decade. How was it stored? At any time was it transferred or stored in the same type of blood storage bag that they have speculated was used for “blood doping”? The USADA didn’t exist when this “evidence” was collected, so how the H*ll could the proper chain of evidence be maintained.

I was reminded of a quote by Mark Twain, which I paraphrase: It’s un-American, it’s un-British . . . it’s French. Appropriate in this case, I think.

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3 Responses to Exactly how is this fair?

  1. blakeworld says:

    Dear USADA,

    Congratulations……….All of you people there at the USADA have proved with your witch hunt of Lance Armstrong that you ALL are on the same playing field of some of the most despicable people on Earth……..right up there with the freaks at the Topeka, KS Westboro Church that picket soldiers funerals…..

    You people with your “Holier than Thou” attitude do NOTHING to inspire or lift people up as Lance Armstrong does…….you only exist to tear people down, which not only makes you all the worst kind of people, but makes you complete losers……and losers always hate people better than themselves…..that’s why they are losers and will always be losers……and you people are major LOSERS…….

    Lance Armstrong passed ALL the tests (nearly 500 of them in his career and many that were random) and still you persisted because you could not stand the fact that he was just a better athlete that all the rest……..I would expect that you will soon be going after Usain Bolt and Michael Phelps and most likely will be opening cases against Jim Thorpe, Jesse Owens, and Michael Jordan so you losers can feel like you have anything to do worth while…………

    There is NOT a Rath or Punishment severe enough to impose on all of you there at the USADA that you ALL deserve more than anyone I can think of for what you have done to Lance Armstrong, His Family, and to the millions of people around the world that his story and achievements have inspired and given strength to overcome against all odds……..You will all get yours in this life or the next……

    Most discusted,

    Blake Norris
    Las Vegas, NV


  2. Yes, Jim Thorpe came to my mind also. In both cases there was a lot, I mean a lot, of envy.

    In the Washington Post today, “…Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) — which is supposed to be where athletes can appeal, only they never, ever win — that it’s hard to know where to begin. American athletes have lost 58 of 60 cases before the CAS. Would you want to go before that court? ” Sounds like the conviction rate of the Chinese Justice system, and no, I wouldn’t want to try my luck either.
    Link: http://www.washingtonpost.com/sports/othersports/lance-armstrong-doping-campaign-exposes-usadas-hypocrisy/2012/08/24/858a13ca-ee22-11e1-afd6-f55f84bc0c41_story.html

    What USADA can’t do is effect Lance’s good works which will continue to go on.


    • blakeworld says:

      I question the USADA’s so called reason for suspicion……I think it is something else…….something you see in Politics a lot these days here in the United States especially with the Democrats……..these progressive Ideologues cannot stand anyone or anything that is exceptional……they feel all must be equal and the same or it is unfair somehow…….they suppress individualism and destroy innovation and exceptionalism……..They Themselves at the USADA are simply unexceptional and they cannot stand anyone or anything better than they are, which again is what makes them losers and feel a need to tear people down to their level……like I stated in my original post…….what was the point?…….what good became of any thing of their which hunt?…..Lance was already retired…….sure there must be fair competition in the sport and no one should be doping……..so they should have concentrated their efforts on the sport and the people in the sport as it is TODAY……and the people that have failed the testing (which Lance NEVER did)…….I fully expect for this sad excuse of a so called governing body that is the USADA to start looking at people like Michael Phelps, Peyton Manning, Robert Griffin III, Joe Montana, Steve Young, Wilt Chamberlin, Babe Ruth, Muhammad Ali, etc., etc., and anyone that has ever been great and exceptional in their sport…….you just watch…..that’s what these progressive tax payer funded Ideologue agencies and so called governing bodies do…….they go out of there way to search and find and concoct wrong doings that simply are not there because they themselves are unexceptional and to tear people down to their unexceptional level makes them feel better about themselves…….this was a witch hunt plain and simple……….what ever happened to Innocent until proven guilty………???…..The USADA has made Lance guilty until proven innocent.……Lance has been fighting (and Winning) these charges since 1999 (for 13 years)……..and last week he threw in the towel simply because he finally realized that you simply cannot fight STUPID………


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